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2001 Silverado VIBRATIONS

vpetraglia1vpetraglia1 Posts: 4
edited March 10 in Chevrolet
I have a 2001 Silverado that has vibrated since day one.It vibrates usually about 45 to 47 mph.
I can feel it in the seat, floor, steering wheel and if I look out my mirror it looks like the bed of my truck bounces. It also vibrates some at higher speeds. Its been serviced 4 times for this.
I have filed with the BBB and have talked to GM and my dealer. The dealer wanted me to trade-in my truck for a 2002, but was not willing to do anything else. He told me he could not fix it.
I need lots of evidence about these trucks for the BBB. I know vibrations have been problematic since 1999.

I need some help......I really would appreciate it


  • vickie, hopefully someone here has some help to offer you, but you might also check the existing Chevy Silverado Problems topic, and also over in Maintenance & Repair for suggestions.

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  • The torque converter to the best of my knowledge turns the raw horsepower from your engine into usable power by your transmision. Meaning it allows you to start accelerating slowly, otherwise your rear tires would sit and spin. Hope this helps!
  • lariat1lariat1 Posts: 461
    The easiest way to explain the operation of the torque converter is to go to and look up torque converter there is a great explanation there.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    go to this site it will give you the a-z on buyback. Feel free to email are not alone in this.....

  • There still shaking in 2002. We bought a 2001, 1500 extended cab on 5-22-01. On the way home we felt the vibration. This is my wifes truck and so irritating to her she won't drive it. She drives my 2002 Mustang. They did everything. Got new tires, and alignment. Adjusted suspension. Worked on exhaust. They said it was a problem with 6 cylinder models and sent in a specialist that had the cure. He had multiple dealers to go to. He had to fix them all over Tampa Bay area. He didn't fix ours. They then decided to get us the exact same truck only 8 cylinder. We signed deal but on way home we experienced vibration at the same speeds on this model. Which by the way didn't have the same wheels and tires. It was suppose to and was sold to us as it did but the dealer they traded with had taken them off and put on standard wheels and tires. We took this one back and they loaned us a 2002 that had heavy duty tires and suspension. Low and behold it does the same thing at the same speeds. Ours happens at about 10 MPH intervals. We took the V8 back and backed out of the deal. This was basically a replacement with us only paying the difference that the V8 cost over the V6. I wish I would have kept it as at least the milage was low. I also got to the speed that the problem happens and put it in neutral and shut the engine off. It still vibrates. This tells me that it isn't in the engine or exhaust because we were just coasting. They clame I needed weight in the back. I have tried it with about 500 and then 1000 pounds. It still vibrates just not as bad. If you leave the tailgate down to reduce backdraft turbulance the problem in the 40MPH range seems to go away. We took delivery of the V8 model on 9-1-01. I have since been doing everything BBB and GM wants but am getting no where. BBB had Cheryl Dansy with GM 1-800-231-1841 ext 57275 contact me. I had missed sending a certified letter and had to do that. Finally the southeast manager, Gary O'shields, scheduled to look at it. He said it was normal road vibrations. He did offer to give me a fiberglass tanuae cover, since he thought that would help. And he said the $500 was the same as going to arbitration costs him. I explained that I have driven it with a topper and it still happens. They try to say it is just a truck thing. My wife is a fireman, paramedic. She drives the firetruck along with really heavy duty ambulances. She thinks they ride great but won't drive the Shakerado. My sons 91 Chevy S10 doesn't do this either. They have swapped trucks. My sons happy with that deal. On 1-14-02 I heard from GM Business Resource Center, Karen Nixon, 1-800-231-1841 ext 57396. She said she would make decision by 1-22 in the morning. I heard nothing. She also didn't seem to have many of the details I had sent Cheryl Dansy with GM previously. Everytime they act unaware I have the documentation to refresh there memory. She offered us a 5yr extended warranty and that is all they will do. I explained that the first time I talked to her and again this time that the general manager at the dealership already gave us that. I just don't want the truck and it will be gone before the regular warranty expires. It was Sam Polato of Dimmitt Chevy in Clearwater Fl. that suggested, after they gave up that we go lemon law. Karen tried to tell me that this isn't a safety or reliability problem so they don't have to do any more with it. I then said I will go to further arbitration with BBB. I also mentioned that I have contacted 3 law firms trying to find one that will take this as a class action suit for a % of what we can all get from GM. I haven't found one yet but would like to hear from everyone who would be interested in sueing GM with me. I am waiting to hear back from BBB about the next step. I am going to take a camcorder and record the problem. I have about 100 pages of what has transpired so far. I am printing out all I can find on the web. There are a lot of unhappy Shakerado owners out there. I have owned a dozen cars and 9 of them were GM's. They have sold there last to me. We did try again to pick another Chevy model but this time instead of giving us $24000 for the truck they only wanted to give us $17900. They have as much as admitted there was a problem but now want to say that it is our imagination, and the truck is not beyond specs. I will create a web site to let the world know that in Chevys mind they spec there trucks to vibrate and you better be ready to accept that.
  • ak4x4ak4x4 Posts: 126
    First off how many of you have 4x4 V8s?? And due to contrary belief, it is a truck thing. Most of you think a full-size pickup is going to drive like a car. Got news for ya. It's a Truck.

