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Minivans - Domestic or Foreign



  • tamu2002tamu2002 Posts: 758
    "The Dodge/Chrysler may not be as good looking in the inside, as the Honda/Toyota, but it is more family/work friendly than any van on the market."

    I tend to agree with this point. That's why we wrestled back and forth between the Quest and Caravan. The Stow-n-go is tough to beat!
  • marine2marine2 Posts: 1,155
    For me and lots of others, I will not buy a minivan to use as a service for others - they would love you dearly for your services. These folks can also buy a minivan - but why do so when Uncle Marine will volunteer his services. Sponging is the name of the game here.

    Not quite like that. We do for each other, because it's Family. My brother and I spent the whole day today putting that new bathroom together. She saved a weeks time waiting for it to be delivered and over $50.00, by me being able to haul it. The trim was the only thing I had trouble with. It was almost to long to get in the van.

    But like we said before. One should know what your going to use a van for, before buying one. There are passenger vans and there are work/family vans. I knew I would need a work/family van and not just a passenger van when I bought the Dodge.
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    Ha Ha. This "Safety Concern" would NOT prevent me from buying a 2005 Odyssey.
    How can a person be ejected if she (or he) is wearing their seat/shoulder belt? :blush:
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    All my neighbors have SUVs/Trucks, so nobody asks me to borrow my Odyssey.

    I don't think ANYBODY has ever asked me to borrow the Odyssey...
  • macakavamacakava Posts: 775
    "I don't think ANYBODY has ever asked me to borrow the Odyssey... "

    You should be happy that no one has asked you yet.
    Do you want them to? If you do, you could become very popular for the wrong reasons.

    I will NOT borrow another person's vehicle. I would rather be independent, do without or rent one. And my expectations of them are the same. Accidents happen unexpectedly and I do not want to make excuses for any.

    I will only drive another person's vehicle if he/she requests that I do so because of illness/tiredness/drunkenness/etc or I believe that my life is in danger due to his driving.
  • nwngnwng Posts: 664
    heavy, bulky items like marine2 described above would do a number on your interior easily, especially on the tonka plastic surfaces which everyone has in their cars. Also I can say is marine2 is a really generous person and I would love to have hime as a neighbor or family member.

    The only time I would "load it up" is when they are packed in cardboard boxes, ie, ikea and another furniture joint who also does that.

    And of course there is always the neighbor who works in a bank but drives a brand spanking new F150
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    Another reason not to buy a DC minivan where the seats can be stowed for ease of hauling bulky cargo.
  • macakavamacakava Posts: 775
    "Also I can say is marine2 is a really generous person and I would love to have hime as a neighbor or family member."

    Me too!

    I would love to have Marine2 as my neighbor for selfish reasons. I can adopt him as my "Uncle" or "God father" :)
  • tamu2002tamu2002 Posts: 758
    Actually, people get ejected all the time even WITH seat belts. The force generated in an accident is just tremendous. That said, I doubt the Odyssey is particularly worse just based on that one crash test :confuse:
  • tamu2002tamu2002 Posts: 758
    "Not quite like that. We do for each other, because it's Family. "

    Exactly, that's what family is for. I'd hate to have a brother that doesn't even want to lend his van to me. What kind of a brother is that? And the same goes for friends. Good for you marine2.
  • macakavamacakava Posts: 775
    We now have two persons, Marine2 and Tamu2002, that the nieghborhood can sponge from.

    By the way, it is quite coincidental that these two good samaritans, have the number 2 in their forum names.

    Any more want to upset this nice number by making this a three-some or higher by willingly lending his/her minivans for others to haul their loads?? Anymore who don't care that their minivan is damaged/more used in this process?

    Let us make a list so that we know where we can get help!
  • tamu2002tamu2002 Posts: 758
    Thanks Macakava. And come on, you're not gonna say "no" to your family either if they come beg you ;) I'm meticulors and very gentle with our cars, so I'd excersize extreme caution when moving big things...or say "no" if I have to.
  • macakavamacakava Posts: 775
    Of course not.

    But one has to be selective about each case. Because it would be far cheaper/less aggravating to rent a vehicle than to fix any damages to my personal vehicle.
  • tamu2002tamu2002 Posts: 758
    Agreed. Personally I would be very hesitant to borrow someone else's van, especially now that I finally have a good paying job ;) I'd rather pay for the delivery.
  • marine2marine2 Posts: 1,155
    We now have two persons, Marine2 and Tamu2002, that the nieghborhood can sponge from.

