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Land Rover Range Rover



  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I'll bet, next to a Touareg, the RR is dead-bang reliable!!!!
  • Could you tell us a little more about your experiences with the Tourag? I'm sure that other people might find this useful if they're thinking about whether to buy a vehicle like the V8 Tourag vs. stepping up and going for the RR.

    We have an 03 RR now and while I really like it, I am intrigued by the larger selection of luxury SUVs that are out there now at a lower price point (including the new LR3 and the upcoming, cheaper RR Sport) and wondering about when it comes time to replace our RR, what we would look at.
  • ctdwctdw Posts: 13
    Our Touareg did have a few issues including...

    Flickering compass display that there was no fix for. Air suspension fault messages that appeared and went away. Light fault messages that appeared and went away. A number of interior rattles that could not be fixed by the dealer. Key remote was worthless, would only work when right next to the car. And lastly we had noticeable take off lag and rough shifting. The software was updated, but it didn't smooth out the transmission.

    If you spend time on some of the VW forums, you will see that my issues are minor compared to a number of owners. The biggest complaint I would have is the poor service provided by VW dealers. They didn't seem interested in really resolving the issues. The service I got on my previous two Rover's was much better.
  • shugurlshugurl Posts: 22
    How do I use this thing? I have a bluetooth phone and was wondering do I need an adapter from the car to the phone, just wondering what the cable looking thing in the center console plugs into. ugh,,,,so irritating.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    If you want to "dock" it, you need to purchase a compatible cradle for your phone from Land Rover. (If it exists.) That's what the cable is for. This will extend your antenna, charge your phone and integrate it.

    Alternatively, you can use Bluetooth (wirelessly) with no dock... but a few features won't work.

    Read the Range Rover Navigation & Telephone Systems manual for more information.
  • 12361236 Posts: 34
    Can anyone reccomend a good quality tire? I have the 20" Wheels & drive mostly freeway in Southern California so snow is not an issue, thanks
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    You might be interested in Tires, tires, tires or pay a visit to our local Tire Rack representative: Ask Connor at The Tire Rack

    tidester, host
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    from The Times (March 13, 2005):

    First Drive: Supercharged Range Rover V8,,12929-1521263,00.html
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,944
    V12 Range Rover Still in the Works (Edmunds SUVs Newsletter).

    Steve, Host

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  • I am considering buying a Lexus LX470 or a Range Rover. Which one is better in your opinion? I am leaning towards the Lexus.
  • sam818sam818 Posts: 127
    >>Lexus LX470 or a Range Rover. Which one is better in your opinion? <<
    My hunch is that you are not going to get particulaly unbiased opinions in this form, but here goes:
    1. the Lexus is technically a 10 year old design
    2. the Lexus has real ho-hum 1980's styling
    3. the Lexus is classic big on the outside/small on the inside - what's with that long hood?
    4. the Lexus has excellent build quality
    5. The RR looks up to date
    6. the RR has an interior that is really unique.. check the cherry trim
    7. RR quality is excellent.. I have had 2 RR with ZERO problems
    8. the RR off road ability, is light years ahead.
  • Thanks for replying, but I disagree with a few things.

    You say the LX470 has ho-hum styling, from the 1980's. I admit the current design dates back to 1998, yet I still think it looks modern enough for 2005. In contrast, I think the Range Rover is way to boxy. Couldn't they have thrown just a few curves in the exterior design?

    The Range Rover does have good off road ability but so does the LX470. It is after all based on the legendary Toyota Land Cruiser.

    The Lexus LX470 has way more cargo room than inside than a Range Rover. The max cargo a Range Rover can hold is 62 cubes, which is pathetic. That is the amount that a small SUV holds, not something the Range Rover's size. The LX470 can hold about 90 cubes.

    Finally $73,000 is a huge price for the Range Rover. I wonder just how expensive the new 300 hp and 400hp versions will be?
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,944
    Wait till you price a V12 Range Rover that's under development. (Inside Line)

    Steve, Host

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  • shugurlshugurl Posts: 22
    I unlocked my trunk but not the doors and loaded some items, apparently I left my keys in the trunk and closed. It locked my keys inside the car. Why wouldn't it leave the trunk portion unlocked? The locksmith was not able to get into my car and RR was closed for Good Friday. My main issue is why the trunk would not remain unlocked once I popped the open trunk portion, is it b/c the doors were not unlocked? what if I would have left kids or a dog inside, could have been a disaster! I have a rental til my husband gets home from his trip. FYI!!!
  • I sympathize with what happened and that's a terrible thing to happen. Unfortunately, it's a feature that the "trunk release" doesn't unlock the car (i.e. that's why the doors didn't unlock) so you can remove something from the trunk, close the trunk, and leave. I hope everything worked out for you and you weren't too inconvenienced.

    It would be safer if the trunk release left the trunk unlocked but it would be a security risk. What if you use the trunk release, put something in and left, and assumed that your trunk was secure?

    Personally, I never use the trunk release because I know that unlocking the car lets me open the trunk via the outside latch. Like you, I'd rather have everything unlock and know that it's such.
  • dchubertdchubert Posts: 2
    Has anyone found a XM tuner that can "plug and play" through the auxilliary input on the radio head of a 2005 RR?
  • dchubertdchubert Posts: 2
    Has anyone found a cable or cradle that will adapt the handset in the 2005 RR (NOKIA) to Motorola?
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    This feature is not unique to your Rover, shugurl - it's the same on my Navigator, and my Mountaineer, and most other cars I am aware of. Sorry for your misfortune. Fortunately, my Lincoln has the keypad on the door, so I can enter my 5 digits, and get into the truck if I leave my keys on the floor and get in, and handy feature that I wish other cars would adopt.
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