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Land Rover Range Rover



  • For the guy looking for the 2003! 1st try to buy certified, that way you know what you are getting. 2nd BUY AN EXTENDED WARRENTY. Most important thing you will ever do. 3rd Check the Air Suspension, leaks, funtioning etc. 4th transmission, rare, but can be a problem. 5th Ask if the recall on the cowling has been done. 6th Make sure it is not abused.
    Then you are done. (Bought a 2004 New Range Rover and a Used 2005 Range Rover great cars, also have a 2002 Range Rover- Roverrad is the profile :P )
  • Thanks a bunch. I will definitely take your suggestions into consideration when looking at different 2003 RRs. Only thing I see problematic is that on a 2003 Range Rover any of them with 50K miles or better will not have a Basic Mfr Warranty. Obviously, I will try to find one with the fewest possible miles within an acceptable price range, but perhaps the dealership extends the warranty on a Certified Vehicle???

    I dunno, maybe you could help me on that because I have not heard too many good things about extended warranties vis-a- vis a 3rd Party warranty companies.

    thanks, and if anyone else has any insight on buying a 2003 Range Rover or would like to share their experiences I would be greatly appreciative.
  • Only buy one at a Land Rover dealer period. As long as the Range has less then 50k miles then it should be certfied. Also ask to see the certification report. The report is a 3-4 page check list that is filled out by the tech that did the inspection. CPO Rovers have a 2 year 25k warranty extended warranty that is identical to the factory warranty in all but two items. The extended warranty does not extend the free scheduled maintaince of the original warranty and does carry a 100 deductible per visit.

    Any other questions just shoot me an email my address is in my profile. I can probably scan a copy of a blank CPO check list if you want and email it to you.
  • pfolkpfolk Posts: 70
    That doesn't sound like a problem with the RR; you're just picking up the call before the bluetooth link syncs up with the truck's audio system. The same thing happens with my Jabra bluetooth earphone. Try waiting for the second or third ring to see if the call rings through to the RR audo system.
  • pfolkpfolk Posts: 70
    If that fuse controls the fuel pump you may have the same problem with a RR of that vintage I once owned. Without warning it would blow the fuse for that fuel pump and wouldn't start (obviously!). We ultimately determined that some metal shavings were left in the fuel tank when the factory drilled it to insert the pump assembly. Those shavings would occasionally get swept into the impeller, stall the pump, and then the fuse blew to protect the circuit.

    Once that was sorted out, and the fuel pump replaced, no more problems.
  • luapluap Posts: 21
    So far I am very happy with the '06 RR HSE. I only had one issue and that was the "Check Engine Light" came on at 1650 miles. As I was taking it to the dealer the next day, it went out and has not come back on for over a week. Look at message #772 and go thru the check list, you'll find a lot of pluses for the RR.

    Sorry for the delay in answering.

    Good Luck - hallini
  • khlkhl Posts: 9
    I had the same problem with my 06 RR HSE at less than 1000 miles...originally was diagnosed as problem with oxygen sensors, but now LR tells me that it's a software glitch and that they're waiting for new software from corporate. My dealer tells me that everything's okay until they get the new software for download (I'm still waiting for this) the meantime, the 'Check Engine Light' comes on and goes off on its hasn't been on for the last week.
  • khlkhl Posts: 9
    Just select DVD from your front screen instead of radio/sat or CD, etc. and it'll play throughout car may have to turn the volume knob way up. For some reason, that's the case with my 06 RR HSE...I just have to remember to turn the volume knob down before switching back to radio, otherwise the radio comes on at a blasting volume. If someone has a remedy for this, let me know. Yes, you were supposed to get a remote with the car for the DVD's...its especially needed since you can't view what's going on from the front nav screen. I wish they would allow the front screen to play while in park (like Lexus). Don't know how to bypass the 'accept' screen...sorry.
  • 06hse06hse Posts: 4
    Sometimes my satellite radio station display is blank, it happens once I start my car and switch to SAT on my navigation screen. I can fix the problem sometimes by restarting the car. Has anyone heard of this problem?
  • akunceakunce Posts: 1
    I am looking at buying a 1996 Range Rover for 9995.00 with an average of 8800 mile a year. Is there anything i should focus on especially when looking for any potential issues? any feedback would be appreciated.
  • The amber engine light came on today & it is not the gas cap. Range Rover hotline says that "if light changes to red stop driving". Has anyone heard of an engine light that changes from amber to red? It does not say anything like that in the owner's manual. If it isn't anything serious will it cycle itself out?
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,476
    the check engine light severity index goes like this.

