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Honda Element



  • ztorinztorin Posts: 48
    That's great Dervishhenry!! Congratulations. I agree with you on how "peppy" it is, and I'm very glad you said "Much quieter than I expected" (more people need to back that up). Sounds like you got a great deal too, with some nice extras. And yes, you COULD live in there !! I hope you and your daughter really enjoy it as much as most of us enjoy ours. Your IPOD should sound amazing through that stereo, eh??? Well, it's in the mid 70's today in Boston, and I'm about to take her for a ride with my Mom, who has yet to ride inside of it.
    Hippo sounds like a great name, we've yet to name ours. Good luck with it !!
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Edh - The Element and CR-V are both built on the global small car platform. This is the same platform used for the Civic, RSX, a small minivan called the Stream, and several other Honda models. The 2.4L engine in the CR-V, Accord, Element, and Acura TSX are all related. Based on it's power output, it appears that the Element uses exactly the same tuning as the Accord. The RT4WD system is a FWD-biased design with a prop shaft powering the rear differential. The rear diff sends power to the wheels via two halfshafts. The suspension is a compact double wishbone design. Maintenance is limited to changing the differential fluid every 40-50K miles.

    For more information about the system, try reading this thread.

    varmint "Honda CR-V Owners: FAQ" Dec 3, 2003 2:17pm
  • lalagimplalagimp Posts: 61
    I don't have any leg room issue at all in my Element where I feel that I do in other vehicles, typically coupes. I am 5'2" and my husband is 6'3". He says he has no problem getting around in the Element; but I worry about if the car is ever hit hard enough, any certain way- how easy it might seem to break his chins because of where the bottom dash sits against his legs.
    He hasn't complained- I only get concerned. But that's me.

    I'd heard that the Element is on the CRV frame frame actually. hmmm
  • edhedh Posts: 246
    varmit the info was great.
    I am not in snow country and the rtawd looks mechanically much more complicated than the 2 wheel drive.
    Just the 4 cv joints in the back will be an expense item all the boots break after about 5 years.
    local dealer has 15 elements, 7 are 2wd
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Henry's Hippy, congrats!

    Your boots should last longer than 5 years. We did have one axle boot tear on our 626, but even that car was 7 years old by that time. Honda might be using better quality rubber, also.

    I wouldn't lose sleep over stuff like that.

  • hal9001hal9001 Posts: 28
    Outboard boots on the front have a much more difficult life than other boots because they have to stretch and compress to a much greater extent due to the large angles generated (in the CV joint) during steering at full lock. The inboard fronts are partially sheltered from road debris due to their location in back of the engine and their flexing is limited to a small arc generated by the travel of the front suspension.
    The rear boots are similar to the front inboard boots in that small amounts of flex are caused only by the suspension travel.
    On my car(s) I use a silicone spray on the boots to help protect them.
  • ikelimikelim Posts: 4
    My Element LX is still dripping oil from somewhere from the engine. As I posted earlier, the dealer had to replace vtec Spool Valve gasket (filter) due to a leak/spray. 2/1/2 weeks later, I can still see oil dripping though not as much.

    I am going to take the car in to another dealer tomorrow.

    I wish I was euphoric with my Element like some of the messages on this board. Now, I am beginning to get pissed off/worried...
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Check the oil filter. NHTSA has 7 reports of engine fire with the CR-V's 2.4l due to something exceedingly simple - the oil filter gasket.

    Seems the old one tends to stick on, and if the service tech misses it, and uses two, the seal can leak. The oil drips on to hot exhaust parts and it's a Texas BBQ.

  • edhedh Posts: 246
    vtec Spool Valve gasket (filter)
  • ztorinztorin Posts: 48
    No one posted today?? I feel obligated now. I do have a couple things to say/ask. First, to all the Element owners, do your front/passenger headrests only "lock" when they are in the highest position? Let me explain. From the lowest position, it doesn't "lock" in place until it gets to the next position? Not really a concern, I just wanted to see if it was across the board. Next, I haven't actually "Washed" mine yet, and I have some questions. I bought that Mr.Clean AutoDry kit that I've seen advertised. I haven't used it yet, but has anyone tried it ?? I know Motor Trend endorses it, and supposedly the whole concept stems from the water filter as it de-ionizes the water, which is why it doesn't "spot". Curious to know if anyone's had luck with it. Do you guys have suggestions for the following (SPECIFIC TO THE ELEMENT ONLY): Exterior car wash, car wax, tire cleaner, wheel cleaner, interior cleaners, glass cleaner, etc, etc... You get the picture. I haven't actually paid attention to washing my old Corolla, since there was really no point, so I don't know what the really good products are and I want to keep my Element in tip-top shape. So, any suggestions for cleaners SPECIFIC TO THE ELEMENT ONLY (since the interior materials are quite different than a normal vehicle). What about the composite body panels ?? Will car wax affect them if it accidently rubs onto them? Any thoughts, suggestions will benefit me and most likely the rest of the forum.
  • ztorinztorin Posts: 48
    ...I LOVE MY ELEMENT !!!! I'm still "giddy" everytime I open my front door and see her. I told one of my co-workers today that he has to go out and buy one, just for the freaking stereo system alone. To any and all DeadHeads out there (am I the only one??), LIVE Grateful Dead shows sound absolutely AMAZING on this system. OK, that's all, just a quickie.
  • ikelimikelim Posts: 4
    You can get the technical descriptions of vtec Sensor Spool Valve on some Honda & Acura websites and other web sites. I can't really explain. I do know it's located on the right side of the engine (side of the oil filter) attached to the engine block.