    I have carried stuff in my new van for my brother,(air compressor) and the bathroom fixtures I mentioned for my sister. A wagon for my daughter. Nowhere did I say I do things like that for neighbors or friends.

    Unlike your Honda, that has cloth on the side paneling,(if I remember right) and those big handles on the back of the seats, I don't need to worry about any handles and the Dodge has plastic on the side panels. I am not worried of tearing or scuffing the plastic, as it hasn't touched it yet. If it did, it wouldn't do any damage.

    Your Honda isn't made to haul much of anything without taking extream care not to rip or break something.

    My family comes from the old school where one helps family when in need. I know things like that isn't done much anymore, but thank God we still believe in it.

    When I needed help replacing the main water shut off valve on my house, guess who helped me?

    I wouldn't buy a vehicle where I would be afraid to put anything in it. That is why the Dodge is family friendly and the Honda isn't.
  • macakavamacakava Posts: 775
    Blood is thicker than water in my side of the fence as well.

    But when I buy any vehicle, be it a minivan or any other car, it is for the driving enjoyment and inspiring sporty handling it provides, NOT for the reasons of hauling goods for others. I like to encourage independence in others because dependence can easily become a habit and that leads to...
    I do not want to be an enabler.

    As they say, "Teach a hungry man to fish and he won't be hungry for the rest of his life. Give him fish and you would be stuck with doing so daily - welfare"

    By the way, my Ody can do exactly what your DGC can do as well. I never had to remove the second row seats - if necessary, I would move it; I ain't dead yet.
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    The Koreans have improved quality and features at an exponential rate.
    How long before the Kia Sedona is # 3 in sales volume after the leader # 1 Grand Caravan and # 2 Town & Country? ;)
  • lastwraithlastwraith Posts: 350
    I have a '98 Plym Expresso that, within the last 2 months has: taken 6 people on a Six Flags trip to NJ (full day trip), hauled an aging grandmother's stuff (my g/f's grandmother's bedroom furniture) from NY to New Orleans (yes, it was a 22 hour trip and yes, i drove all the way straight down to see if I could), transported linoleum and carpeting for my mother's house (15' rolls), and most recently packed the trusty minivan COMPLETELY full of my grandparent's belongings and transported them from VT to CT while still managing to get 30MPG on the trip down. I consider myself to be helpful to my friends/family/whatnot and would not hesitate to take out the seats to get things done. Like any other person without a new DGC variant that doesn't have StoNGo, if we need to take the seats out to do something we want to do, the seats will come out. I'm not saying I wouldn't rather not, but it's not that big a deal. Get a friend for 5 mins and the seats are out and in the shed/garage/etc.

    What I really wanted to stop was the talk about the interior. I don't know what the rest of you do when concerned about things and the inside of your van, but I always put down a drop cloth and/or pad things that would rip up the interior. Plastic interiors may be some people's cup of tea, but I'd rather have the nice interior and deal with the relatively small inconvenience of having to put a plastic liner down the few times I need it. More often than not I am either transporting no one and nothing, a few people, or things that can't do much to my interiors. I wouldn't really choose any minivan as a work van, unless you are primarily hauling light things. You cannot beat the hauling capability of a full size van or pickup.

    Having said all that, I like both the DGC offerrings and the Odys for different reasons. If the Toyota dealers where I am weren't such jerks I would be able to possibly offer up some compelling reasons for driving the Sienna.
  • marine2marine2 Posts: 1,155
    do not want to be an enabler.

    As they say, "Teach a hungry man to fish and he won't be hungry for the rest of his life. Give him fish and you would be stuck with doing so daily - welfare"

    I have had my van for eight months now and hauled stuff in it three times for three different family members. I think that is far from being an enabler. Guess who is going to watch my dog for 18 days while we go to Europe? Family helping family is what it's all about Mac.

    By the way, if you'd had hauled my sister's bathroom stuff, you would have had to take out those middle seats.
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    The initial data on the NEW 2004 Sienna was very impressive but a close examination of the interior showed that manufacturer brochures are often not very accurate indicators of the actual vehicle. :cry:
    Same with 2005 Odyssey (and virtually every vehicle produced).
    After reading in Edmund's Town Hall for some time, the numerous owner postings of problems with the Sienna and Odyssey scare me. I am now afraid to buy either a new Sienna or Odyssey where problems are likely to occur. :sick:
    On the other hand, the problems with DC minivans appear to be mainly with older models of the mid-90's. ;)
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