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Toyota Tacoma vs. Ford Ranger, Part XII



  • Yes it is still under warranty, but having to go back to the dealer this often is inconvenient to say the least, and doesnt make me feel good about what will happen once the warranty expires. So I shouldn't complain about quality as long as it's covered by the warranty still?
    The upper control arm on the drivers side had to be replaced, due to the loud groan and shudder id get going over the smallest bump.
    I doubt I qualify for a lemon buyback, it's drivable and not a hazard, and I imagine I would have a hard time convincing an arbiter that its an utter lemon. But lemon or not, I am less than thrilled with the quality.
    As for the toyota engines locking up, I believe that was on two specific engines, and toyota owned up to most of it and is covering those affected.
  • Why shouldn't he be able to say what he wants about his truck? I would never tell someone with a less than perfect tacoma shut up just b/c it makes the others look bad.

    Oh and I am writing this down, LOL -->"plus, it's still under warranty, so what are you complaining about?"
  • eagle63eagle63 Posts: 599
    "Yep, the Ranger that the Toyota crowd claimed was going to breakdown, fall apart, be junk... is still running like new."

    -the funny thing is, I don't recall anyone in the "toyota crowd" claiming that your truck was going to fall apart. In fact, I think you are the only one who talks about it, at a rate of about once every couple of weeks.
  • "plus, it's still under warranty, so what are you complaining about?"

    >>The Tacoma's warranty is roughly twice as long as the Ranger's. Why don't you take your own advice and quit complaining about them for the next five years or 60K miles?

    Just kidding, we don't want you to go. You add a lot of humor here!
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    Yep, that will instantly become an another tbunder classic.
  • 2k1trd2k1trd Posts: 301
    Hoping the 04 Tacoma gets the new 4.0 combined with the charger!!!...can you say 300 horse! :)
  • try 7 years/70K miles- powertrain. i don't think toyota can match this.

    the "what are you complaining about" quote was a reference to the toyota sludge issue with people complaining their car was sitting with 40K miles and locked up and toyota not fixing it and blaming them. they have just finally owned up to their own mistake and are fixing these crap vehicles.

    im just wondering why you bought a ford when you like toyota's so much?
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    I doubt TRD will release a charger right away...will probably take a year.
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    Oh Dodge is offering 10K warranty...that does not make Dodges run any better.

    The warranty remark was about Ford: it's still giving people 3 years.

    As for the "what are you complaining about": nice try, can't get out of this one. It was NOT in reference to sludged 3.0L engines, but rather directed at nras' Ford.

    Since you loathe Liberty so much, what say you about "decontentization" of new 2003 Liberties?
  • saddaddysaddaddy Posts: 566
    while backing Ford, do you? I laugh every time I hear the 7/70 warranty commercials on TV. If any car manufacturer should be required by law to carry such a warranty - its Dodge/Chrysler (IMO). We had Dodge trucks at work in a welding shop a few years back - JUNK (except for the aftermarket bumpers) and my mom has a Chrysler car which had every single plastic piece on the air vents broken off after 2 years. Without a doubt the most cheaply made cars out there (IMO).

    I hear horror stories about fuel pumps as well.
  • tbunder1tbunder1 Posts: 257
    what you want, but i still have longer warranty, more power and torque, a real transfer case, dana axles, more ground clearance than standard tacomas, and two towhooks.

    never said "dodge" was offering 10K warranty. what are you talking about? i have a jeep, not a dodge. it is backed by the best warranty in the truck business. yes i know jeep is built by chrysler, but you don't have a lexus, you have a toyota. either way, your 5 year/ 60,000 mile powertrain warranty is small compared to my 7/70K powertrain warranty.

    sad- who said anything about recalls? toyota never has any simply because they fail to accept any fault for their vehicles' problems? the sludgy engine problems is a perfect example. ford, otoh, stands behind their stuff.
  • The 7/70 is there for the reason that all Jeeps (with the exception of a Wrangler) or pretty junky. I used to sell cars for Enterprise and every Grand Cherokee we had was horrible. The engines were just awful. For a Jeep, I don't think 7/70 is enough. For a Toyota, 5/60 is too much!

    As for Liberties. Too bad they replaced the Cherokee. The Cherokee was a MUCH better off road vehicle than the Liberty. And more manly to boot!

  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    "more ground clearance than standard Tacomas": that's pretty good. Yeah...let's compare an SUV (And a Jeep) to a 2WD Tacoma. I guess you have to find at least something good about Liberty....would you like to compare ground clearances with a -->standard<-- 4WD Taco (RC, XC or DC).
    No arguying with other points: Liberty does have a bigger engine and Danas. Too bad you can't fit decent-size tires under it and will end up taking out the front bumper on ANY kind of a rock step.
    What's your beef with "real T-case"? Is it the same as having overbuilt A-arms just so you can sleep better at night?

