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Volkswagen TDI Models



  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,678
    When ULSD is everywhere they may bring all the diesels in the line. I would go for the V6 Touareg TDI.
  • Hello All,
    I am a new member. I am currently shopping for something really cool for my father for Christmas. He is the very proud new owner of a 2005 Golf TDI. I am thinking neat accessories, or I am open to suggestions. Let me know if any of you have acquired anything neat as a TDI owner. I was even looking for books on TDI's. Something helpful maybe?
    Let me know! Thanks!
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 14,477
    Wow, there are a lot of accessories! (shared obviously with gasser Golf's) . If he is at all handy or just wants to have the 411 on the new vehicle, might I recommend that model years' CD-Bentley's or wait till the hard back Bentley's comes out. Since some TDI related stuff can cost an arm and a leg on the open and especially dealer markets, getting hooked up with some internet TDI retailers/wholesalers is pretty important. So there are numerous links on Somethings that come to mind are: (yes I know: NOT SEXY) 10 pack cse of cartridge oil filters ($5/6 each) . OIL, Motul or ELF SPECIFIC for his model year!! VW specified oil $4/6 dollars a quart each). (look in his owners manual for the VW 505.01 or WHATEVER is his specification). Then get slug of it, like 3/4 gals. :)
  • I finally got my TDI, but I've already had a bit of trouble. I want to believe that it was just a fluke incident but I'm still interested in any input from my fellow drivers.
    I bought an '03 Jetta TDI GLS, its got 26,000 miles. I recently tried to start it and it immediately fired and then immediately stopped. This wen on for approx. 20 turns of the ignition before it finally started and ran fine. It then happened 2 more time in the same day. I was wondering if it had anything to do with cold weather (upper 30's), or the fact that it sat for a week while we were on vacation. I know a bit about autos, but diesels are a bit foreign to me.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,080
    What you describe sounds like the immobilizer kicking in. (If the immobilizer "senses" the wrong key is stuck in the ignition, it will immedeately kill the engine after starting)

    Does it do the same thing with either of the other 2 keys? (1 with fob -- other is parking-attendant key)

    If not, then change the battery in the keyfob of the key that exibits the problem. If yes, assume that console (where the immobilizer transciver is) may need further attention.

    Also consider "re-training" the car to sense the correct keys.
  • eliaselias Posts: 1,828
    hi Lauren - how about a set of front MONSTER MATS for your pops' TDI? the rear mats just slide around unless you drill. or how about a couple of TDI oil filters hanging from the tree!? a TDI fuel filter would be too heavy.
    maybe a case of Motul 505.01 oil under the tree, or whichever 505.01 you can find!
    cheers & merry Christmas!!
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,080
    I agree... "monster mats" are very easy to install (the "locator pegs" should already be in the car and ready to go)

    Front mudflaps are also pretty easy to install. (rear mudflaps require removing rear tires and perhaps some drilling)

    Protective film for the paint/headlights is a GREAT addition to eliminate stonechips and headlight scratches. (these are best applied BEFORE the chips start showing up.)
  • :surprise: I've seen posted here and other places that some have their used oil analyzed. Where can you get this done? (where do I look in the phone book, etc).

    BTW, I'm in San Antonio if there's a location close by.

  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,080
    Most Oil Analysis is done via the mail. There are several companies that offer this service. They send you a container and you put some oil in it and send it back to them.

    To find out more about it:

    1)Open a web browser
    2)navigate to (a search engine)
    3)Enter "Oil Analysis" (INCLUDING the double quotes so it searches for the exact phrase)

    Read all about it.
  • I am proud owner of a 06 Jetta TDI. I now have 3K miles on it and it is a dream to drive. The DSG tranny is wonderful. I'm not happy with the outside rearview mirrors, they are quite small and the high mount stop light washes the rear window in light making it difficult to back down a steep driveway such as mine as see anything to the rear. Small things, I know.

