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Toyota Tacoma vs. Ford Ranger, Part XII



  • and no. the forerunner is tacoma based. it has tacoma all over it. the current one that is. what's this splitting ways bs?
    again, you have to brag about a vehicle that doesn't even exist to beat the current ranger's offerings. are you listening to yourself? it sounds real pathetic. kind of like a three year old talking about the sucker he/she hopes his parents gets him/her if they're good. ridiculous.
    how will tacoma have a larger engine than ranger when it is just getting a 4.0? slip up? i guarantee they won't put that V8 in the taco. why would they do this when they want to sell the tundra as the "full size truck" with the V8? why would they anyways if this new 4.0 that doesn't even exist in a truck that doesn't even exist is so good?

    well, that wish list you gave up on for your tacoma may just happen to ranger. but i do know one thing, even if ford does equip it's ranger that way, it will have more ground clearance than 9.1 inches. heck, that kia pluto loves so much just may sound attractive to you taco guys then. lmao.

    i see no comment on the torsen. >laughing hysterically<

    maybe someone knows something you don't about toyota axles. hehe
  • PFFlyer@EdmundsPFFlyer@Edmunds Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,808
    It's OK to disagree about the trucks, but do we HAVE to have the little personal barbs along with it?

    This topic has a long history of this problem. Let's give it a rest, shall we??

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  • Let's see if the it has enough Torque to break one, in a shopping mall or wherever... :)

    Links for Saddaddy:

    Hey PF_Flyer, something has to be done about this silly 115 character limit. None of my links or words were even close to 115 characters long. Pretty damn annoying, if you ask me to have such a restriction.
  • Trying to spec out a Ranger and a Tacoma, option for option, and comparing the two's price is an exercise in futility. The truck you build will not even exist. I honestly believe if you compare existing trucks on the dealer lots and make the closest comparison possible, you will be surprised how much the Ranger can sticker for. If the Ranger offers a real world price advantage, it comes in the form of more aggressive sales incentives and rebates. For example, when the Ford dealer printed out the Ranger's maroney (window sticker) he wrote right on the print-out "$2500 rebate or 0.0% financing for 60 months." Just like that. You can negotiate a good deal on a Tacoma all the same, but you'll have to work harder for it. It doesn't just fall in your lap. See the post below addressed to rickc5.
  • My Tacoma TRD 4x4 Ex-Cab has everything but power windows and 6 disk cd-changer. 5 speed manual transmission, shift on the fly 4x4 with self-locking hubs, bucket seats, AM FM CD Cassette stereo, PW, PDLs, sliding rear window, bed liner, towing package, TRD off-road package (31" Wrangler GSAs, aluminum wheels, Bilstein shocks, thicker sway bars, LOCKER, clutch-cancel starting feature, overside fender flares), a longer warranty and better resale. I think that's it. And yes, it has all the little things like floor mats, dome lights, etc. It ain't no stripper.

    You stated your truck didn't have the FX4 package because it was too expensive. Mine does have the TRD package, a $1650 retail value.

    That's how my truck is equipped. You have some options I don't, like the leather wrapped steering wheel, ABS and nerf bars. And I have some options you don't, like the off-road package. Personally, I wouldn't want some of your truck's equipment, like the auto tranny, ABS, nerf bars, etc, even if they came free.

    We paid within hundreds on dollars of eachother; I got the off-road package, and you have a few extra features I don't.
  • You wrote "a loaded TRD x-tra cab, all of them that ive ever seen are easily $24-$25000."

    And I just showed you a $23,800 Ranger with no FX4 package (still inferior to the TRD package), no PW and no PDLs! Wouldn't that make an FX4 Ranger with all the goodies sticker just as much or more than a Tacoma TRD?

    BTW, don't expect too many of us to even get into this 4Runner vs. Liberty debate with you. At least not me. I've learned it's just too much work researching all the figures you make up to prove you wrong. You know, like Rangers weighing 500lbs more with 2" and 3" bigger rear differentials.
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    Alright, fine. You can gloat on how Ranger is more powerful than Tacoma for now. We'll see next year.

