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Subaru Baja



  • Maybe. I know the Baja I bought sat on the dealers lot for a couple of months.

    My wife loves it by the way. She has even "hauled" some loads in the back a few times. :)

  • I got my o5 sport 3 weeks ago and my wife and I love it. First tank got 26,99 M.P.G. 70 % @ 80M.P.H. the rest was city stop n go traffic. My wife used it to haul the first load,17 bags of bark mulch. We both like it more than my old Toyota T100 or her Jetta TDI. 100% HAPPY with our purchase. DISLIKES very minor things like the lack of lighted ignition switch and having to move the switch to lock the doors, auto lock would be nice. SHAME ON SUBARU N.A. FOR NOT HAVING A BUDGET TO PROMOTE THIS FINE MACHINE.GARY H.
  • Are you running regular gas in it?

    Funny, my wifes 2001 Focus had auto locking doors, which we really grew to hate.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Congrats, by the way.

    What color? Tranny type?

  • bat1161bat1161 Posts: 1,784
    Congratulations on your new Baja! Enjoy!

  • congrats!

    Much of the content has been removed in the '05, even more in the '06. IMO the '04 has the best content and value of the bunch, and has some improvements over the '03 (more ground clearance, availability of turbo with VTD, etc.).

    That's great mpg by the way, similar to what I get in my '03 Forester MT. Try finding another '05 that can do what your Baja can do. The competition either sucks a lot more gas (Ridgeline) or doesn't have the car like ride, handling, and independent suspension.

    Yes, Subaru has the makings of a winner here, streeecccchhh the head and leg room a bit and with gas at $3 a gallon the sales will come.

  • the new '07 SportTrac 2" wider 5" longer.

    has all the goodies, IRS, available AWD, V-6 standard, available V-8 with 6 speed, and *not one*, no, *not two*, but yes *three in-bed storage compartments*.

    No diesel mentioned yet.

    A slightly larger Baja would be a better alternative for me, I don't need 1500lbs payload and 5,000lb + towing.

  • My BAJA is an automatic tranny and I run regular gas.
  • It is the two tone silver.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    They definitely knew what Honda was up to. I believe the Ridgeline was shown to the public in January 2004, so Ford responded pretty quickly.

  • I love my new Baja; Just wondering what is the largest item you have hauled in the bed, size or weight. Please no comments like my wife or my X -girlfriend.
  • dockeendockeen Posts: 68
    My wife 100, 150 pounds of topsoil (in bags) in it a week or two ago.

    Thats the biggest thing I can think of.

    We did have an awkward "load" - a pole for a pool vacuum - we had to use the pass through to get it home...


    p.s. My wife loves it
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    This was hilarious, but at the Philly Auto Show a year or two ago paisan (mike) got about 8 buddies up in the bed and they were jumping up and down, it was hilarious. They were brawny guys, so figure 1500 lbs or so, well over the recommended payload.

    No harm done, I'm not even sure the suspension bottomed out.

  • njswamplandsnjswamplands Posts: 1,760
    what i wouldnt give to see a vid of that
  • once_for_allonce_for_all Posts: 1,640
    scroll back in this thread, there is a photo of them. Also check out the mini model A in the back of a Baja.

  • I really enjoy reading these posts and now I am sad reading this last post by John, must have read his short 24 word post over 400 times. COME ON someone come over and cut the cord off of my computer or post something so I can go to bed.
  • once_for_allonce_for_all Posts: 1,640
    how is your coffee this AM?

    I am looking forward to seeing Baja sales recap this month, the price per gallon must be motivating some to buy a Baja. Small car sales are way up.

    I was at the dealer a couple days ago, ZERO Bajas on the lot. Over half the cars were Turbos.

  • once_for_allonce_for_all Posts: 1,640
    set up your "message center" so that you get alerted whenever there is a new post. Otherwise, yes, you will read the same post 400 times.

  • kyrazykyrazy Posts: 6
    Check out this link for a couple of items I've hauled.
    One is a bird aviary the other... well the captions explain it!

    I've also hauled five bales of hay, sand and my dirtbike.

  • echo5echo5 Posts: 4
    Need some advice from Baja owners. I'm looking at a used 2005 (7 months old) Baja Turbo with bed extender and cargo net that has 4900 miles on it. $23000 +/- $500 is about the final purchase price. Do you all think that this is a fair price? KBB and Edmund's used car values are pretty different. Thanks in advance.
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