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Volkswagen TDI Models



  • m9431m9431 Posts: 38
    My Golf TDi 5-spd has 5k miles and works great... the engine amazes me with excellent power and smoothness. It's quiet, too. Seems that the TDi models have extra sound deadening material, and the engine spins at lower RPMs (approx. 2000 at 60 MPH). No need to reve higher than 3500. I drive a long daily commute and so far am pleased. Handles well (Borbet wheels and RE950 directional tires)... mileage is great; starts up well. No problems in recommending a TDi!
  • djwudjwu Posts: 4
    I read that in the next couple years Chrysler is going to test new diesels in the US. They won't say which model though. Read it from

  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,842
    Chipped my TDI Golf automatic with a Wett chip and wow is it great.
  • natescapenatescape Posts: 176
    Here at Edmunds, a columnist drove (and loved) a diesel PT Cruiser. Said it was a blast.
  • djwudjwu Posts: 4
    seriously? wow, can you say what the engine specs are? how does it compare to the Jetta TDI?
  • djwudjwu Posts: 4
    The Wall Street Journal reports that diesels are being given a look at in California (oct. 24th, 2002 - front page). I think if diesels are accepted in CA, then the other states will follow too b/c California has strict environmental regulations. The diesels are obviously the clean diesel engines like the VW TDI. We'll see many other companies follow through (ie, news of Mercedes and Chryslers and diesels). It's a really good article; unfortunately, the WSJ article online isn't free. I get the paper.

  • djwudjwu Posts: 4
    The guy that's reconsidering diesel is Dr. Alan Lloyd of the California Air Resources Board. He thinks that diesels can play a part in reducing the global warming. It's significant b/c it's a change of perspective towards fighting pollution. CARB is important b/c they affected the EPA policies.

    Diesels are the "greener option" b/c they don't give out as much greenhouse gas as gas engines. Diesel isn't as clean, causing more smog. However, a new generation of diesels developed for Europeans will reduce the smog effect within 5 years.

    The EPA tested the new version of diesel by Toyota for future sale in Europe. The engine already meets new antismog standards for 2004-2007 in the US. New tests on diesels cars and SUVs are expected. B/c of the growing pressure for more fuel efficient vehicles, diesel is the most tangible alternative. Battery powered isn't feasible enough and fuel cell is 20 years off. An obstacle is the publc perception of diesel.

    A European BMW diesel 3-Series goes from 50-75 mph in 7.5 sec, compared to 9.2 sec. gas engine. New technology is being worked on to meet pollution regulations in the US for diesels (soot) such as catalysts and soot trap.
  • I filled my tank in my 2001 Beetle for the first time. I ran it 727.7 miles and filled it with 13 gallons. That is 55.9 mpg! I think I will love my Beetle!

  • I am seriously considering a TDI Golf but my one hesitation is cargo room: specifically the ability to carry my mountain bike inside the vehicle. If that isn't feasible then I'd like to hear from any TDI Golf owners out there that have a roof rack and how it affects MPG; wind noise, and the ability to still drive 85 MPH down the interstate on a windy day. Thanks for the help.
  • natescapenatescape Posts: 176
    Go to your dealership with your bike and see if it fits... :)
  • 8u6hfd8u6hfd Posts: 1,391
    I have a co-worker who has the thule bars on his 98 Jetta TDI and still gets 50 mpg.
  • I wouldn't throw my mountain bike in my car, not after what it picks up on the trails! You'd be up against tiresome space restrictions and unintentional scrapes while you watch as clumps of grime and sludge soak into your upholstery. Why go there? A VW rack (I have one and it was a great investment) is a no-brainer that snaps your bike in place in seconds, saves your energy for more rewarding pursuits, and actually looks tres cool. The whole rack comes off in minutes but you will hear wind noise when it's on. We've practically flown in the passing lane with our bikes locked in with no worries. Just don't do this: a friend did make the mistake of driving his bikes into the roof of his garage by mistake - just keep your wits about you with respect to your car's sudden height requirements. =)
  • just got the call today from dealer that our manual tdi jetta wagon has finally arrived in the port and we should get it in 2-3 days. It had to be ordered and as the dealer said it took 10 weeks. can't wait for that great gas milage!never had a diesel before. any tips for a new owner.I was in Scotland three weeks ago and I was amazed at how many diesels there were. what is wrong with our country?
  • pulgopulgo Posts: 400
    Diesel is less costly than gasoline in Europe. Gas in some places is more than $4 per gallon, diesel is usually 20 to 30% cheaper.
    Quality of diesel is better (less sulphur). Diesel engines in European versions are stronger. The 1.9 liter TDI VW engine can be had with 110, 130 or 150 HP.
    You can fill up everywhere unlike in the US where sometimes you wont easily find a suitable location to buy diesel fuel unless you go to truck stops.

    For most people it takes a long time to recoup the added expense of buying a diesel (see Dogde Cummins diesel engine, $ 5000 more than the basic gas engine offered).
  • 8u6hfd8u6hfd Posts: 1,391
    (without mentioning a certain club...)

    Oil: follow the owner's manual for the oil changes. Use 5w40 oil. 5w40 is synthetic only. Most tend to use Mobil Delvac 1 (which is harder to get). Rotella T synthetic 5w40 is available at Wal-Mart for about $13 a gallon, and is still a good oil to use.

    Oil Changes: YOu'll need a set of car ramps, 19mm wrench, 10mm socket, and a 72mm x14 (I think that's the size) filter wrench.

    Oil Filter: Dealership, Purolator, or Mann (available online)

    Fuel Filter: $50 a pop. Make sure you fill the filter with diesel fuel or an additive

    Fuel Additives: VW recommends Stanadyne All-Seaon for the winter. Many of us use Power Service products.

    Accelerating: Don't bother going above 4000 rpm

    Fuel: Give it plenty of time for the engine to break in, then you'll see the increase.
  • I'd like to get a 2003 TDI Wagon with 17" wheels and the sport suspension option. I know it's not "offered" as an option but is it possible? I'm sure I'd pay extra but I really like the wheels and would much prefer the sport suspension. Is there a mechanial reason or can I "work" with my dealer to at least get the 17" wheels put on? Thanks for any input.
    I posted a similar questionon the Wagons board.
  • chmeeeechmeeee Posts: 327
    You may be able to work out a deal with the dealer to switch them. Your other possibility would be to pick up a used set of the 17" style of your choice (there are at least 2 styles that I know of), and use the 15" rims for snows. You might want to check eBay, or the classified forums at You could probably grab a set with not too many miles for $400-$500.
  • I have had my New Beetle TDI since June of 1998 and have just 33,000 miles on it. It has been losing power, so I took it in. Diagnosis: Intake manifold is full of carbon deposits, causing it to be short of air. Cost? $450 to remove and clean the intake manifold. Two questions: Has anyone else experienced this problem? Am I being taken to the cleaners on this?
  • 8u6hfd8u6hfd Posts: 1,391
    It's pretty common for the intake to get clogged up.

    The instructions to do it is pretty scary

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