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Honda Element



  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    It's a bit like the PT Cruiser and new Beetle.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I hope the appeal lasts longer, though. The guy that paid $25 grand on E-Bay for a New Beetle can now sell it for about, what, 1/4 that amount?

    Same with the PT. Except once all is said and done at least you're left with a little more utility.

    I think as long as you're not paying above MSRP, you won't suffer a similar fate.

    Join the SUV craze, sure, just don't go crazy! :-)

  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Here are two "fun cars" playing games with each other. =)
  • gsemikegsemike Long Island, NYPosts: 1,743
    I finally saw the Hoonda Element close up, inside and out. Man is it ugly and the commercials are annoying.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    That photo makes it look like the Hummer is driving OVER the Element. Or that they're about to have a child of their own! LOL

    Off topic, but I photochopped this today:


    You need to be registered at, but it's worth it! :o)

    Chris Bangle is ruining BMW and someone's got to stop him. The new 5 is HIDEOUS, and to prove it I pasted Dame Edna's mask on the front, and you can barely tell which side of that photo was doctored! In fact, I don't remember! LOL

  • kholzmankholzman Posts: 7
    One of the Honda dealers here is selling EX's for $1,000 under sticker, or at least was just a few weeks ago. Seems like there were a few more niceties to the EX v. DX thing (alloy rims, among others), but I can see where buying a DX and adding what you want makes sense, too. I don't like the current trends in aftermarket radios, so I like the idea of a factory unit that does everything I need (iPod input and in-dash disc changer).

    That picture of the new 5er is a kill! I actually kind of like the new 7, but the Z4 leaves me cold -- I'd buy an S2000, SLK, or even a Miata before I'd get a Z4! Actually, I'll take my Z3 over any current roadster. :-)
  • ssender1ssender1 Posts: 28
    Have any other owners of a 4WD Element noticed a loud noise when backing up about two to three feet. It's hard to describe the noise except to say every time I hear it I think I've run over and crushed something. Could it be the 4WD disengaging when the car is in reverse???
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Are you making a tight turn while backing up? Like when pulling out of a small parking space? Or does it also happen when backing in a straight line?
  • Hi E gang,

    I love this car! Once it passes The Wife Test...I'm goin' shoppin' !! I need some advice first though...

    2WD vs. 4WD -
       • My first thought was I don't need 4WD in San Jose, CA. I don't foresee us doing much snow country time either.

       • However, a friend felt that for safety the 4WD makes a difference in traction during really rainy weather. (If true, that alone might sway me, as I have a toddler and we plan on having a #2 in the near future.)

    Does the 4WD REALLY make that much of a difference in rain? Any experiences to recount?

       • Plus, in my friend's opinion, if we resell the E later on, supposedly the 4wd retains its value better than a 2wd and is easier to resell, because many people THINK they need 4wd, when they really don't in 99.7% of their driving situations.

    Anyone have any thoughts on that?

    SAFETY -
       • Side airbags - Sounds like there is no telling exactly when they'll come out. So my question is:

    Are they really worth waiting for?

       • Crash tests - I'm expecting the E to have sterling front and side impact ratings, similar to the new CR-V I'd think. But I noticed on its rollover test, the new CR-V got only three stars (of five).

    Any thoughts as to how prone the E will be to rollover? Any way to tell when complete crash test results will come out?

    Well, thanks in advance for any opinions you care to share!

    Herb :-)
  • ozone1ozone1 Posts: 87
    Well, my test drives of the Element and MINI are complete. First off, the Element. The SF dealer was pretty good I guess. They are attempting to sell them at a markup, however. When I told my sales guy that the other dealer I spoke to (in Corte Madera) was not selling at a markup, he changed his tune real quick. I did like the Element a lot. Three things did bother me however....I still am not convinced about the longevity of the plastic cladding, and also, I drove it up a steep SF hill and when I floored it, the front wheels lost traction and I had to struggle to keep it in line. Now, I am used to rear wheel drive cars (Rodeo and Jeep), so maybe that's just part of owning a front wheel drive vehicle. The third thing is the lack of headroom for the rear passengers. I'm only 5'9" and my spikey hair was touching the roof. My wife was concerned about the interior quality, but I didn't think it that was bad. Oh, and if you are shopping in the Bay Area, I really preferred the Corte Madera dealer, no markups on any Element.

    I know this isn't the MINI board, so I'll keep it brief....we're buying the MINI. Test drove a Red/White Roof CVT Cooper (automatic plus a clutchless manual option) and fell in love with it. I didn't see the need for the extra HP of the Cooper S. Yes, the Element did and still does make me grin, but the MINI makes me jump for joy while while running around in circles waving my hands in the air...nuff said.
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    Based on the video I saw of an Element speeding through a slalom on one of the automotive TV shows, the Element is NOT prone to rollover at all.
    It COULD rollover anyway since even regular passenger cars can be made to rollover.
  • kholzmankholzman Posts: 7
    The Element has a lower center of gravity than its cousin the CR-V, so it should be less prone to roll-overs. Side airbags are nice, but I wouldn't avoid buying now if that's you're only doubt.

