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Toyota Tacoma vs. Ford Ranger, Part XII



  • saddaddysaddaddy Posts: 566
    What advantage does a steering column shifter have? I hate em, especially on compact trucks. I've been driving my dads new silverado, and hate that their is no OD button to push, and if you wanna manually downshift, it is not as easy. My vote is for the floor shifter, hands down.
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    pluto, do you know how ignorant you sound debating with stang? he is presenting you with solid facts, while you still keep bragging about your nearly five year old magazine test. hilarious.

    sad- i started out in a new reg. cab ZR2, sold it for an ext. cab, sold that for an explorer sport when my daughter was born. traded that for the ranger.

    your comments on the ZR2 stuff doesn't make sense when your tacoma comes with 3.73's if im not mistaken. four wheel disc brakes..heat treated upgraded cv joints, reinforced brake lines, carbon composite skidplates, upgraded ring and pinion gears, full-size truck rear axle, re-inforced and widened frame...these are all bad? and that track bar doesn't hinder any flex (i know as i had both my ZR2's hit the bump stops, it keeps the axle in line when doing high speed runs, keeps it from going side to side. the ZR2 was created as a chase vehicle at Baja, and so it is built with what it needs to accomplish this. sure it is aging, but it is still twice the truck any tacoma is. not even close. it weighs nearly 4000 lbs in ZR2 trim. the fact that it comes stock with 15" wheels is fine, as we all know gm will never change this since the ZR2 is now a staple in trucks, and anything other than a 31x10.50 wouldn't look right. i guarantee the next gen. s10 will probably come with 16's or higher. and just how wide do you need a wheel to be to handle 31's? according to, the 7" wheels are above the minimum for the all-terrain tire that it comes stock with.

    hmmmmm......i sense a little jealousy here that since you don't have it, you don't like it. seems to be a common theme around here with tacoma owners who don't like cd players, power anything, a/c, fog lights, tow-hooks, o/d over-ride on column shifter, abs, or anything else that comes standard on ranger and is extra on tacoma. it is so obvious to ford guys.

    steelman- good for you, im glad you use your truck. maybe pluto will learn how to finally engage his clutch/starter switch and maybe put his truck into four-wheel drive after reading your posts. either way though, you still have pop can thick doors and bed walls. enjoy though.

    see you in god's country where the other guy runs the stoplight and slams into your door. according to safety tests, you'll have a high likelihood of a pelvic injury. lovely huh?

    oh yeah, just fyi....i changed my mind about the mazda. i plan on getting some type of truck. thanks sad. what was i thinking?
  • "Many vehicles enter comparos looking like the clear winner on paper, but in reality don't cut the muster."

    And this supports your 4 year old fourwheeler review?

    You are wrong about IIHS. Both the Tacoma and Ranger receive Average Overall ratings. It's a dead tie. Tacoma has higher risk for injury (Head and Left foot) and the Ranger has a lower safety cage rating (marginal). However the Ranger receives no Poor ratings, except on one of its head restraint models.

    NHTSA is a different story altogether. Tacoma scores one full star lower than Ranger in every test, except passenger frontal crash test.

    1. tows better
    For instance, The Ranger offers a regular cab, long bed with 4.0L 5 speed Automatic, with 6015 pounds "Maximum Towing Capacity". The highest I have seen the Tacoma regular cab is 3500. Edmunds says the extended and crew cab tacomas can do a maximum of 5000. I do believe says up to 5600. By the way, which engine has the most torque at the lowest RPM available? I would say that is probably the better vehicle for towing.
    2. hauls better
    How do you suppose we test that? I think the Tacoma has 100-200 pounds higher Payload capacity, but to haul it better? Who knows. Unless you can prove otherwise, they are probably pretty close.
    absence of evidence is not Evidence of absence.
    3. four-wheels better
    I do not contest that off the show room floor, the Tacoma has the advantage. However I do think four-wheeling contradicts with item #6 below. The best off-road vehicle when used will be a little beat up, and doesn't that affect used market value?
    4. performs on pavement better
    Here's another category that is really too close to count. With LSD, and ABS, the Ranger has safety on its side. I'll post links to reviews if you actually want to debate this. I've seen praise for both vehicles on on-road handling.
    5. lasts longer/more reliable
    There are many examples in favor of each argument on this issue. 140,000 miles and 9 years old. Driven several Rangers over 200,000 miles at an old job. All machines break. At least my window switches still work. Toyota has the reputation. Ford has the economy. There are so many old Fords on the road that just won't die, and if they do parts are so cheap and available. With reasonable driving habits and Maintenance, any vehicle can last.
    6. has better resale value
    You are probably right there, but if you call it what truly is, it might be a bit more clear to you why. "Has Better used market value" With more Rangers being sold for the past 16 years, it would be harder to sell for top dollar. Since roughly 3-4 Rangers have been sold for every Tacoma or Toy "Pickup", you should expect one to hold its market value better than the other. However this benefits anyone in the used truck market greatly. Basic economics (Supply and Demand) taught in 7th grade.

