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Volkswagen TDI Models



  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    I have to agree with you. If a vehicle was not "approved" for sale in USA, then it would be considerd what is called a "grey market" automobile. Some "grey market" cars can even be 'smuggled' in from Canada or Mexico too.

    I actually knew somone with a "grey market" BMW. He looked into getting it "legal" in the USA... It turned out that some VERY MAJOR items such as safety beams in the doors and built-in roll-cage simply did not exist on his car. This did not even begin to address the emmissions controls on the engine.

    Since it may cost auto manufacturers hundreds of thousands of dollars to just have a model TESTED (wether or not it actually gets approved)... I would assume that a single individual would not be in a position to finance such an endavor.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,850
    I tried to import a diesel Ranger back in 2000. I gave up as it was not going to happen. If Bill Gates cannot get his $900,000 Porsche registered, how is a small time millionaire supposed to fight City hall?
  • OK :)
    You finally got me. LOL. So where do I get Passat Wagon TDI 2003-2004? Did they even sell them at that time? Any suggestions where to turn. I am from Sacramento. I am driving now GMC Safari and it costs me $75 a week to drive. HELP!!!
    Thank you guys for all the info. You are the best forum I have been to in a long time. Thanks
  • My 2000 Jetta TDI needs a catalytic converter. I have had 2 places tell me that the gas catalytic converter and the diesel catalytic converter are the SAME???? I find that hard to believe. The VW dealer says there are two different parts. Can anyone confirm?

  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Did you know that the Catalytic Converter is covered under FEDERAL EMMISSIONS WARANTEE for 10-years 100,000 miles?...or perhaps you have too many miles on your Jetta?
  • Yes, thanks. I have 135K on my Jetta. This has been a real tough issues for the parts employees.
  • I need some advice from you good people/

    I rolled into work with a few car problems.

    I have some views on it myself, but here's a few symptoms that have caused a few concerns:

    The throttle started out okay, but after re-filling this morning and some light motorway (cruising at 50 in the rain in fifth gear) i noticed the accelerator being a little hesitant. SO I thought I'd drop a gear and cruise and a higher rev to allow the engine to breath/clear whatever might have caused the impaired response.

    Then I noticed big plumes of black smoke pouring out of the back, while I was accelerating and, loads of it. Dense, black. this wasn't apparent when stationary.

    None of my warning lights were on.

    The Oil is okay (or was, I checked last week).

    The Smoke is black (No hint of blue, which would suggest burnt oil)

    It doesn't want to pull off in first gear with anything less than 2000rpm (usually it likes to do it at 800).

    the turbo seems to be whistling fine, and the lack of blue smoke would suggest that the turbo (i really really hope) is cool.

    The economy is worse maybe by 25% on the mpg.

    It still performs quite well at the top end of gears. But still smokes.

    Now I think that it's a case of me not servicing that bad boy for 20000 miles. And that the air filter is in need of replacing (I sight the fuel economy and delayed throttle time as symptoms to this). Maybe my car just can't breath (and that's why it likes the top end of gears still?)


    Your thoughts?


  • Hi,

    I'm interested in getting a 2005 Passat TDI or a 2006 Jetta TDI -- but it seems that high gas prices have robbed the local VW dealers of all TDIs (I live in the mid-Atlantic). Is this a national trend, or are there actually TDIs for sale somewhere in the US?

    A local dealer told me that TDIs were being discounted a bit off of sticker in August, but that by September there were no more discounts, and by October there were no more TDIs!

    Any advice?
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    You are on the right track in assuming that the engine it not getting enough air (compared to the amount of fuel it is receiving) Generally, the turbocharger will "make up" for any restrictions in the intake system. (as compared to a naturally-asperated engine)

    I would suggest that you start by cleaning your snowscreen. On most VWs, it gets pretty pretty plugged up and needs cleaning at least annually.

