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Land Rover Range Rover



  • rover_usarover_usa Posts: 24
    BTW.. your Disco has the old OHV Rover V8.... the BMW unit was in the 2003/4/5 Range Rover only

    Hmmm...well, that seems to be a very strong and smoothe engine. I did not know it was old Rover V8. Thanks for that one.

    On the acceleration, it is not "jumpy" or "jolty" it is just very noticable in the sound.

    On another board someone said that it could be the gears changing. Not sure.

    It is almost like the engine is not getting enough gas.

    When I accelerate with determination, it does not seem so noticeable.

    Only when accelerating and trying not to tax the engine by keeping it between 2000 and 2500 rpm.
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,476
    That old rover pushrod motor is actually even much older then most people know. It was originaly designed by Oldsmobile back in the 1950s and was called the fireball V8.

    Rover bought the tooling rights when they designed the original Range Rover back in the 60s. They needed a light weight powerful all aluminium V8 and the Oldsmobile design fit the bill.
  • Hello fellow RR owners.

    I'm new to this forum. Thinking of buying a 2001 or 2002 Range Rover HSE. What should I look out for (most have 40k-100k miles)

    Is 2002 a good year?


  • lilrvrlilrvr Posts: 2
    Hi I just bought an '04 and I REALLY LOVE IT...after driving it for 3 days I noticed that when the speed got to around 50mph or above there would be this extra noise coming from the engine but different from the engine noise itself...almost like a humming/vibrating sound. Wondering if anyone else has encountered this problem? Thinking it might be just wind noise coming thru the front grill and side vents because I notice it more on really windy days. My family and friends think its a really nice vehicle but really this how all range rovers are?
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,476
    Hmhh what kind of tires do you have on it. If you have the original Goodyears you probably have severly cupped tires. Best to go with the micheliens that they put on new Range Rovers now.

    Could also be the front seal on the windshield there was a TSB there about air over the windshield causing a vibration of the seal.
  • lilrvrlilrvr Posts: 2
    yes my range rover still has the goodyears on it..this is going to sound stupid but what does "severly cupped tires" mean?

    I have a service appointment coming up so will have them take a stab at what may be causing the loud engine noise.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    "Cupping" refers to wear on the tires that looks like dips or cups in the tread. It can be caused by tires out of balance or suspension problems.

    tidester, host
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,476
    Something about the goodyear tires just makes them cup on range rovers all the time. Never any problems with the Synchronies from Michelen.
  • outriggeroutrigger Posts: 40
    It's easy to feel if your tires are cupped. Just run your finger along the outside set of tread blocks one way, say counterclockwise, then run your finger back along those same tread blocks in the other direction. If the tire is cupped, you'll feel the raised edges on the tread blocks when you run your finger in one of those directions.
  • sam818sam818 Posts: 127
    Can any dealers put the post prices and options on the 2007 Range Rover?
    Prices and ordering ususally commence in July.
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,476
    I know people will find this hard to belive but we do not have pricing yet.

    We ordered our first set of 2007 MY vehicles last month but we don't know how much we spent.

    Land Rover will not give us pricing for a couple of months from what I have heard.

    My guess is that with all the added features a Supercharged Range Rover with all of the goods is going to be very close to 100,000 dollars.

    There will be no base Range Rovers for the first few months as there have been supplier problems with the dash for non-luxury model Range Rovers and supplier problems with the 19 inch tires as well.

    All Range Rovers for the first couple of months of production will be Luxury/Oxford Range Rovers with 20 inch wheels.

    My guess is that they will be between $87,000 and $88,000.
  • sam818sam818 Posts: 127
    Do you know, from the 2007 specs, if the current (2006) luxury/supercharged front seats are held over - aside from the addition of cooling?
    I am referring to the two-part adjustable seat back.
    I believe this was a good carry over from original BMW specs, and I love it.
    But, I am thinking that what is now being sold as "improvements" by Ford, is really just "code" for switching over to Fords corporate bits and pieces, i.e. switches etc.
    The current 2006 RR switches are still BMW slick, compared to the Ford sourced switches on the LR3/RR Sport.
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,476
    The two part adjustment of rear seat back has been discontinued and I will miss it.

    The side airbag has been moved from the door to the seat and I guess it is mounted right where the hinge on the old seat was.