    Of course if you are like me, you don't care about the ultimate towing, hauling, or off-road vehicle. If I wanted that, I would start looking at full size trucks. But these are Compact trucks. I would venture a generalization of compact truck buyers are mostly looking for something to help with moving furniture, or home depot projects. How many trucks do you see daily that have a payload vs not? How many trucks do you see daily off-road vs not?

    Do you notice anything about our lists? See the difference in the content? See how you are centered around topics that are likely in favor of the Tacoma, while I listed items found in favor of the Ranger.

    Every person buying a vehicle has these lists. If not, they are just a blind consumer. Assuming most people research a purchase likely close to half their yearly income, everybody lists their pros and cons. Every list is different, and tailored after individual wants and needs. Then they decide which vehicle they buy based on the big picture. And we know which vehicle that is more likely to be, right?

    We can debate all the little issues all day. If I bring up points like better pricing options, better safety, more configurations, bigger engine, you can only ignore those statements and re-iterate the off-road reviews. The reality is we both win or we both lose.

    Both trucks are great, and as I've said before The Tacoma is a great truck, recommended to all. The Ranger is the Best Buy.

    Even Hank Hill (King of the Hill) drives a Ranger... :)
  • Kirstie@EdmundsKirstie@Edmunds Posts: 10,676
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  • allknowingallknowing Posts: 866
    Wow I didn't realize that Hank Hill drove a Ranger. The Taliban choose the Tacoma so it's difficult to determine which is the better endorsement.
  • kbtoyskbtoys Posts: 62
    Just thought I would post this link about the tacoma.
  • rickc5rickc5 Posts: 378
    About time someone injected a bit of levity into this pit. Thanks!

    BTW- I believe you and I are the only two participants on this forum who have owned both a Tacoma and a Ranger? Seem that way to you?
  • allknowingallknowing Posts: 866
    Yeh, I think that you're right. Some of the Ranger guys have mentioned that they have owned other Toyota cars but not a tacoma. I'll bet that most of the Ranger supporters have never driven a Tacoma and probably the reverse is also true.
  • toadmantoadman Posts: 39
    I haven't been on the Edmunds board for awhile. So I'm not surprised that the same items are being hashed and re-hashed over and over again. I seriously doubt that any Ranger owner is going to change the mind of any Tacoma owner on this board or any other board to switch sides. The only thing that matters is personal preference.

    There's nothing said on this board that will change my mind about the truck I drive. The only thing that will swing my feelings toward my truck is if it starts crapping out on me and falls apart. I suspect that's true for everyone who participates on this board, regardless of the vehicle they drive.
  • issisteelmanissisteelman Posts: 124
    I have driven both a Ranger and a Tacoma (I own a 2001 Tacoma). I drove my girlfriend's mom's Ranger (I think it is a 2000) just to try it out before I purchased my Tacoma. It was a V6 (I'm not sure what size) and it ran like a 4 cylinder motor. I could not believe how sluggish the engine was. Furthermore, I did not care for the interior looks and was not real impressed with the ride. On a positive note, I will say that she has not had any problems with it so far (I think she now has 24,000 miles or so on it).

    Anyhow, I am objective and have driven both and the Tacoma was the best choice for me.

    Take care and I'll see you in the woods where there are a lot of black flies out now.......Steelman.
  • saddaddysaddaddy Posts: 566
    First of all, my truck came with 4:10s with out any upgrade. Second of all, do you not know that a wider rim is better. You are not supposed to even put 11.5 inch wide tires on a 7" rim. Of course, Im not even sure 32" tires will go on a ZR2 because of that massive amount of protruding frame (that it shares with every s10 on the road) - not to mention the nonexistent aftermarket for them. The reason I even mentioned 15 vs. 16 inch rims is b/c you always use that as a standard feature Rangers have over the Tacomas. According to you 16s are the shiznit, except on ZR2s, where 15s are perfect - you're talking in circles on this one.

