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Suzuki Aerio Wagon



  • stolguystolguy Posts: 12
    Anyone out there with a shop manual: what is the torque on the
    rear wheel bearing retaining nut? I decided to check one side out
    at 20,000mi. The factory uses a clear, nearly colorless grease.
    It was just beginning to dry a bit at the edges and I figure it would have
    been OK to about 40-50K. The bearing is a little different than
    conventional being a double ball (fairly hefty) using no adjustment
    by virtue of the premeasured cone spacing.
  • rod1977rod1977 Posts: 1
    What do you think is a fair price to pay for a new 05 Aerio SX?
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    Today's Automotive News reported that the SX is due to be axed at the end of next year. Although the SX was on my short list, this plus the extremely low sales for this year should give you a very good price before you bite. I haven't checked Edmunds TMV prices but I'd bet they'd be on the high side of what you should pay.

    Why the SX is axed while the sedan sticks around is a mystery. The story discussed Suzuki's reluctance to market the car v. the Daewoos.
  • doohickiedoohickie Posts: 949
    A mystery? It seemed pretty clear to me: They say in the little bit of the article I can view without a subscription that they are starting a new sport wagon model. The Aerio SX is a sport wagon. Why have two direct competitors in the same showroom? I like the utility of the car, but the syling of the Aerio SX is best described as "quirky". It's proportions do not conform to the typical sport wagon (Mazda3 5 door, Kia Spectra5, etc.) Perhaps they are reskinning it with better proportions, or modding the Forenza Wagon into more of a sport package. The Forenza Wagon is nice enough, but nearly identical in basic design layout to my 1995 Escort Wagon- hardly a step forward. I could see where they might restyle it with more of the Reno styling cues, maybe a more rounded hatch area with a nice spoiler, pretty graphics, and call it a sport wagon. This, of course, only works if they put a more sustantial engine in it. The 2.0L Holden is almost acceptable in the Reno, but not enough for the slightly larger Forenza Wagon.
  • derick1derick1 Posts: 2
    i got a brand new SX AWD fully loaded for $15,100 before tax and licencing. it helps though if you want a good deal, go toward the end of the month late at night... they get desperate to make monthly quotas and they'll bargin. also what i did is i had the money, and we told them, if u can get it down to 15K, we'll buy it tonight... we kept the dealership open like a half hour late, but they wanted to sell that car
  • derick1derick1 Posts: 2
    I like the honey comb grill, but it would look so much cooler with some chrome/bling... lol... anyone know?!
  • nomonomo Posts: 3
    I just discovered a curious problem with one of the fog lamps on my new Aerio SX. There is a tiny symmetrical hole with a kind of bubbling around it.. I immediately thought a rock had hit it, but the more I think about it, a rock wouldn't leave such an unusual signature; there would be crack, no? Has anyone out there had a similar problem?
  • doohickiedoohickie Posts: 949
    Hard to tell from your description. Are you sure it's not a molded feature? Maybe a drain hole?
  • nomonomo Posts: 3
    I'm sure it's not a drain hole; the other light doesn't have it, and it wasn't there a week ago. I'm wondering if Suzuki will cover it under warranty. I doubt it. Thanks for the reply.
  • doohickiedoohickie Posts: 949
    Try the tack that it could not live up to normal conditions and therefore should be under warranty.

    BTW, the local Suzuki dealer just sold (or traded to another dealer) the last 05 Aerio they had. Don't know if any more 05s are coming, so perhaps it is an 06 or maybe the Reno. I can't buy for at least another month, so the 06s should be here by then anyway.
  • They are going for $14,295 in Hawaii
  • carthellcarthell Posts: 124
    The service manual lists no such nut. The closest component that comes close to the function you described is the spindle nut: 126.5 lb-ft