    According to the service advisor, spool valve gasket (filter) was defective but the whole sensor had to be replaced. I guess I will have to believe her.

    Subsequently, I took my element to another dealer yesterday due to oil still dripping from the under carriage of the car. I was told that they coudn't find any leaks but there was a large amount of oil resiue from the previous service including residue from oil change.

    Now I am ready to enjoy my Elemnt...hopefully. My faith in Honda is a little shaky now but I will move on.
  • lalagimplalagimp Posts: 61
    I just got my element back today from the shop.
    3 weeks is too long I was having withdrawals.
  • ztorinztorin Posts: 48
    Well, I'm at 591 miles (picked her up with 10 miles on it), exactly 2 weeks old, and I've got a sulfer/rotten egg smell coming from the exhaust that I noticed this afternoon, and confimed it tonight. I just did some research online that suggested either a faulty catalytic converter OR it's the brand/quality of gasoline??? I was at between 1/4 and 1/2 tank today when I really noticed it. I was driving around for a while tonight, and I did stop and fill it up. At 600 miles, should this be happening, especially with a BRAND new vehicle ?? Tonight's only the 3rd time I've filled it up since I bought it ?? I'm really confused and starting to stress. Could it be the gas ?? The 1st and 2nd fill up was at a Mobil (2 different Mobil's) and tonight was at a Texaco. It didn't seem to change (the smell) after tonight's fill up at about 1/4 tank, but again, I only drove maybe 20 miles from the station to home. Any thoughts ?? I guess I'm calling the dealer tomorrow morning, and I'm NOT very happy about it... I bought "new" to avoid this crap.
  • bshelbshel Posts: 232
    Sulfur smell - use the search function - I think you'll find information under Accord& Civic and some of the other discussion boards. Sounds like you'll probably have to take it to the dealer if it is that extreme.
  • gee35coupegee35coupe Posts: 3,475
    Only happens to new vehicles. I've never seen a post that said a higher mileage vehicle had that smell.
    It happens to all makes and models from time to time. It should not require a trip to the dealer though. It'll work itself out over time.
  • ztorinztorin Posts: 48
    I did some research on some other forums last night, and that's where I found that it could either be the gas (?) or the cat converter. It's cold and rainy in Boston today, so I didn't feel like sticking my head under the tailpipe today, but yesterday, while it was idling, I stood behind it and you can smell it coming right out of the tailpipe. It's strange that I noticed it when the tank was nearing empty, so I wonder if it was just that tank of gas ? I don't know what to do. I guess I'll monitor it over the weekend and see what happens.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Do they undercoat them before delivery?

    I ask because with Subarus we've seen cases where there is overspray and the undercoating gets on exhaust parts. That burns off slowly and let off the same smell.

    Could be that simple. It does go away in cases I've heard about. We even have a name for it, "New Car Stench".

  • amurphyamurphy Posts: 3
    To those of you who've added accessories to your Element... what did you decide to go with and how much did they cost? I've researched probably 10 different websites and all the availability on Ebay stores and feel I have a pretty good handle on the wholesale prices of genuine Honda accessories. I'm thinking about putting a list together of what I want and approaching the dealer(who sells discounted on Ebay stores) for a bit better of a price and a multiple item discount. What do you think?
  • npgmbrnpgmbr Posts: 248
    I have an opportunity to replace my current car with an Element but before I head to a dealer I wanna ask a question or two:

    1) Has anyone noticed any significant body lean in turns?
    2) What type of mileage does the 4WD get compared to the 2WD?

    A dealer near me is advertising that if you have a car and are still paying for it they will pay it off for you if you buy one of their Hondas. I'm sure their must be some kinda trick to it but im gonna check it out this weekend.

    Looking forward to hearing your responses.
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