    Sure there are a couple of things I would like to have from the ZR2, no doubt about it, maybe even from a Ranger.

    Again, though, I think if you had owned those first 2 trucks in your list, you would sing another tune. And Im not jealous of anything. Just like I know you are not jealous that I have a vehicle that can actually hop over a curb w/o doing thousands worth of body damage. LOL, please don't buy a car. Have good weekend, man.
  • I guess I will try to bring some live back into this forum by asking what are the specifics into locking hubs. I'm not a off-roading type person, nor do I think I will ever be. I am curious as to why 4x4's have hubs on the wheels to lock them in place.

    Is this effectively locking them to the axle so they can put down some power, and when unlocked they do nothing? Off-hand, I would think to always have the wheels locked, and power would only transfer to the front wheels when 4x4 hi or lo was selected. I have read about Rangers having pulse vacuum auto locking equipment, but don't know much beyond that.

    I also saw a early 90's Ranger drive by me yesterday. It had "F-5.0l" emblems underneath the Ranger emblems on the fenders and twin 2 1/2 tail pipes coming out the rear. Pretty cool, it sounded pretty mean too.

    And finally, my Dad sold his truck recently. A '90 F-150 Lariat with 90k Miles. It was in pristine shape. He sold it to the dealership for
    $2,500 for a brand new Silverado. I wanted that truck, but no, he said he thought my truck was great and that I wanted to keep it. Well it is still running great, but I would love to have a 5.0l Lariat vs a 2.3l Ranger. Oh well, life is funny.
  • allknowingallknowing Posts: 866
    Awwww stang, you know the answer (you're just looking for posts) so I'll let someone else write a book and I'll just give you the short version. The front wheels free-wheel until they're locked. When locked, the wheels are both locked to the axle and don't work independently. That's why you can't leave them locked on the highway. Full time four wheel drive systems, in contrast, have a front differential to allow you to drive on the paved highway.
  • But I promise this is not one of my "ask the questions I already know the answer to" posts.

    I guess I was always expecting a limited slip front differential on each 4x4 system, so you could turn or operate on the road/highway and not have to lock the hubs to go offroading...

    So there is no "neutral" in the transfer case? And/or most 4x4 systems have a solid front axle (or equivalent)?
  • issisteelmanissisteelman Posts: 124
    The Tacoma has automatic locking hubs (at least my 2001 model does) so you don't ever have to worry about getting out to lock the hubs to put the truck into 4 wheel drive. To engage 4wd all you have to do is simply shift the shift lever and this can be done on the fly up to 50 mph (or 55 mph, I cannot remember specifically what the owner's manual recommends). And, when you shift out of 4wd (again, with a simple shift of the lever) the hubs automatically disengage.

    I'd be willing to bet that the Ranger has automatic locking hubs as well. I believe that the manual locking hubs are beginning to be faded out by auto makers.

    By the way Stang, we all know that the Tacoma is better than the Ranger. Did you forget this simple fact :)

    Take care and I'll see you in the Great North Woods where it is still so cold that it feels like hunting season (where is summer anyway)..........Steelman.
  • 2k1trd2k1trd Posts: 301
    The Tacoma does not have auto locking hubs.The front axles are connected directly to the spindles.The front axles actualy free wheel inside the pumkin untill 4wd is engaged wich then engages the front drive shaft and front axles inside the differential.
  • saddaddysaddaddy Posts: 566
    Thanx alot edmunds.
  • PFFlyer@EdmundsPFFlyer@Edmunds Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,808
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  • shaboobyshabooby Posts: 2
    My wife and I just purchased our new 2002 Tacoma Double Cab SR5 V6/4A. All I can say is WOW! This truck is great! While I didn't have a need for the 4x4 option, our PreRunner still has the look of a 4x4. I'm looking forward to getting it broken in and carefully rating its performance. All I can say now is, I'm glad I finally got one.

  • saddaddysaddaddy Posts: 566
    You will love your truck. Excellent choice!
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