    I live in Alaska and have not had one problem with my 01 extended cab 4x4 1500. And I live in Alaska where I do go 4buying alot!. And yes I dod grow up in Florida, so I know how the roads can be at times.

    The shaking as you call it is only evident for me in certian situations.

    Like when I take a intersection with a bumb a 40 mph. Other then that in normal off-road conditions my truck is fine, And I do not go light on this truck!

    keep in mind that the 2wd's and the 4x4's have different suspention so the 2wd sits alot lower than the 4x4. Have you driven a 4x4 to see the difference?? I can't stand the 4x2.

    But why did you guys ever buy the V6??? A v6 in a truck like mine. Talk about underpowered!.

    And everyone calls our trucks "Shakearados" Thats funny since I live in the harsher state in the U.S. and I haven't had a problem... But keep in mind it's a truck not a BMW.
  • How bad are the vibrations? I mean mine does it too between 60-65mph but its not REALLY bad. I can feel a slight vibration in the seat and floorboard but nothing too bad.

    I would like to hear other "Shakerado" stories to see just how bad yours is shaking.
  • dch0300dch0300 Posts: 472
    2001 Silverado 1500 LS, ext-cab, Z-71, 5.3L, 265's, loaded.
    14 months and 10,115 miles on it now and it still rides very smooth from 0 to 85 mph.
    Never had a vibration or shake or any significant problems what-so-ever from day 1.
    I've just added a little grease in the door hinges to stop a squeak, and some adhesive backed felt in the ash/coin tray to stop my spare change that I keep in there from rattling.
    I've only been 4x4'ing with it 6 times.
  • xyz71xyz71 Posts: 179
    Not to make light of your problem - but maybe the next time you but a new truck you should take it on a test drive before you sign the papers and write the check. If it shakes don't buy it.
  • ricschricsch Posts: 540
    "Try it before you buy it" is the only way to go, It will definately save you in the long run, been there done it.
  • my truck DID NOT vibrate from the get go. So its either buy back time, live with it, sell it, or trade it in for a FORD... YIKES!!!!!!!
  • ricschricsch Posts: 540
    I was told by a technician at an independant alignment shop that they have found on the new trucks that the tires become out of balance due to the torque and the tires slipping on the rims. Is this bull or is there some truth to it?
  • because Ive had them balanced AT LEAST four times. It seems to be good for awhile and then it gets lousy again...
  • xyz71xyz71 Posts: 179
    shakes on the drive home from the dealer - you did not take a long enough test drive...

    I would look at the new Ram before buying a Ford. The F-150 needs a redesign.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    Ram or Ford. Course I'd have to stop on the way home and get some airbags for the suspension.


    What brand of tires you got? The 55-65 speed range is where all the vibrations converge making it a magic number for vehicles in general.

    For myself, when I swapped out the Firestones that came on my Denali for some Michelin LTX M/S, the vibrations that started at 30 mph completely vanished.
  • ak4x4ak4x4 Posts: 126
    Hey Oby, I am a bit confused.

    Wasn't it you that was posting about his lemon 2500?? And due to popular belief, your current truck you have listed as you own is an SUV not a pickup.

    I would agree with him though, the Tundra is a good truck, just 3+ grand more then a LT Rado. That would be the Access cab 4x4 Limited. But the SR5 access cab's start out at about 28. That's the lowest I've seen em.

    And what's with the vibrations?? I can go 4 wheeling and have my rims full of mud or ice and the car is vibrationless. I don't know where everyone is getting this. I will admit that the balance is off a bit after mud gets into the rims but that's all. At 70 MPH my Rado feels like a Caddy. But I guess People keep forgetting thay have bought a truck, not a SUV or car. If I wanted a smooth ride I would have bought a LS 400.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    you do know obyone has a silverado right? He also has a denali.

    Think before you type
  • ak4x4ak4x4 Posts: 126
    It's not listed...

    How can I post info I don't have??? And read my post again.. This time read it slower..

    You may see differences.....

    After all you go to school..... But I have graduated school and have a BS as well as a masters so I urge you to take another look at what I wrote..

    Let Me simplify for the College Junior here's what I said:Wasn't it you that was posting about his lemon 2500?? And due to popular belief, your current truck you have listed as you own is an SUV not a pickup.

    I think my statement is cut and dry. So I would suggest reading a bit more careful....

    And ryan in regards to the 2500 statement, I was referring to a rado, not a Burban....

    I think it's evident what I have stated... Once again someone doubts me....
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    "After all you go to school"

    And your point?

    oh yea it wasnt a 2500 either. Obyones truck is a half ton 1500 2wd

    Just to inform you
  • that by obyone's own admission, his truck spends a third of the year in the shop and is a bonifide lemon-law qualified engineering marvel.
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