    I intend to perform routine maintenance myself and have a few questions. While I have considerable experience with Hondas, Chevys and Fords, this is my first modern VW. Germans often do things differently. The oil filter cap has a clockwise arrow on top. From this ,I assume the threads are left hand. Right or wrong? This may sound silly but is the sump drain bolt right hand or left hand? Sometimes engineers can be too clever. Lastly, what is wrong with a spin on oil filter?
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 14,477
    1. No, left to unscrew it, counter clock wise 2. Sump drain bolt, left to unscrews it, counter clock wise 3. it is a cartridge type filter media. So you dont throw a steel canister away that thats eons to break down

    Lastly it might be worth your while to get either the CD Bentley's techincal manual or hard copy and/or both.
  • Hello, I am new to this forum, and have just read about this "sooting" problem. I own a 2003 New Beetle TDI, and really love this car. At around 30,000 miles it started puffing out a lot of smoke, and the following day of this, would not start. I had it towed to the dealer, luckily everything was still under warranty, so no cost to me, and the service mechanic told me that the EGR valve was clogged up, and recommended I use the additive.

    I was hoping you could explain the EGR mod, or where I could find more info about, because now at 55,000 miles my TDI has the same problem, but this time my son-in-law who is a truck diesel mechanic, took the hose loose from the EGR and shutter, and we found it extremely clogged up. We used carburator cleaner and cleaned it up fairly good, the shutter valve was opening and closing much better, but it looks like there is a procedure to do this on a regular basis?

    I appreciate any advice.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,080
    With the minimal cleaning you did -- you have not touched the "tip of the iceburg". The ENTIRE INTAKE MANIFOLD is plugged up and needs to be removed and cleaned.

    You also should consider changing your driving habits. It is well known that TDI engine does not like to be "babied". Light throttle usage actually increases the intake-sooting problem. It is recommended to use FULL THROTTLE ACCELLERATION at least once a week to keep things cleaned out. You do not have to go "fast" or break any laws... just ACCELLERATE quickly.

    As for the "EGR Mod" , you need access to VAG-COM and need to change a setting in the computer.

    Also look into other "Mods" that folks have been doing to reduce/eliminate intake clogging. The "Elephant hose mod" and variations on that theme are all good for reducing the amount of oil that gets sucked into the intake-manifold.

    Also, review the brand of oil you are using. (it also has an effect)

    There is literally HOURS (perhaps weeks) of reading related to intake-clogging and how to manage it. Edmunds new rules prohibit me from specificaly telling you how to get at the information....Search the web for details.
  • csmcsm Posts: 37
    Can anyone give me any info as to where I can purchase Mobil Delvac motor oil for my '03 TDI? I live in Indiana, and can you give me any help as to where to go for best price also?

  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,080
    Most Wallymarts carry "Mobil1 Truck&SUV 5W40" it meets all lubrication specifications for your 2003 TDI. Most folks beleive it to be re-packaged Delvac1.

    Feel free to visit the MOBIL website and compare the specifications of "Delvac1 5W40" against "Mobil1 Truck&SUV 5W40". If you find any differences, please let us know.
  • I too have a 06 TDI and am having the rear window "wash out". Took to dealer with no help. Does anyone else have this?
  • What is the best fuel additive? Any advice on a clean way to use the stuff?
  • csmcsm Posts: 37
    thanks so much! I will check out that web site, and Walmart
  • csmcsm Posts: 37
    I just bought the fuel additive listed on this site - white bottle - at walmart. Can't remember the name right now, but browse back several pages and you will find several things about it - but - a clean way to use it....that's something that I am trying to figure out. I purchased a small funnel that had a twist-on lid at both ends. I marked it at the 3.2 oz mark (to treat 10 gal) and my thinking was to keep this and the additive in my trunk. I used it for the first time last week, and I learned some things quickly. that stuff stinks as bad or worse than diesel fuel, and the funnel, as well as the bottle, stunk the trunk up - even with the lids on it. I couldn't wait to get home and get it out of the car. I thought that I could prepare before hand by filling the funnel at home and having it ready to go, but the funnel is not air tight and has no gaskets, so it tends to leak. I may use a little bottle to carry some of the additive in which is air tight and take the funnel in a zip lock bag when I need to fill up.
  • cosmocosmo Posts: 203
    You have to be careful regarding the your container's plastic compound. Power Service will eat through many plastics. I bought an 8 oz. bottle of STP diesel fuel treatment, used it once, and since have measured the amount of diesel fuel additive I need into the STP bottle. It's shape is fine for pouring without spills. Diesel fuel additives are VERY flammable. I only carry the bottle in my rig when I'm on the way to refuel.
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