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Land Rover Range Rover



  • mek0123mek0123 Posts: 33
    Thanks NVBanker. I appreciate the feedback!
  • 12361236 Posts: 34
    I have a 05 Range Rover which now has 13K Miles. Since day one (6 miles on the clock)
    I have had a serious vibration on the steering wheel at freeway speeds. After the 3rd trip to the dealership I had it evaluated by a independent tire shop & was informed that the passenger side front & rear wheels were bent. The dealership here in San Diego is totally clueless & initially were trying to tell me that the vibration is normal for a 4WD. When I informed them of the problem they had no choice but to replace the wheels which are the factory 20" They claimed it was a factory defect when the problem continued I returned again, this time (after 10 days at the dealership) all the tires were replaced with Michelins........ and the problem is still there. I was really looking forward to getting this car, I waited a year in order to get the touch screen nav & the Bluetooth I can't tell you how disappointed I am. I think the car is overpriced & poorly put together. When Toyota launch the new Land cruiser I will be first in line.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Based on that report, I would tend to agree with you. My Navigator still runs smooth as silk with 30,000 miles on it, at any speed, so no reason why your Range shouldn't for almost twice the money.
  • xkssxkss Posts: 722
    Enhancements for 2006 include:

    Dynamics: Sharper steering, crisper braking performance, and improved air suspension.

    Refinement: A quieter interior and additional color combinations.

    Technology: Adaptive headlights, tire-pressure monitoring, touch-screen control for audio, phone and off-road driving information.

    Safety: A rear-view camera that projects directly to the front-fascia screen.

    Entertainment: Available rear seat entertainment package featuring a six-disc DVD changer, twin screens, and headphone pods, all fully integrated with the vehicle’s sound system.

    The new 4.4 liter V-8 that will power the Range Rover is based on Jaguar's 4.2 liter V-8 which is far better than the 4.0 liter V-8 from the 1997 Jaguar XK8. The 4.4 liter V-8 has been tuned for more low-end torque and off-road driving. The new 4.4 liter V-8, as used in the new LR3, is expected to have better fuel economy than the outgoing BMW V-8.
  • xkssxkss Posts: 722
    2006 Land Rover Range Rover.

    check it out here

    New preproduction Range Rover
  • mgreenemgreene Posts: 32
    What makes you think that the styling will change with the addition of a V-12? I read an interview with one of Land Rovers "power brokers" and he stated the V-12 already fits the current Range Rover. So relax, take a deep breathe, get a grip!
  • xkssxkss Posts: 722
    I don't see why the Range Rover would need an Aston Martin V-12. It would have to be modified for off-road duty and the new 4.2 liter 390 hp supercharged V-8 already has a lot of power.">
  • jag5334jag5334 Posts: 2
    It is hard to negotiate a deal for the 2005 model. I ended up purchasing a used 2004 at RR Encino. The 2005 was 75k-78k. Demand is high. I did not need bluetooth so having a 2004 worked out for me. The RR had 20,000k on it, silver,
    wihte with blue trim. Dealer records were clean. Dealer wanted 68000, Paid 61000 out the door. Very Happy so far.
  • jag5334jag5334 Posts: 2
    I drive a lot in LA and i recently owned a Cadillac Escalade that got stolen. I replaced it with the Range Rover and it is easier to park. It is about the same size in length as the Cadilac but there are two destinct advantages.

    1. Parking assist front and back, Escalade only offers this for the rear.
    2. You can lower the vehicle to help get you into a garage. The Openhimer building in Westwood is an example where an Escalade cannot enter the building. Drove me nuts paying 12.00 a day to park outside. RR gets in with no issues.

