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Toyota Tacoma vs. Ford Ranger, Part XII



  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    I could have bought a used Taco. There are people who sell them on ttora board, or pre-announce them. There just wasnt one available close to Texas and in the config. I wanted.

    I said that Ranger and Toyota are generally made for lower end of middle class. Whereas Lincoln and Lexus are made for upper end.

    And know, Ranger just got the new engine that finally gave it an edge over Tacoma. So now Ranger owners are celebrating....they have a reason todo so, for 5 years Tacoma beat them with the same engine.
    It's not just 100K+ stories. With the publicity and track record that Ford has, they would have to try real hard to sell one to me. And I'm saying that because I havent owned one yet. (On the other hand, I've owned a Chevy, and will not buy from them again). Somehow having a Toyota gives more peace of mind. Imagine if I bought an FX4. It would have had to be a 207hp with manual tranny (because thats what I drive now), and I would either have snapped the axle at the light somewhere (the way I drive), or would have had to take it in for a recall within 1 week of purchase. How's that for a confidence builder?
  • Try working for the government and driving nothing but Fords and Chevys for the past 6 years. No way, no how would I buy one...
  • kg11kg11 Posts: 530
    I just re-read #371,sorry,I misunderstood.You're right.Ford and toyota are selling to the same merket.Lexus and lincoln also compete with each other in THIER market.There are plenty of used Tacos here in CA,but I've been told there are more of them on the road here than other states.I love my taco but I did'nt feel obligated to leave it in stock form.I replaced the seats at 3 mo(Astro van) and 4500 mi.A year later I gave it a 4" lift and 12.50x33's.Finally,and I know I'll take heat for this,I replaced the rear axle with a detroit locked Ford 9"(There was no locking diff for the v6 in '95)
    BTW can't wait till there's aftermarket pistons for my GMC 8.1
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    I could have phrased it better myself.

    I'm not leaving my Taco in stock form for long. I have some small mods, like magnaflow muffler, amsoil air/oil filter with synth. oil, deckplate (although I don't usually use it), hella lights. Small things. I still have a list of things to get like line-x/rhino or herculiner, some form of hard top, rocksliders, and ultimately, suspension lift with body lift. The only thing is that my Taco is also my daily driver, so I don't want to raise it up too much. I still like to ride down the freeway at 85-90mph without having handling problems. Oh yeah, and I'm thinking about getting one of those old caddy air compressors (electrical ones).
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    Toyota may just have to recall some of the V6s and I4s due to sludge problems. May not be the Tacoma engine, but probably ones from Sienna and others.
    the site. So Toyota will also take care of its customers (heh, yeah, right. With a lot of pressure from the government). This was a problem in the making for the last 6 years, we'll see what happens.
    So you see, tbunder, we can also admit faults in our vehicles.
  • I like Toyota, however, if that article is accurate and Totoya treated me that way, I wouldn't be a repeat customer.
  • Even worse if you do it in your backyard. Can you prove that the case of oil a year actually went into your engine. Better get your oil changed at the dealership, no matter what.
    This isn't the first story like this I've heard.

    So scorpio, would you classify that as a design defect, or a manufacturing one? :)
  • saddaddysaddaddy Posts: 566
    definitely a manufacturing defect. If all the engines did that, it would be design defect.
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    Problem with this sort of engine trouble is that there is no real good way to test things out. Damage is long term, so only few years down the road the company has even a chance to start fixing it.
  • 2k1trd2k1trd Posts: 301
    Sludge is from people not chamging there oil and should never be blamed on the engine.
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    I agree. But what happens when people do have receipts from quick lube places (Which I think is not the best place to go to, but oh well)?
  • That one lady's Sienna is sitting in pieces, because she has quick lube receipts. Someplaces go overboard on 30 point inspections and royal purple synthetic oil (for an extra fee), and others might as well be named grease monkey R us.

    But I guess it really boils down to the dealership wanting to deal with it or not.

  • **obi- im sorry you had problems with your jeeps, but i can say that the new liberty vehicle is leaps and bounds better than any other jeep previously built. and as far as it's off-road ability is concerned, edmunds itself has said that it can and will go anywhere any cherokee has gone. and it is open to just as many mods as a cherokee has ever been open to.