    Dodge: no, you didn't say anything. I mentioned Dodge to make a point: just because warranty is long, does not mean that the vehicles are any good.
    Dodge is the best example: 10y/100K warranty sounds great on paper, but it does not make Dodges run any better, consume less oil and break less parts.
  • tbunder1tbunder1 Posts: 257
    obi- the liberty is a lot better vehicle than any cherokee. they share no parts and the liberty is built in an all new facility that is state of the art. it adopts manufacturing techniques the likes of mercedes-benz.

    scorp- its funny how every time i have ever pointed out any advantage the lib or ranger has over any toyota, you down whatever vehicle im talking about simply cuz you can't hang with either point im making.

    obi- im sorry you had problems with your jeeps, but i can say that the new liberty vehicle is leaps and bounds better than any other jeep previously built. and as far as it's off-road ability is concerned, edmunds itself has said that it can and will go anywhere any cherokee has gone. and it is open to just as many mods as a cherokee has ever been open to.

    scorp- i meant standard tacoma 4x4. 10.2 inches of GC for my liberty is nearly as much as TRD's what, 10.8? a standard tacoma 4x4 comes with smaller tires, so the lib would be easily over a standard 4x4 taco in GC. don't you just hate facts? keep trying though.

    obi- go here and check out some pics. no, the liberty is no wrangler, but it will go many places that other 4x4's can't go simply cuz it is short and high up. scorp claims you can't fit good tires under it. in reality, a 30x9.5 can fit fine. and with a 2.5 inch lift, 32" tires are the choice. i find it quite amusing each time i see saddaddy and scorpio's posts running down the liberty when in reality it will go ANYWHERE and more than any tacoma TRD dares to tread. simply cuz it is shorter wheelbased and has more power and torque.

    there are tons of pics on this site to view the lib's off-road ablities.

  • "10.2 inches of GC for my liberty is nearly as much as TRD's what, 10.8?"

    >>Standard Tacoma's GC is 10.8", the TRD's is a full foot (12").

    "a standard tacoma 4x4 comes with smaller tires, so the lib would be easily over a standard 4x4 taco in GC"

    >>Probably more of your BS - I don't feel like researching to prove you wrong for the millionth time.

    "liberty is built in an all new facility that is state of the art. it adopts manufacturing techniques the likes of mercedes-benz"


    "the liberty...will go many places that other 4x4's can't go simply cuz it is short and high will go ANYWHERE...simply cuz it is shorter wheelbased..."

    >>Wouldn't a Samurai or Kia Sportage render your Liberty obsolete with their shorter wheelbases, then? How embarrasing!

    "you have a toyota. either way, your 5 year/ 60,000 mile powertrain warranty is small compared to my 7/70K powertrain warranty."

    >>Wake up, **TBUNDY** Jeep upgraded their warranty in an effort to put to rest people's fears about Jeep's notorious quality/reliability problems (of which you're already beginning to experience!). Hyundai is doing the same thing with its 10/100K warranty. Toyota relies on their reputation for building quality, reliable products to sell cars, not damage-control extended warranties.

    Seems like you were misguided (by the salesman again?!) about the facts which persuaded you to buy your Liberty. Kinda like when you bought your Ranger because you were told it had a locker, right???

    "don't you just hate facts? keep trying though."

    >>No, I like facts. When arguing with you, they're always in my favor!
  • **TBUNDY** can't accept that what he thought was a full-fledged Jeep is nothing more than a "Ken & Barbie" version of the Kia Sportage. Go easy on him, would you?
  • nra1871nra1871 Posts: 26
    Speaking of lockers, how hard is it to get a base tacoma 4x4 with a locker as an option?
  • tbunder1tbunder1 Posts: 257
    seems like you're living in the past. if you like leaky floors, windows, and terrible reliability, then i understand why you like the cherokee.

    obviously you're living in the past. but the liberty has it all over any past cherokee. more power and torque is the first thing i can think of. who needs a V8 when you have a balanced V6 producing over 200 horses and lb/ft of torque?

    higher GC than last years cherokee as well. dana axles all around. now, the rubicon would pull your old CJ around any trail. i laughed at your post. go back to watching reruns of TJ Hooker with that father who loved you so much he broke down and parted ways with his "bought new" '73 CJ. what a wheelin machine. those old CJ jeeps just can't be beat now can they? im surprised the wooden paint hasn't rusted away. LMAO

    pluto- as usual, you speak of nothing you know anything about (12 inches of GC on TRD? whatever bud). we're used to it though. you're a hoot around here buddy. i actually am starting to think you own a kia. i wouldn't be surprised.
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897 just forget the fact that one can not buy a 4x4 without 31s (call a dealer and try it, for the kicks).
    I'm not downplaying the big engine nor Dana axles. I have my doubts about your small tires....I've seen Liberty break its bumper open climbing onto a ledge (And he had 3" of lift). Nevermind the bumper, he also destroyed the windshield fluid container "safely" located right behind the plastic.
    As for "going anywhere and beyong any Tacoma because it has shorter wheelbase": so.....since Taco RC has 103.3 wheelbase, which is an inch shorter than Liberty, can I now bash Liberty? Since obviously RC has even shorter wheelbase.
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