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Suzuki Aerio Wagon



  • I agree with everything but the dash... I love the new dash. Suzuki has never offered a sunroof on this chassis. Must be a structural thing.?. I do not like chrome on the outside of any car I own so I would have to ditch the chrome on the grill and replace the new chrome tail lights with last years tri color units.
  • May I ask what kind of roof rack and luggage carrier you used? We purchased an 05 SX with roof rack. I had the car then had to go back for the rack. It was very ugly and noisy - it whistled so much you had to shout to have a conversation. I went back the next day and returned it. I had been expecting a rack made for the SX this was more of an after market thing.
  • nhsjrnhsjr Posts: 15
    It's been a wile and with 19,500.mi on I had a fan belt idler pulley replaced under warranty with no problim. Otherwise, the car has run well. I switched to synthetic motor oil and I am extending oil changes to 10,000.mi. (I drive heavy trucks for a living and they run them 60k oil drain interval's and 500k+ life). Service is due at 20k, I want to try a k&n air filter and some better plugs. 30 mpg is the best it will do.
  • nhsjrnhsjr Posts: 15
    It sounds to me like you got a bad one. Maybe you should dump it. I got one of the first Suzuki cars to arrive in the US back in the mid 1980's (then called sprint). Today I have an XL7 and the aerio. Replacing that idler pulley is the only problim I've had with one. I entertain no high end expectations from Suzuki products, that is, I paid only $12,190. for my SX new, it is my terminal/work car. I'm not going to cry if it gets a scratch or something and I would dump it in a minute if it gave me trouble, I've got better things to do than fuss with unreliable cars.
  • pyropyro Posts: 3
    I would like to know what year your SX is that you paid 12,190 for . My area I can get a Vibe for alot less than an SX
  • I really wish I could dump it ...but I'm in year 3 of a 4 year lease. This Aerio is my work car. If you look at all the Tech service bulletins in the USA and Canada its seems a lot of people have a "bad one". One thing is for sure. As the millage goes up ...bad (expensive) things start to happen.
    I guess Suzuki is too busy with defective timing chain problems on their V6 motors and unreliable Veronas to deal with a few thousand defective Aerios. I hope you never have one of your drive axels drop out of the transmission. Mine did!
  • nhsjrnhsjr Posts: 15
    Paid $12,190 for my 2002 SX 5sp w abs, leftover, in Jan or Feb of 2003. I brought the Houston paper ad with me at the time, (SX 5sp no abs) $11,995. I'm sure they get a little more for them today but I wouldent pay much more. Maybe I'm just lucky with mine. Sorry your having trouble with yours, look for another way out maybe.
  • jmdchienjmdchien Posts: 11
    I am in the market of buying one. It seems to be 2000.00 more than you paid. Could you tell me where did you get yours. Maybe I can follow your path, and save some money. Thanks.
  • nhsjrnhsjr Posts: 15
    You live near Houston. Whenever I want to know the lowest price possible for any car I look in the Houston paper. I purchased my 2002 sx early in 2003, it was a leftover, probably on the dealers lot over a year. They were anxious and lots of incentive money was involved. I imagine you might have to pay a little more today, but if you do the home work shop around and don't hurry, you'll find a bargain. Let us know.
  • greeengreeen Posts: 2
    I am considering trading my '03 in for an '05. I was curious if anyone can confirm that the more common problems have been fixed in the new '05s (like the doors buzzing, mirrors shaking in the wind, brake clunks, etc.)? I aw aware of all improvements to the interior. Also, anyone know if the engine noise is any quieter, or if there is more sound proofing? Any comments on the interior from those that have an '05?

    I may think of more questions, but that's all for now.

    Thanks in advance.
  • I am currently looking at buying the Aerio SX. The only other car that comes close in content for the same price is the Kia Spectra5. Apparently, the Kia's are selling so well that the dealer in my area uses the old style pressure tactics without fear of losing customers. At the Kia dealership, I went through the whole "we need your license if you are going to test drive" (sneaky way to run a credit check on me - I actually had to barge into the "business managers" office and demand my license back) and "what will it take to get you to buy one today?". Meanwhile, they were quoting MSRP numbers higher than the Kia Canada website. Needless to say, I am heading back to the Suzuki dealer who treated me with respect and was upfront about all aspects of the vehicle and the financing.
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    The Verona is the largest car Suzuki sells.

    Was very impressed with the SX's upgrades for '05. Hugely improved interior. Was on my short list before purchasing a Malibu Maxx. Daewoos are behind current generation of Hyundai's IMHO and will be badly outgunned when next gen. Hyundai/Kias debut.
  • muffin_manmuffin_man Posts: 865
    How a dealer could run a credit check with just your license?

    Go with the Aerio, very cool car.
  • I thought Suzuki actually manufactured the Verona. Who makes it? Daewoo?

    I agree with you on the Daewoos. They seem to be where Hyundai was about ten years ago.
  • A credit check can be completed with as little as your name and address to go by. (at least here in Canada). With car companies having their own credit arms, they can easily circumvent 'rules' to look us up on Equifax.

    I have a friend who is a loans manager in a bank and he can look up my credit anytime with out anything more specific than my drivers license info. No signature required.
  • muffin_manmuffin_man Posts: 865
    I disagree with the Daewoos - I think they are Hyundai 5 years ago, and already past Kia.
  • muffin_manmuffin_man Posts: 865
    Why compare the Aerio with the Rio? The Aerio is a better car than anything in the Kia lineup, nevermind the worst new car sold in the US - the Rio. Suzuki doesn't really produce a competitor for the Rio.

    The new Spectra is a big improvement over the old, but the terrible crash test scores of the Spectra (a Kia weak point) make it a non-option.
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    Didn't mean Aerio, meant Aveo. Sorry... I was trying to run through the Daewoos.

    Agree that the Aerio SX is the best thing in Suzuki's stable.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    You have seen the new crash test for the Spectra right? Kia ordered a retest after tweaking the driver's airbag and its score improved from poor to acceptable. It's still not the best, but it definitely isn't as terrible as you claim. After my bad Aerio experience and reading some pretty serious mechanical failures that weren't limited to just one car, I'd be willing to gamble on a Spectra way before an Aerio. Suzuki just isn't as well known for quality as other Japanese nameplates and the Koreans have been improving amazingly fast in this regard.
  • stolguystolguy Posts: 12
    The first item I have had to address on my 03 aerio was to
    change out the cheap steel clamps retaining the exhaust heat
    shields with stainless. The originals rust and start clattering
    within two years. Every fall I pull the wheels and paint the
    control and steering linkages with linseed oil. A piece of
    chicken wire at the air filter box inlet would be helpful to
    prevent mouse nests. (yes, it happened to me)
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