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Ford Taurus Problems



  • My 2001 Taurus emits an odor like melting plastic garbage bags from underneath. At first, I looked for a bag that may have stuck to the muffler, tail pipe, or catalytic converter, but I cannot see one. Anyone else notice this, and if so, have you solved it?
  • pluto5pluto5 Posts: 618
    I drove a Hertz Taurus around for about 10 miles with the parking brake on and that's what it smelled like.
  • 93viking93viking Posts: 1
    I bought an 87 Taurus 3.0 with 66K about 2 months ago. When I drove the car before I got it I never noticed any noise. (Of course) Lately once the car is warmed up I notice a knocking noise. I don't notice it during cold starts or while I'm driving. Also If I rev the car up the noise goes away. I thought a heat shield came lose on the cat, or I had an exhaust leak. I took it to the garage this morning and they said the exhaust was fine. They thought the noise was coming from around the oil pan. He said I had a lose engine? His exact words were "Ford's 3.0 are notorious for this." He asked what oil I was using, and I use Mobil 1 5W30. He suggested I use regular oil 10W40. Any help or ideas would be apriciated!
  • My 1999 Taurus SE, 24V engine has 50,000 miles. Recently, strange things have happened with the dome light and power windows working sporatically. Yesterday my wife was stranded as the car wouldn't start. We had the car jump-started and took it home. While idiling, it died. Each time we tried to start it again, the wipers and other electrical components turn on and off. The trunk lid button, when pushed, seemed to turn the dome light on and off.

    The car has been a pain in the "*!#@". In addition to this problem, the rotors have warped several times and a grinding noise occurs immediately after start-up when the temp is below freezing. The dealer was no help in fixing this starter problem. We've just accepted it.

    I'm terrifed how much the electric is going to cost. Has anyone had similar electrical issues?
  • johnwngjohnwng Posts: 24
    My '97 Taurus GL had the check engine light on 4 months ago. Took to Monahan Ford dealer in Queens spent close to $2000 to fix it. Well 4 months and 6K miles later, the light is on again. The same dealer wanted another $450 even though the first repair indicates 1year/12K warranty. I am not trusting Monahan any more. Does anyone experience similar problem? How do you fix it?
  • gabe288gabe288 Posts: 1
    problem and heard "click and clack" from Car Talk mention it once. Apparently, it can be caused by filling the gas tank up to the top. I just live with mine - it's just a little annoying!
  • Has anyone heard of a chronic problem with the head gaskets on the 3.8 L engine. I have 93 with 57,000 and no problems (yet).
  • hengheng Posts: 411
    Yea, this seems to have been kicked around quite a bit in the minivan/windstar topic.
  • jaygriffinjaygriffin Posts: 3
    Someone told me they heard on the news that Ford was extending warranty on mid-90's vehicles to 7 yrs /100,000 miles. Anyone hear anything about that?
  • kw_carmankw_carman Posts: 114
    My grandmother has a 97 Taurus LX, and it is starting to fall apart. First let me state that it was bought at two years old with low miles by a +70 year old grandmother, who is a light driver (to church, bank and grocery store, and that's it). The front cup holder came apart within the first two months. Also, the power windows on both sides in the back have stopped working, and the ones in the front make awful noises. Most recently, the wiring the in driver's door got screwed up, causing the factory alarm to continuously go off at all hours. (Grandma got two calls from others in her retirement center before she could run and disarm it at 2:30 AM). Is this normal for a Ford?
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    Re the rear power windows, check for damaged wiring at the master switch. If the switch is in the driver's door, check for a broken wire inside the conduit between the door and the cowl.
  • thammelthammel Posts: 3
    I'm replacing the front axles (halfshafts) on my 1990 Taurus and have a few questions! Chiltons manual says you need a few special tools; in particular a heacy duty hub puller, a slide hammer (I have this) and then even a tool to drive the left axle through the transaxle to remove it. Why not simply use the slide hammer or pry bar on the left side? The manual says you also MUST replace the circlips on the end of the axles along with the bolts/nuts holding the ball joint to the steering swivel. The biggest dealership in my city (Baltimore) did not have a stock of these circlips, so I doubt that these are typically replaced. Any comments on tools required or the need to replace all these parts?

    Thanks immensely!
  • playrock21playrock21 Posts: 1
    There is a recall out for the headgaskets on the 3.8L engines. My thunderbird's headgasket went 3 months ago and that is when I found out about it. You should have your VIN # checked with a dealer to see if it is recalled and have them do it before it is too late. The recall is only good up to 100,000 miles.
  • rockymtrockymt Posts: 1
    I had the same problem with my 93 Taurus (171K miles). The vehicle needed a new brake light switch, and of course, the operator should continue to step on the brake pedal when shifting out of Park. The switch installs very easily down near the lever that holds the brake pedal. Dealer wanted approx $22 for part. I bought from NAPA for half that, P/N SL220, although your part number may be different.
  • jaygriffinjaygriffin Posts: 3
    Does anyone know how to disconnect the speedometer cable on a Ford Tauras (93). I got the dash loose. I can (barely) get my hand on the cable, BUT I can't figure out that connector!

  • srocsroc Posts: 15
    I am experiencing steering wheel vibrations in my 2000 Taurus especially at high speeds (above 55/60) or when I brake. There is also a slight thumping noise from the front wheels - I suspect the two are the result of the same problem!

    My mechanic tels me the wheels require replacement. I am wondering whether a simple balancing/alignment will solve this. Any suggestions?
  • snowmansnowman Posts: 540
    Are you still using stock tires? I used to have those problems but when i replaced the tires with Yokohoma and got them balanced at the dealer vibration disapeared. Did you hit your wheels? It is very slim chance that you have defective wheels.
    Don't go to 3rd party shops to get your balancing done. They use smaller lead weight to cut corners and they are not as precise as dealers. Small weight are contributing the problem and one more thing if you have alloy wheels, wash them with kitchen detergant before you take it to balancing. If the wheel surface is dirty, weight never gets stuck and soon will just drop.
  • grape49grape49 Posts: 1
    I have a 1998 Ford Taurus SE; worst piece of garbage i have ever owned. Had to replace a/c at 53k miles($1000) and then my entire transmission was thrashed at 63k($2400). what a piece of crap and embarassment. Never again will I ever buy detroit.also have had other things which in deference to the length of posting i kept off. anyone looking for sedan...think Toyota, Honda, not these clowns from ford
  • riswamiriswami Posts: 192
    I'm just curious, did you change your tranny fluid at 3ok and 60k?
  • snowmansnowman Posts: 540
    Toyota just admitted that their engines have sludge problems.
    Honda's V6 transmissions are different story of course.
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