    As for the 4wd v. 2wd quandry ... I think part of this comes down to how long you're planning on keeping the car. Once we buy this Element, I doubt if we'll sell it in less than six or seven years. I can't imagine a better dog hauling vehicle, it's going to be a third car, so the miles won't pile up fast, and given Honda's reliability reputation, I expect that it should easily last that long. But if you're planning on only keeping the car two to four years, 4wd will probably hold its value better. However, there's a fair difference in sticker price, and you could put a lot of extra goodies on a 2wd model for that cash. Also, if acceleration is important to you, the 4wd system adds several hundred pounds, and 4wd models with automatics (the only way to get 4wd right now) are reported to be downright pokey off the line. Finally, are you ever going to take it off-road at all? If so, then you'll probably want 4wd, but if your idea of off-road is the mall parking lot, then 2wd really should be enough.

    Sorry this was so long ... and ozone ... congrats on that MINI! Love the color scheme. I'd go for a real manual, but the CVT is supposed to be a pretty trick set-up if you don't want to deal with a clutch. Happy motoring!
  • jrock80jrock80 Posts: 66
    I am seriously considering a new Element as I can really use the space and convienance utility that it offers. I have always owned cars and it always seems like I need just a little more room to get something in the car that just wont fit. The other day for example I bought a new TV and was very annoyed the box wouldnt fit in my Accords door opening. I do a lot of highway driving and was just curious as to what kind of mileage many of you are getting. I have an 03 Accord EX V6 now, the window stick says 30MPG on the highway and I have gotten as high as 34. Was just curious what all of you are getting...

  • anonymouspostsanonymousposts Posts: 4,202
    ozone: But you can't wipe off the floor of the Mini or wash it's seats. Completely different cars. There is nothing else that offers the Elements durability. Besides, after hearing reports of all the problems with the Cooper I'd rather be grinning while DRIVING my Element than jumping for joy while waiting on my Mini to get out of the shop.

    Saw a blue EX Element with running boards ... gotta get one of these some how. Don't know which car we have right now that we would get rid of for it though... so maybe I will pay the Accord off and then get one as a second car...
  • ozone1ozone1 Posts: 87
    MINI and Element different cars yes, but two people on this board already were cross-shopping them. Hey, I think the Element is a good car, the MINI ended up being the best fit for us. As for problems, you must be referring to the UK cars, not so with the U.S. Coopers. You only need to look on the MINI Edmunds Problem board to see what I mean.
  • goinstaggoinstag Posts: 20
    Good luck with the Mini and thanks for the info on the Marin Honda dealer not marking things up. I may need to head up there to check things out. For me the Element will be my only car, and I'm conderned a Mini wont have enough space--I like the idea of being able to lock my mountain bike in the Honda rather than worry about it.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    ssender1: that doesn't sound good. Maybe have the dealer check out the differentials' operation. They might have to open them to see if there are any metal shavings in the fluid, but if so the sooner the better.

    ozone1: get the car that made you jump for joy.

    Would you rather have a perfectly reliable car that you know for certain you would not like as much? How boring would life be?

    Or, re-read ssender1's post and you decide if the Element is so perfect that you could even make that claim.

  • anonymouspostsanonymousposts Posts: 4,202
    Reliability alone isn't reason enough to buy a car but reliability along with more practicality, better reliability (read Edmunds long-term), and it's own unique advantages/style.

    As for reading Edmunds for info on the Cooper's reliability ... I did and here is a quote from the February article:

    "Despite the appeal of the Mini, Phil had some nagging concerns about the car's reliability. Readers of our long-term introduction might recall that Phil was driving the Cooper S when the shift linkage broke and he was left stranded in San Diego (Mini Roadside Assistance picked up the car and paid to get him home in style). Now, with over 15,000 miles on it, the clutch is making a scraping noise when it is engaged in either first or reverse. Clearly, when load is applied some sort of friction is encountered. The Mini was taken to the dealer to have this inspected, but no verdict has been delivered. Stay tuned and we'll let you know how it was resolved in next month's update."

    Not saying you shouldn't have bought the Mini if that's what you felt was the better car for you but the Element is not without it's advantages.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Exactly, reliability is but one single factor.

    BMW X5 owners are extremely satisfied, resale is excellent, demand still strong. Reliability is awful, so what? At least that's what owners and the market are saying, 14+ recalls later.

  • but a few things I'm disappointed.

    I can't go around corners fast enough. I like taking corners at more than twice the speed limit.

    I like a low seating position in a car and I feel like I'm seating in a darn SUV when I was in the Element. Feel like I'm going to topple.

    Any suggestions?
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