    4Runner is not exactly a Tacoma. Heck, you can see it right away, just take a look at the two, surely look different. Frame may be the same, but drivetrain is different: 4Runner had the traction control modules while Tacoma stayed true with barebone configuration, no bells and whistles, making the driver do everything. New 4Runner just using the TRAC system.
    Now......if you search the news, you won't find anything about 4Runner in here, how it's great, how it's better than Liberty or Ranger. It's an SUV, and lets stay at that (at least you can't brag about how your Liberty is more powerful than 4Runner....thank god for that). Torsen diff? Well, I wonder what will happen if 4Runner, with its' higher torque numbers, does not blow any diffs.....
  • will blow any diffs. Toyotas are over-engineered, not under-engineered like some of the competition.
  • Toyota can't over engineer something another company makes. For all we know it is the exact same part number, just with the revised casting alloy due to the few failures in the FX4. We do not know if it will blow up, and it probably will not. This is due to Torsen revised / fixed the casting, or maybe they just made a bad batch. However the main point is the 4 Runner is going with the same differential that most Tacoma fans criticized on the FX4. And I find that humorous.
  • the torsen for the 4 runner is for the center diff not the rear. A LS center diff is even more mall runner'ish than one in the rear. All trucks with a 4WD system (pretty much) have a LOCKING center diff, where, in 4wd there is a 50/50 split between the front and rear. If I didn't think that was common knowledge to everyone, I would have brought it up in the LSD vs. locker debate. If all trucks need a 50/50 f/r split, then why is a 40/60 l/r split better.

    BUT, the torsen in the 4-runner has the ability to lock on demand, which the Ranger's does not.
    I can go into more detail if you still don't understand, but I have a feeling you wouldn't admit it. I thought you knew more about off-roading than that? Im astounded.

    There is the comment on the Torsen. Still laughing?

    Never did I say anything about wanting anything in a Tacoma from the 4runner other than the engine. If I want an offroader - a worker, I don't buy an SUV. And anyone who buys them for solely that purpose is not very smart (although, respectfully, that may not be in their taste). And I don't consider Wranglers SUVs in this case. IMO, I would probably buy a 4-runner, put BFGs on it and claim to be able to out off-road people with real trucks.

    I love that new ride, but I would never buy it and sport it as anymore than a grocery getter that handled well on slippery gravel roads. Some others, should take heed.

    Again, the only thing from the 4 runner that I would like in a taco is the engine. Everyone sees the way that car companies are going and I am scared to death that Yota will too. However, things like a TRD package on the tacoma make me think that they are smarter than that. You sound kinda jealous by the way.
  • it says its a Torsen center diff with the ability to lock at the flip of a switch -- where do the FX4s have that switch?
  • I would fully expect that the 4Runner's new 4.0 V6 will find its way into the Tacoma. Car manufacturers rarely go through the trouble and expense developing a new engine only to use it in one model.
  • I don't expect the 4.7 in the Taco, until some serious revamping is done to the Tundra. I would seriously love to see a REAL 3/4 ton Yota, with possibly a CAT diesel. That would give Yota room to really have fun with their trucks. I have heard, though, that no plans are in the near future for adding any more size to the already "full" size tundra (tongue in cheek). Sooo, who knows right now? That $24k Ranger with man. windows and doors, was classic by the way. Im still smiling about that one. Have a good weekend, man.
  • allknowing, I really got a chuckle out of this:

    "Sorry tbund but when we think of mental prowess your name is well below the top of the list in this forum...most of us will continue to laugh at your posts."

    Imagine, that aimed at the only one here who forgot his own name and password and had to re-register as tbunder1!
  • PFFlyer@EdmundsPFFlyer@Edmunds Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,808
    Let's not let it get out of hand in here agin, OK??

    Stang... the right folks are working on that 115 character thing. It does appear to go haywire now and then!

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  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,119
    My 1998 Ranger XLT v6 4x4 that was supposed to be junk, unreliable, and lower quality has just hit the 70,000 mile mark with no mechanical problems..
    anyone who pays 24,000 for a Ranger deserves to be taken!.. Loaded Rangers in my area are plastered all over the Saturday/Sunday ads for 19,999 or less...
    Yep, the Ranger that the Toyota crowd claimed was going to breakdown, fall apart, be junk... is still running like new.
  • Yep, the Ranger that the Toyota crowd claimed was going to breakdown, fall apart, be junk... is still running like new.

    I wish I were as lucky, just over 30,000 miles and i'm having suspension components replaced...but heck its only the 5th item ive needed replaced this year.
  • instead of coming on here and downing your own rig, why don't you do something about it? ever heard of lemon laws? if you really are having so many problems with your truck, you need to make ford do something about it. look into it, you may be able to get ford to buy it back. that's what lemon laws are for. and just be glad your engine isn't locked up after 30,000 miles like thousands of toyota engines are doing. plus, it's still under warranty, so what are you complaining about?

    im still trying to figure out what possible problems you could be having with your suspension? 4x4 or not, there's just not much that could go wrong with a steel a-arm, some leaf springs, and shocks. good luck anyways.
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