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Saturn ION



  • irismgirismg Posts: 345
    I really appreciate a (somewhat) objective post such as this. I always say that somewhere between the fanboys and the naysayers is the truth.

    The timing chain reference was especially interesting. I'm not sure it's better-looking cousin Cobalt even has this.

    I think if you can go six years without something electrical or something major going out on it, it's done well. My Corolla's starter lasted 8 years. It will be interesting to see how long the electric steering lasts, and how dangerous that will be if that were to ever go bad on you.

    Can you say whether Ion has the old fashioned transmission in it or has it gone to the kind with the rubber bands in it ("Constant Velocity")?

    Styling does hurt it, I've never cared for that extra "seam" or two around the back window, prefer smooth metal (or plastic) front to back, like they did Cobalt. But the important part is the inside: are the seat coverings thin (like Cobalts, unfortunately), or are they velour and sturdy? Do they accomodate wide hips well?

    Ten years ago, before I chose my Corolla, I had been shopping for a Saturn wagon. When I read a semi-professional (blog) review calling Ion the worse car ever, I was a little sad to think that GM had ruined the Saturn sedans to that point.

    I hear they're going to all-steel next model year. Maybe you'll have a collector car soon! Thanks again for the point-of-view.
  • irismgirismg Posts: 345
    Oops, maybe dweezil was the exception. Things like power locks going out and fans going out and the door post coming off are not normal. Sounds like what my old Mercury used to do! I really don't remember the S-series being that problematic! I think I'll mosey over and see what the Aura owners are running into...
  • hey guys
    i just 3 wks ago got a 2006 ion from a local dealer.never dealt with saturn before.these cars any good?(kinda too late now i guess,but anyway)i purchased a 6yr warranty & was never told that warranty dates back to original factory date of car(so i lost 2 yrs from my warranty)still deciding if this was good purchase or runs ok but reading all these starting problems is really scaring me.
  • i have a 2006 ion too for aout a year and a half and every problem that i have they fixed it with no hassle no problems with all of the cars that i had in the past this has been the best so far
  • what kinda problems have u had?(if u dont mind telling me)anything major?
  • I've read a couple of posts here, hoping to find help on what to expect if I want to sell/trade-in my 2006 Saturn Ion Sedan. There are so many posts, it will take forever to filter out what I'm looking for. It has just under 25,000 miles. It has cruise control, air conditioning, power locks/windows, auto transmission, stock radio/cd player. I was involved in an accident back in December '06. There was alot of repair done to the body(mainly the front end where the impact happened, and replacement of the driver airbag), totaling about $5,000. No, the insurance company wouldn't declare it totaled. I had everything repaired by a recommended body shop via Saturn dealership. I've gone to, and their site gives a rough figure of $10,825 trade-in/$12,825 retail. There's nowhere on the site to take into account an accident. How much impact should I expect from the accident on resell/trade-in value? There's nothing wrong with the car. I want a truck, bad. But I want to get the most for my trade-in/resell in an honest transaction about the accident. Any advice?
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 17,702
    lCar insurance and accidents

    Real World tradein values

    I've listed two links from discussions here on Edmunds that have people who might help answer your question. I happen to be looking to pick up a third car and Ion is one of a short list I'm looking at occasionally. The accident on the record or found by the Saturn dealer who I will pay to check the car over if it's a Saturn telling me there was an accident would lower the value $3-4000 for me from what I would pay, if I bought the car at all. That's my personal opinion. I've seen lots of 07's that were rentals with 25000 kmiles and the asking price was about what you're stating. I'd be afraid to offer $11000 for the ones I've seen because the dealers would take it.

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  • 06ion06ion Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 Ion with about 40,00 miles on it. My Power Steering or should I say Electronic Assisted Steering quit working with no notice...does anyone have a similar story or know what might have happened? It also tends to idle very unsteady when RPM's are low or AC is on.
  • hey guys
    i've had my 2006 ion for 3 months know & everything ok except this weird knocking noise(only sometimes)from somwhere in the knocks three times(sounds like someone knocking on your window)does it when im idling or driving.when i start the car to go it ususally does it within the first 15 min of driving & then not again till next time.very strange & cant figure this out.nothing else is going on when this is happening.anyone know what the heck this could be???
  • I also have a 2003 ion 2 saturn. But I only have 28,000 on my car and my warranty has run out taking all the maintance fees with it. What a rip off. Also, my car is now starting to give me all sorts of trouble and tomorrow I'll pay a shop to replace my starter with a rebuilt one and also stop the bell from ringing in the car everytime I open the door even though the lights are not on or key in the ignition.

    For 22 years I drove foreign cars. Toyota 12 and Nissan 10. No troubles, just regular maintenance. If I had known I was buying a glorified Chevy I would never had bought a Saturn.
  • I have a 2007 Ion that is in proper working order. I have just been in my 2nd accident in three weeks. While it maybe bad driving--I'm not a perfect driver--I'm suspecting some back brake problems. Both times the car felt like the back locked up sending me into a spin. Are there any others who have experienced this problem?

  • awaytogoawaytogo Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 saturn Ion. It is making a sound like thump thump when you push on the brakes . The other day it started and I thought I had a flat tire. I didn't. You can feel it when you push on the brakes and in the steering wheel. Have you had any promblems like this.
  • i have an ion saturn...2006....i tried setting the time on the clock...but am unable to figure it out...any suggestions
  • i figured it out....thanks......
  • 1patrick1patrick Posts: 3
    I have 2004 ION have the same problems. Just had the ignition switch replaced last week.The power steering came back after the car sat for an hour. I saw the service bullitons and the problem seems to be in the re-keying
  • This morning during my regular commute in clear, mild weather, my 2004 Ion (35K mi) started behaving strangely. When I slowed down due to traffic, it seemed to take a while to slow down fully. When releasing the brake but not yet going back to the accelerator, the car jolted forward as though I had hit the accelerator. After a while I noticed the steering wheel vibrating while I was idling. Driving and steering were fine and I didn't notice any unusual noises.

    When I pulled into my parking spot and put the car in park, the RPMs were pretty high...I tapped on the accelerator and it shot up and stayed high. I turned the car off and even after killing the engine, it took a little bit for the RPMs to come down, but I started it again, ran it through all the gears and it was fine. Ideas...?
  • Does anyone know where I can get the cold air pipe with the mass air flow sensor port for my 07 saturn ion 2.2L? All the ones from Auto Zone are are round holes.
  • dwelldwell Posts: 1
    My 2004 Ion blew both fuses for the power steering at the same time. I replaced the fuses and the power steering worked again but locked breifly necessitating a quick jerk to free it, when I made turns. Gradually the power steering quit. Does it need a new rack or is it something in the electronic system? I hate to replace a rack if its something different.
  • blackion2blackion2 Posts: 4
  • To all of you who have had your key stick in the acc position while turning it off: if you have been through the multiple trips, been towed, etc,etc tell your nearest dealer that you want the BTSI switch replaced......the automatic transmission shift lock control. I had a new ignition, new keys and still had a problem until yesterday.
    My power steering went out also last week and that got a new motor and steering module. The key sticking took 2.5 yrs of problematic visits and ultimately 5 dealerships. I'm just hoping to help anyone out there.
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