    Sorry the Liberty can't even start to compare with any of the CJ series Jeeps.!
    No V8, No gear driven transfercase.................way to long of a wheelbase.
    My 73 CJ5 was purchased new by my father in 73 and was given to me some years back.
    When your Liberty is 30 years old come then you can start making claims!

    Any of the 4x4's made today will work for Moderate fourwheeling. You could say make it to the Dusy/Eirshim Trailhead, but with out major mods you'd never get past the gaurdian let alone up chicken rock and through the entire route. The Wrangler Rubicon is the closest box stock, but you'd need a 4.5" lift and 33" tires.
  • Can you believe it. One of the arms of the cup holder in my Tacoma broke. I opened it up and a snap ring broke off and now it doesn't work properly. And, my truck is only 1 year old. You see, Tacomas aren't perfect. I'm posting this for all you Ford Fanatics. I'm sure you'll spend the next 100 posts talking about poor Tacoma quality now! Enjoy......Steelman.
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897 2002 has cupholder as part of the console, with soft rubber holders to keep the cup in place. Didnt 2001s have the same design?
  • No, my 2001 has two cup holders. One on the passenger side that open up to hold two drinks, and one located just below the shift lever (in the center of the passenger cabin)that has two plastic arms that fold in and out (to hold one drink). This is the one that broke. Again, one of the arms on the cup holder no longer works properly. I wonder if this is covered under the bumper to bumper warranty? Anyway, I wanted to prove to the Ford Fanatics that Toyota owners don't hide the problems they have. I wonder if Ranger fans can admit their problems? Or, perhaps they are correct and Rangers really are perfect? Take care........Steelman.
  • smgillessmgilles Posts: 252
    I have a 2001 and it is set up like yours with the 2 cup holders in the center of the console. Again, I will state why I bought a Toyota. a.) Nissan wanted too much, MORE than what I paid for my Toyota. I was a die hard Nissan guy, my last 88 4x4 Nissan had 200,000 with normal maintenance ( 0 Problems). b.)Ford wanted too much, MORE than what I paid for my Toyota. So, I bought the Toyota and have never been happier:) After the Nissan and now the Toyota I will NEVER EVER buy a domestic automobile! PERIOD!

    I don't believe Toyota or Nissan are God's gifts to automobiles, I just feel, along with the majority of others that they are a notch above any Ford, Dodge, Chevy, etc, etc.... Does it matter what I think, absolutely not, only to me.

    So, tbunder you can preach your dogma all you want, it is falling on deaf ears. By the way my father-in law just bought a 2002 4x4 double cab (non-TRD). Why? Because he drove mine! All his life he drove nothing but domestic compacts. I think he thought it was time for some security with his purchase:)
  • longevity. You don't see many 20, 30 or 40+ year old Toyota trucks on the road, do ya? :)

    However, my friend owns a 67 F-100 Ranger. Yeah, it's basically a early F-150, and has some rust in the floor board. However when you pull into the dragstrip with your 1967 Mustang being trailered by a 1967 Ranger, there's just a special glow you feel as all the eyes turn.

    Heck I could keep my 1993, and run it to 200,000+ miles if I want. And when the engine or transmission pukes, I can drop in a 302 fairly easily. You could say parts are cheap when you vehicle is the best seller for the past 15 years. The options are open with the Ranger.

    However I do have plans on retiring my ole reliable for something new in 2003. Just have to see what's new and available then, but the Ranger will always be my first pick. The new Edges look so nice, but I'm gonna have to wait for the possible v8.
  • Stang, I don't think Toyota even made Tacomas 20 years ago. Besides, its not the age that matters, it is the mileage. I've said it before, I've seen several Tacomas with 200,000 plus miles on them but I haven't seen one Ranger with that much mileage. My girlfriend's parents have a 6 year old Ranger with 100,000 miles on it and it is really falling apart and is definitely on its last legs. I'm not very impressed with the longevity of the Rangers I've seen. Take care........Steelman.
  • kg11kg11 Posts: 530
    My dad had a "hi lux" in the early 70's.You don't see many of those any more.All toyotas sold in the US until the mid 80's were built in japan for the US market.They (IMO)were better than the ones we got in Okinawa.My family has owned Toyotas for 30 years and to me the quality has been going down hill since about '90.Don't get me rong.I still think there at the top,but the gap is no longer worth considering.
    I know 3 people with 80's rangers with more than 150k.My 95 Taco is the highest milage one I know of at 105,521 mi.
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