    Just amber is probably nothing serious and good very well cycle itself out.

    Amber and blinking could be serious and you should call the dealership to get an appointment as soon as you can.

    Red means you should stop driving and call road side assistance. If you are very close to home it would probably be ok to limp in there at low speed but keep any eye on all your guages.
  • I have had 3 RR SC since July 2005 and I experienced the amber engine light warning on all of them before 1800 miles. The first two they said they were waiting for software to correct the problem, but the third one eventually went off and then I sold it. I'll get my next RR SC next week, so stay tuned. I love the RR SC, but they have some issues to workout.
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,476
    I am just curious how have you gotten three, and now a fourth, Supercharged Range Rovers?

    Did you lemon law the first two over check engine lights?
    What part of the country are you in that you have a dealer that can get four SC Range Rovers? I mean I know my dealership is not that large but since July of 2005 we have only been able to get six Supercharged Range Rovers from Land Rover.

    Which dealer are you using that has that much allocation?
  • jeffkropjeffkrop Posts: 1
    Looking to upgrade my 2003 Rover from it's 19" wheels to the 20" supercharged wheel on the 2006 Rover.
    Has anyone done this? I've heard varying stories...easy as long as you get the 20" specific lug have to switch out your hubs.
    I've seen 03' to 05' models with them, so I know it can be done...but how easy?
  • carfan88carfan88 Posts: 2
    I traded an 04 Lexus Lx470 (which ran flawless) for an
    06 RR HSE about 2 months ago. The RR now has 2200 miles on
    it and has been back to the shop 3 times now. First time
    was the Transmission at 65 mph slipped to 3rd gear and a
    light on the dash stated, "transmission fault, limited gears only", so it was towed to the dealer.

    Second and third time was for the same reason, stopped the vehicle and went to put it in park and the engine reved
    high and the check engine light came on, was told by the
    dealer that a software upgrade was on the way and all was ok. mmm, the Lexus ran great and now I am sort of sorry I traded it, but love the looks of the Rover. I hope the next gen LX comes out soon because I may be trading for that.
  • sam818sam818 Posts: 127
    Did you get the transmision jumping resolved via the software upgrade?
  • susiegiosusiegio Posts: 3
    Are you sure you want to purchase an '03? There were positive changes made on the 04's that I wish I had waited for. Also, it's never good to purchase the first year of a new body/design. In 1 1/2 years, my car was in the shop for 56 days! There were countless problems. Problems have tapered off, but it sure took alot of visits to the dealer to get "the bugs worked out." I'd look at the '04's. Just the change in the stereo would make it worth it.
  • tyresmokertyresmoker Posts: 266
    Can you please list the changes between the '03's and the '04's, aside from the radio? Also, when was your '03 built? (Build tag is on the drivers door/sill).
  • golicgolic Posts: 714
    Interesting story in the Chicago Tribune today.

    Remember I told you about the guy who plowed his RR into the train station, resulting in the death of a ticket agent.

    Apparently, the guy went out on the lamb and was finally caught, US Marshall service ran DNA evidence on blood in the vehicle and compared it from items they recovered from his home.

    Anyway, the thing that really caught my eye is that the article mentioned how they obtained a search warrant to review the data from the vehicles onboard computer in an effort to obtain the speed the vehicle was traveling at "and other information"

    Can they get that info and exactley what else can the onboard computer tell them *big-brother-shivers*
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