    Here is link to snowscreen cleaning and other TDI how-to;

    If that does not help, then start thinking about MAF (MasAirFlow sensor) or perhaps leak in intake tract between turbocharger and engine.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,231
    Considering this happened right after refueling....I would be most skeptical of the fuel quality. I've had mediocre diesel that caused smoking and low power. I'm sure some very bad diesel could do it to the extent you're experiencing. I would look at refueling with some new fuel and see if the symptoms improve. I would also want to get that fuel filter out of their once you burn this off if the fuel is the problem. I would also drain the water seperator a couple times while burning this tank. I've never had this problem with my TDI, but have seen this with diesel pickups. I have a Cummins which will burn about anything, but I've been on trips with others that got some bad diesel and they would have similar symptoms.
  • Cheers Fellas,

    Bad diesel is ever more common these days her in the UK. Typically Supermarkets now suppliment their fuel with bio-matter variants by 5-7% (depending on on the store), I only fuel up there if I really have to - sometimes you can really feel the difference under your foot.

    I filled at Texaco today.

    I have a two hour drive home today so hopefully a steady motorway drive will eat up a lot of that fuel -maybe not as much as i'd like (the only time I'll curse at Diesel Economy - it will take about 500 miles to burn off). I'll stop off on the way and get soem premium RED EX and chuck it in the tank, see if that doesany good, or atleast helps ease that tar through my injector.

    My friend has a pit in his garage so I'll pick up a new fuel, oil and air filter kit and operate on her tomorrow.

    Also need to change some fuses too (a realLy seemed to have blown the interio lights, the remote locking and the electirc windows) - of course, you can only get these from VW.

    I'll let you know how I get on.

    Cheers once again.

  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 14,703
    So my guess is you probably took on a spot of H20, and /or with a batch of contaminates, enough to cause a problem with combustion. In the very worst case you might have to pump out your fuel tank and purge your fuel system. Hopefully, it might be nothing more major than a fuel filter swap. Or perhaps as minor as adding a touch of fuel additive to make the water molecules/bad batch either combust or wind up at the bottom of the fuel filter.

    After 67k on a TDI, I must confess ignorance on the subject of bad fuel and smoke.(thankful for dumb luck?)

    Be that as it may, I started off after some research on using a fuel additive. (Primrose 405/C) In the USA, the product provides a 3/6 cetane boost (depending on dilution rate of course), deemulsifer/emulsifer (there are two distinct camps here, sort of like American political parties) , and fuel system lubricity. I understand with the advent of the 2006 low sulfur fuel standard, probably implemented sometime in 2008 :), the need for cetane boost might be moot. This of course would still leave the requirement for deemulsification and/or emulsification and fuel system lubricity.

    I think that we in the USA have been looking to Europe as the "nirvana" when it comes to "higher quality" and low sulfur fuel. I think if anything, the perception here is you all do not have anywhere near the problems that we do in the USA with #2 diesel !? So what I did was to use the correct dilution rate dose for the majority of filling. I never experienced any fuel related problems so I let my 20,000 mile fuel filter change go to 65,000 miles and in fact have just recently changed it out. Again no problems.
  • mitchcmitchc Posts: 39
    Pretty much all the new TDI's sold out in almost all 50 states the first two weeks after Katrina. The Passat TDI was discontinued for '06, or so I was told, however, that may be incorrect.

    They have a new golf, which is not yet available in the U.S., so I'm not sure of you can get a golf TDI right now.

    You can definitely "pre-order" either a Jetta or Beetle TDI at many dealerships in the country. Some are heavily over booked. I recently purchased one in Texas, which seems to be a pretty decent state to get one from - although they charge MSRP. In some states, the dealers are asking above sticker.

    You can expect to put a $500 deposit down and wait as little as a month or as much as 3-4 to get one. Of course, there are always folks who pre-order one and when it arrives, turn it down, so you might be able to purchase one of those.