    RE the switch gear neither for or BMW makes switch gear like that for any of their vehicles. They are sourced from one of the half a dozen parts suppliers in the world.
  • sam818sam818 Posts: 127
    I figured that the seat adjustment might go, and I do believe that Ford is dressing up these progessive model changes designed to simply lower costs as "improvements" and in fact while there are some improvements, many of the items that made the RR special are being whittled away.

    I noticed that from 2004-2006, the leather covering on the roof grab handles was deleted on luxury models. Now it is the seatback, the movement of the ignition from the console to the dash, and the deletion of the full-across dash panel. It is starting to look very "ordinary" inside.

    Whoever the supplier of the switches is, (and I wonder why everyone doesn't go to the suppliers used by Honda/Audi/VW) the LR3 and RR Sport, are just not up to the same standard as those on the current RR.
    The additional items they should have added for 2007:
    1. adaptive cruise control (already on the RR Sport)
    2. Push button keyless ingnition
    3. Power upper tailgate (or at least soft close - the current lock/hinges feel very agricultural for a $90k vehicle)

    But I still love the car.
  • Hello.

    I have a 1999 Range Rover. I went to start it today and it would not start. The message was Gearbox Fault. Nothing in the car turned. It was as if the battery was dead. But the message did not make sense.

    Can anyone provide some insight?

  • khlkhl Posts: 9
    Has anyone figured out yet (?available kit?) how to make the Rear Ent system work on the front nav screen while it's the vehicle is stopped in park. I understand that the front nav screen does work in this situation for those RRs sold in UK.
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,476
    I just got 2007 MY Range Rover pricing.

    A Range Rover HSE starts at $77,250 and that includes Sat radio and the heated accesories package.
    A SC Range Rover starts at $92,750.

    Luxury interior package is still 5,000 dollars and now includes cooled front seats.

    The only other option change is a rear diff lock is now avaliable for 500 dollars. The rear diff lock is standard on SC Range Rovers. The only option for SC Range Rover is Rear seat entertainment and it is still 2,500 dollars.
  • yrbenderyrbender Posts: 25
    I recently purchased a rr 06 with RESystem and was told this was not possible. Do you know how to override the navigation system to enter data while driving?
  • yrbenderyrbender Posts: 25
    any difference from the 2006 models?
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,476
    Yeah I think I posted the changes sometime previously.

    Here are all of the changes.

    All are interior or internal changes on exterior changes.

    Issued by: Land Rover North America, One Premier Place, Irvine, CA 92618
    This bulletin outlines the pricing and product specification for the 2007MY Range Rover. Start of production for
    the 2007MY Range Rover is August 14, 2006.
    2007MY Range Rover Program Summary
    Summary of product changes for the 2007MY Range Rover (standard feature on all models):
    • Terrain Response
    • Electric Parking Brake
    • Supercharged Suspension Calibration Extended to HSE (increases roll stiffness by 15%)
    • Re-designed Seats, Center Console, Dash and Door Trims
    • Heated Front/Rear Seats, Heated Steering Wheel and Ski Bag now Standard
    • Seat Mounted Side Airbags (previously mounted on doors – provides greater pelvic protection)
    • Driver Knee Airbag (for a total of 9 airbags)
    • Integrated Whiplash Reduction System (headrest moves forward during a collision)
    • Sirius Satellite Radio Tuner now Standard
    • Twin Glove Boxes and Larger Capacity Cupholders/Storage
    • Enlarged Mid-Range Door Speakers and Bass Speakers
    • Larger A/C Evaporator
    • Triple Laminated Acoustic Front Windscreen (reduces wind/engine noise)
    • Auxiliary Jack Plug (for MP3 players, etc.)
    • Stornoway Gray Replaces Bonatti Gray, Atacama Sand is Deleted
    HSE LUX specific model changes:
    • Vented/Cooled Front Seats
    • Redesigned 14-Way Power Seats (driver/front passenger power articulated upper backrest deleted to
    accommodate relocated seat mounted airbag)
    • Available Jet Seats or Ivory Seats with Jet Carpeting
    • Available Navy Seats with Navy Carpeting on Chawton White Exterior
    Supercharged specific model changes:
    • Variable Inlet Cam Timing
    • Infinitely Variable Rear Electronic Differential Lock
    • Vented/Cooled Front Seats
    • Redesigned 14-Way Power Seats (driver/front passenger power articulated upper backrest deleted to
    accommodate relocated seat mounted airbag)
    • Available Navy Seats with Navy Carpeting on Chawton White Exterior
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