    Get the Rover you will love it!
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    That would be good information to post in Land Rover LR3: Prices Paid & Buying Experiences.

    tidester, host
  • teamyonexteamyonex Posts: 42
    We just negotiated a 2005 RR with lux package for dealer invoice (actually, 1000 over invoice minus 1000 for "brand loyalty" since I have a disco.) Great trade in allowance, too (Kelley BB "Excellent"). The RR was out of my league until this deal. Black on black, very cool. I had my heart set on a Cayenne S for pricing reasons, but had to change my mind.
  • kras1kras1 Posts: 9
    That's fantastic news! I am in the market for a 2005 RR as well. I went to the dealership this past weekend in FT. Lauderdale and the dealer only offered me $2,000 off MSRP. He said RR demand is high, supply is low and historically RRs have sold for MSRP. I wonder if the discounts are geographically driven. I'm curious as to which city you live in?
  • teamyonexteamyonex Posts: 42
    Seattle area. Update: 1000 brand loyalty discount was a mistake :mad: , but they mostly made up for it on an extended warranty discount :) (7yr., 100,000miles.) LR3 getting the extra 1000. 4.5% interest rate. The RR is sitting in my driveway. Black on black, lux package, cherry wood. So sweet. Good luck in FL.
  • teamyonexteamyonex Posts: 42
    I test drove an '05 RR before eventually purchasing, and I noticed the vibration on the car I test drove, too. I used to drive a Discovery, and had the same issue midway through its lifespan. I did the tire balancing/alignment stuff, to no avail, then finally talked to the right service guy at the dealership and it was fixed with a 5 minute tightening/adjustment. I mentioned the vibration of the '05 RR test drive, and was informed, as before, that it was a simple adjustment. The RR I purchased does not have this issue I think in part because they did what they had to do before I took delivery. Something is loose in the front end. It's not the wheels IMO. You need a service tech who knows what they're doing.
  • rover4liferover4life Posts: 2
    Please, please do tell what that adjustment is or who I can speak with to find out. I currently have an 03 Range and it has 35K with brand new rims and tires. The dealership could not get the vibration out of the previous wheels so they replaced them with new tires as well. Even after all that I still have a strange vibration mostly when I have a bit of tension on the wheel I.E. taking small turns while accelerating on highway on ramps. When I'm going dead straight its not to bad...only when there is a little turn in the wheel and then I also feel it when coming back to center. Hopefully you can help me with this before I go crazy...hell, I think the dealer already thinks I'm crazy.

  • teamyonexteamyonex Posts: 42
    Alignment and whell balance is easy to check, as I am sure you have done, to no avail. There are three possible culprits, IMO. For my old '97 Disco, my problem was item number 1.

    1) Loose tie rods
    2) Steering damper
    3) Ball joints

    I'd bet on item 2 in your case. Has someone driven your vehicle with you in it so you can confirm that they are experiencing the issue you are having? I know what you are talking about, because an '05 Range Rover we test drove had the issue... with 10 miles on the car!!! Have them replace the damper. If that doesn't work, use you nuclear option of invoking the Lemon Law :sick: . Good luck.
  • rover4liferover4life Posts: 2
    Thanks, I am going back tomorrow to meet with the the past meeting with them has usually worked in my favor. I have done alot of reading about this problem and it all seems to lead back to the steering rack. I will post it here should I find out what the fix is.

  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    The US Range Rover site has been updated with 2006/Supercharged information:
  • jchris2000jchris2000 Posts: 9
    Am using Lexol conditioner on my (clean) parchment leather seats. Anyone know if this is OK? I e-mailed Lexol; I just hope I don't have any discoloring issues over time/ sun.


    04 RR
    Adriatic Blue/ Parchment /Cherry
    Luxury Interior
    Add'l Cherry Wood Package
  • shugurlshugurl Posts: 22
    My husband has had many problems with his BMW X5 and needs a new car. I love my 05 RR and suggested he get one too since he is forever driving my car. Can someone tell me the difference between the 4.2L supercharged vs. the 4.4L? Also are they going to add air conditioned seats? Is one the BMW engine and the other the Jag engine? Please tell me the differences or another great SUV he might like instead.
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