    As far as what the dealer said, he is essentially correct. Rumor has it, one dealership in CT tried to order 1000 of them, but VW of America couldn't support it. Considering that it's essentially the only diesel car in America under $40K, I'm not surprised demand is where it is. Definitely more fun to drive than a Prius.
  • mrjettemrjette Posts: 122
    I went to WallyWorld today to get a bottle of fuel additive. They had 2 choices by PowerService:

    Grey bottle called Diesel Kleen
    White bottle called Diesel Fuel Supplement

    Both contain a cetane boost. Both clean injectors. Descriptions are very similar, but the white bottle 'prevents gelling'. Does anyone have advice on which is better to use?
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Grey bottle in summer
    White bottle in winter
  • The saga continunes....

    Okay then lads, So I drove home friday with some fuel additive in my tank, and got myself down to my local VW garage and got myself a new air filter. Hot foot it over to my friends yard where we replaced the air filter (lots of dirt, straw, dust, rocks a sheep...loads of crap). Drained the Fuel filter into a jar - noticed about a table spoon of water and some yellow grit. checked oil (desperatly needed a top up).

    Drove home, no difference (remember i still haveabout 100 miles worth of fuel stuck in there still).

    Now, we noticed an odd sound from under the hood when the engine was switched off... something sounded like it was winding down. Could this be the turbo unit? Over worked and taking longer to wind down?

    So I dorve it around on short trips on Sunday and some life started to come back under the foot, only small jumps and leaps here and there in 3 and 4th gear (first and second - no life there, it's feels like it needs a push start sometimes).

    Drove to work again monday (150 mile hop) still no joy, sam problems, maybe more surges of power here and there. got the fuel down to a low level and filled up with the most expsensive high grade deisel I could lay my hands on (£1.01 a litre). added soem different fuel treatment and drove home.

    Drove to work again this morning, no results, until i was nearly at work, first time since friday first gear seemed pretty lively and the surges were more frequent.

    This suggests that the engine is spending all the crud fuel and is recovering possible?

    Or, sould this be a problem with the fuel pump?

    And what about that wining sound?

    Got it booked for a hard service on Friday (earliest appointment) - this garage is frankly a little crooked, so not looking forard to what they have to say.

    Gents, your thoughts?

  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,231
    Since you found water in the fuel filter, I would consider draining it again now that you have fresh fuel. It likely just filled again if there was water in the fuel. I would do that a couple times and then change the fuel filter. As long as there is water in the fuel filter, something is probalby wrong with the fuel and you'll have similar symptoms. Most folks rarely ever find a drop of notable water when draining the filter.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    I agree -- most folks NEVER EVER find any water in the fuel filter....over thousands of miles.

    Another VERY strong reminder to only purchase diesel where it "flows like wine". If you see truckers at a place getting fuel all the time... that is the place you want to go too.

    Dont forget that diesel fuel actually gets moldy if it sits around for any length of time. The mold spores can plug up a fuel filter.

    If I were you, I would be concerned about damage to the fuel pumps. Dont forget that the PD engine has a seperate fuel pump for each cylinder. It has been said that a SINGLE DROP of water will ruin a diesel fuel pump. (Change that fuel-filter often until this is cleared up)
  • I'll keep this routine up

    I'm worried that it there might also be a problem with the MAF sensor.

    Or worse, the turbo (still) as ti can here something winding down (sort of high pitched)when i switch the egnition off. It's a gentle kind of wind down noise and it doesn't sound like a whistle.

    Never heard this before Friday?


  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Dont get carried away with this. Fuel never comes in contact with MAF nor the turbocharger.

    If you are not allowing your TDI to idle for a short time before turning if off, you may hear the turbocharger spin down. This means that your turbocharger is spinning down WITH NO OIL FLOWING thru it. You may wish to consider a routine of at least 10 seconds idle-time before shutting down the engine. (lengthin the time after 'spirited' or highway driving....such as a rest-area on the interstate)
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