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Mazda6 Hatchback



  • I've had my glacier silver 5-door (V6, manual)about 6 weeks now (2000 miles) and it's averaged 27.5 mpg (60% hwy, 40% city), including several trips through the mountains (Colorado). I took it easy the first 1,000 miles, but the second 1,000 I've worked the engine a bit harder. Not sure why others are getting such poor mileage. Oxygenated fuels are required here during the winter, which from my experience tends to lower overall mileage.


    Regarding the wiper comments, I replaced the original equipment wipers with some winter blades from CarQuest (their brand) and have been much happier with the wiper action since, if that helps.


    The accelerator hesitation just off idle bugged me at first, but I've adjusted to it okay. So far I'm very happy with my purchase. Zoom-zoom!
  • How do the 2005's with the new 6 speed automatic drive? Has it solved the hesitation problem that several people have mentioned?
  • If I'm not mistaken, I think the hesitation problem is related to Mazda's use of electronic throttle control (instead of direct mechanical linkage), and not an automatic transmission issue. My 5-door is equipped with the 5-speed manual, and I've noticed a throttle hesitation just off idle.


    But I'm also interested in hearing how '05 owners like the V6 equipped with the new 6-speed auto tranny...
  • tsytsy Posts: 1,551
    Test drove an 04 back to back with an 05, and the pickup on the 05 was definitely better. The engine could definitely use about 50 more horses, but at least the acceleration is what I'd call 'adequate' now. ;-)


  • hus28hus28 Posts: 8
    I too have the silver V6 5-door, but mine is automatic. I just filled my gas tank up this morning and bascially i got 220 miles between the fillup. each fillup is about 15.5 gallons so that is 14.2 miles per gallon.


    My driving is not too aggressive and I don't let the car idle too long.


    What will improve this? Can anyone help?
  • sstrz1sstrz1 Posts: 28
    I have an '04 auto...and it is not a quick car "off the line"....the comment was made earlier by lefthandman that "the accelerator hesitation just off idle bugged me at first, but I've adjusted to it okay"- same for me.....for those who haven't driven a Mazda 6 (and are thinking about it)- the overall ride is terrific w/ this engine- just understand that it is a speed demon from stop to go....but you do get some decent pep when you shift the auto into manual shift mode, which comes standard w/ the auto 6cyl transmissions.
  • I'd take the car back to the dealer for a thorough check. If you're not flooring it constantly, speeding excessively, or driving for extended periods at high rpms, your V-6 equipped Mazda6 should definitely achieve better than 14.2 mpg and 220 miles between fill-ups. I recently drove mine (V-6 manual transmission) just over 400 miles on 14.5 gallons in mixed town/highway driving (~27.5 mpg).
  • suydamsuydam Posts: 887
    Well, mine isn't too great either. I have the v6 wagon with 3500 miles on it. Now in the winter I'm getting 17-18 mpg (mostly in town driving); was 20-22 in the fall. I'm hoping spring and more miles improve the situation. I'm filling up around 260-280 miles and had hoped to go at least 300 miles between fillups.
  • Many metropolitan areas around the country (including Colorado's urbanized Front Range and the Denver metro area) require oxygenated gasoline during winter (or other) months to help cut down on air pollution. My experience and others are that oxygenated fuels provide poorer fuel mileage than non-oxygenated fuel. This could be one reason you're seeing poorer fuel mileage during winter months. Other potential reasons: longer engine warm up times, driving on snow and ice for extended periods, etc. You didn't mention if you live in a cold weather climate or not. Good luck.
  • suydamsuydam Posts: 887
    Yes, I live in Ohio and we have had more snow than usual this winter. That's why I haven't been too concerned about the mileage so far, but I hope it improves come spring. Everything else so far is terrific, including getting around in all this snow.
  • ted6ted6 Posts: 2
    I purchased a 05 Mazda6 5 door on December 28-04.
    So far I have 2,000 miles on the car and I love it. handling is GREAT and I love the looks of it.
    I'm getting about 22-23 per gallon. The biggest compliant I have is the level of interior noise.
    The car is fully loaded with the Michelin Pilot 215/50/17 tires but I do not think that account for all the noise. It sounds like Air noise but i don not feel any air. Has anyone else experienced having excessive noise? Other then that its a great car and i really enjoy it!!
  • Do you hear the noise at various speeds (highway and driving through your neighborhood)? Does the noise change depending on what type of surface (asphalt vs. concrete) the car is traversing? Is the climate control system on or off when you detect the noise? I suspect what you might be hearing is excessive 'road noise' transmitted to the car's interior via the tires, wheels and suspension components. Most of the reviews and road tests in magazines and online have mentioned (complained) that the Mazda6 transmits more road noise than other cars in its class, like the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry. I noticed the excessive road noise when I test drove my car, but I've since gotten used to it. What bothers me more is the climate control fan on the two lowest settings - it's really noisy and 'cheap' sounding, particularly when I don't have the radio or CD player on. BTW, my vehicle also has the 17-inch wheels and Michelin Pilots.
  • ericzoomericzoom Posts: 213
    I noticed wind noise on my 6 around the rear pass.door when i was driving at 70-80 mph.I brought the car to the dealer and they adjusted the door but that didn't seem to solve the problem.They ordered me a new piece of rubber trim that goes on the frame part of the car.They will install it this week,so i hope this solves the problem. I will keep posted.
  • ted6ted6 Posts: 2
    It appears that as I go faster it gets louder and really don't matter what type of surface. I have turned off the climate control so thats not the cause. I haven't taken it back to the dealer yet to ask their opinion but I'm sure they will have some excuse. I made the mistake of having the radio on while test driving so really didn't notice the noise, sooooo I keep the radio on!!
  • slickdogslickdog Posts: 225
    My Mazda6 wagon certainly isn't the quietest car I've had, and I think lefthandman is right, it's mostly road noise. I'm not sure different tires would really make a huge difference. I agree that the fan is a bit too loud at low speeds as well. These are very minor annoyances though, and when I'm busy enjoying the car I don't really notice them much.
  • fitguyfitguy Posts: 222
    I echo the comments of the others- I traded an '03 Accord for the 6; road noise is higher in the 6, esp the hatch and wagon. Lack of sound deadening material, I think, is the issue. And the fan is the one complaint I have with the car, even on low it's loud and crappy-sounding. Nevertheless, I still feel the car is the best-in-class for handling and fun-to-drive attributes; I still like it better than the Accord. You will get used to the extra road noise eventually.
  • I know the 2004 had 0-60 in 8.1 seconds, anyone have a number for the 6 speed auto. thanks.
  • roar1roar1 Posts: 193
    Just cruising around in here and thought I'd comment. I had a '94 Altima which was a fantastic car but IMO had too much road noise. I went to a Zeibart shop and they sprayed all of the sheet metal panels underneath the car with a sound deadener material. It helped quite a bit. Maybe Zeibart still does this. Check it out.
  • The dealer I purchased my car from did the same thing at no-cost (sprayed sound deadener from underneath) - probably why I'm not experiencing the same level of road noise as some who have commented above.
  • fitguyfitguy Posts: 222
    Just wanted to post: finally got somewhat decent mileage- 23.7 mixed 80hwy/20city. No agressive driving, 70 mph hwy, car has 5K mi, feels pretty well worn-in. I think the only way 26 (EPA estimate) is attainable would be 60-65mph all hwy. Probably not worth the boredom of driving at that speed!
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