    After the spindle nut is off, many of the other wheel components that don't have to be screwed off or disconnected have to be pulled off (disassembly), or pushed on (re-assembly), using special tools and a hydraulic press.
  • stolguystolguy Posts: 12
    Thanks, been a while since I posted that so I had to go back and read my original query.
    The torque range you quote sounds reasonable, however the remaining procedure sounds
    more like a front spindle description. The back brakes can be accessed by only removing
    the drum, leaving the bearing in place. -But if you want to remove the bearing for
    insp/grease you will have to punch the little dimple in the nut back to round and
    spin it off with an impact wrench. Observing the original location on the nut, approximately
    100 ft/lbs will be adequate for replacement. Those are not "permanently" lubed bearings
    like those (supposedly) on the front wheels. I'm a fixer, not a washer and waxer.
  • carthellcarthell Posts: 124
    The Aerio manual is like most manuals, except for the occasional phrase that seems to have been translated poorly/written badly. I rechecked the manual, and they're definitely calling the item a "spindle nut" on the 2wd vehicles. A number of illustrations & labels is included with the description.

    It looks like I read too many pages ahead, the hydraulic press & such comes into play with a different bearing behind the drum brake on the 4wd models, I believe.

    I'm sleepy. Time for bed.
  • stolguystolguy Posts: 12
    -Now I'm definitely glad I didn't go for the AWD.
    Just an extra 100 lbs to drag around with little benefit
    and poorer gas mileage. Like a yuppie buying a camera
    with "more features" or phones for which the original
    function has been forgotten.
  • I don't own an Aerio, but my GF does. Her AWD 2003 mod. is a blast to drive... mainly, I think, to the AWD feature. It may weigh more, but the center of gravity is lowered and shifted to the rear compared to the FWD model. She gets (when I drive it) an overall average of 28mpg.(fill-up to fill-up) w/automatic Trans. in overdrive and the A/C and Cruise-control on.
    I don't normally drive aggressively -- cruise at 60mph max., and mild acceleration (auto-shifting approx.3krpm). However, traffic situations may require driving "out of the envelope" from time to time, and it's good to have the AWD's lateral-responsiveness and acceleration when needed.
  • There's a section of the front bumper on Aerio SXs (and maybe others) on the driver side at the bottom that has fallen off my car. The first time was at home so I just put it back on (it literally snaps into place) but the second time was on the road so it subsequently got run over and left behind. It's about a foot wide and 3-4 inches tall and deep.

    When I called the dealer to request a replacement they knew EXACTLY what part I was talking about (as if they've dealt with this particular obscure little part before). In fact, there was a woman there ordering the exact same part the day I was ordering it.

    This got me to thinking... is this happening to a LOT of people? If so, shouldn't this be a recall to get replaced? I don't like the idea of paying to replace a part that wasn't designed very well. Who ever heard of a bumper having a snap-on piece? Especially a piece likely to get loosened should one scrape a curb or parking lot divider while parking?

    If this is happening to a lot of Aerio owners I'd like to figure out how to pursue getting Suzuki to recall/replace the part.

    I'd appreciate feedback.
  • Yes! This has happend to me as well, and i saw while driving around, other aerio's with the same problem... This looks horrible,, Did you get a new piece for it? I need help finding one also. Mine was lost somewhere on the highway! So do you have any info on where to find the part?
  • We were out today looking at the 2006 Aerio SX and were both very impressed. We are intending to tow it behind our motor home so our going to contact Remco to see if they have a pump or axle disconnect for that car. We are just wondering if any of you have had any major problems with the Aerio other than parts of the bumper falling off and faulty fog lights. We are in Canada but I am sure everything is much the same in the USA regarding these cars. Any information would be greatly appreciated. We haven't bought it yet!!
  • carthellcarthell Posts: 124
    Only one that I recall that are major, all within 36030 miles (as of today) for my '03 Aerio SX: rotor warp, fixed twice ($200 USD per dealer visit). I've experienced suspension rattle (fixed by tightening up bolts during my scheduled maintenance runs to the dealer). The rattling may be less of an issue for you. I just happen to live in an urban jurisdiction that has one of the roughest road systems in my state.
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