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Honda Element



  • cwalticwalti Posts: 185
    Ok, then; -- we can return to the original concern about motion sickness. No, I have never had any such sensations. The wallowing motion of my Lincoln (RIP) would have much more likely induced motion sickness. The wheelbase is short, with no overhang to induce additioanl sloppyness and the underpinnings are stiff enough to have the ride closer to 'choppy' than to 'sloppy'...

    With that said the conclusion would have to be, its you; -- taka a Dramamin and grin ear to ear as your whooozy head is bobbing down the road... :-)
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,993
    I'm curious about your present ride and why it doesn't bother you. I suppose the tire pressures could have been off on both your test rides but that's a stretch (often the dealer techs forget to air down the tires to recommended settings - they usually are over-inflated so they won't flatspot while being shipped to the dealer).

    So you may want to see about a third test and make the salesperson check the air first, but if that doesn't help, look elsewhere. I get queasy on some boats and chairlifts and I couldn't tolerate a car that did that to me.

    Steve, Host (checking the expiry date on my scolopamine patch Rx right now. :shades: )

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  • applejfapplejf Posts: 40
    Steve wrote: I'm curious about your present ride and why it doesn't bother you.

    Well I am sorta curious too. The rides are a Volvo S70 and a BMW 330ci. I was in the Volvo yesterday thinking about this, and that car has a pretty soft suspension that absorbs the high frequency bumps and maybe the Element's doesn't. The BMW suspension is very stiff and doesn't absorb much so things don't add up there. Haven't had this icky feeling in either car as long as I'm the driver.

    I'm really drawn to the Element although my wife isn't. Well, she did say she likes the rubber easy-to-clean mats. You never know what the other person will think when he/she is not a car person. She's given the OK to purchase, but I guess you are right it would really be annoying to spend a bunch of money on a car that I can't drive; I suppose I need to take one more test drive and really focus.

    Thanks for the thoughts.
  • cwalticwalti Posts: 185
    OK, here is the prudent thing to do....

    You have permission and funding secured, select the 4WD EX-P and have at it! Stay in touch and report your findings. If the experience becomes unbearable within the first few weeks, simply drop it off in my driveway. I will take good care of it for many moons to come and it will be in good company with the other three Hondas already populating the driveway...
  • applejfapplejf Posts: 40
    Sorry, if I get one it'll be a 2WD. Sure don't need 4 here in Alabama, and 2 might get a little better MPG. Maybe someone else would make me this "take it off your hands" deal......

    I am making progress though, I did a third test drive of a Forester XT, quite a different car but one I was trying to also consider - and as of now am not making a move till I see the 2007 Element. Probably dreaming but (in addition to them fixing the front seat belt problem) I am hoping they will offer a power driver's seat. I can't get comfortable enough in the manual one to consider a long distance trip, and I'd like to. Guess I better not hold my breath.
  • cwalticwalti Posts: 185
    ...just saw on that they offer 2.9% for 36 months if that is a motivator. Maybe the car does not fit but the financing will... :-I
  • applejfapplejf Posts: 40
    Yep that would be a motivator. That's low!

    Hmmm. I don't ever visit, guess I ought to do that. I did sign up for their late breaking news notice or whatever they call it.
  • cwalticwalti Posts: 185
    Actually, my local Honda pusher offers 2.9% for 60 months...
    Go to Specials, and current ad...
  • 1racefan1racefan Posts: 932
    "Probably dreaming but (in addition to them fixing the front seat belt problem) I am hoping they will offer a power driver's seat."

    Don't hold your breath. If they start adding stuff to the Element like power seats, power sunroofs, etc... the Element starts to become a different animal than it was originally intended.
  • texvegastexvegas Posts: 17
    The '07's will have standard side curtain air bags, VSA, 10 more hp,possibly a 5 speed AT and center console. The front seat belts will be integrated into the seats so the back doors can be opened without have to take the seatbelt off.
  • cwalticwalti Posts: 185
    To me the expected changes in the '07 are minor. How often do flog an Element wide open, the only time when the extra 10 hp come into play. The 5-speed auto would be nice, but again it isn't a critical component. Seatbelt shmeetbelt, 99.9% of the time I will be driving solo, so who cares. VSA only comes into play under some specific circumstances where it can be a saver but more than likely will not make the difference between crashing and getting out of it, because 99.99% of all drivers aren't good enough drivers to react correctly, which is why they get into an out of control situation to begin with. I have driven crude no-frills cars through the alps during snowstorms at night and near zero visibility, whatever I will find here in SoCal cannot even come close... :-)
  • applejfapplejf Posts: 40
    Center console on the 07's - what does that mean? And do you think it means the shift lever might be moved off the dash? Real men like shift levers to go downward toward the floor, not forward toward the dash! :)
  • cwalticwalti Posts: 185
    Shift levers for fly by wire, and electronic controlled transmission, cars can be mounted anywhere one's heart desires, as can the throttle. Either is nothing more then a set of contacts or a pot and a wire loom exiting from there. Due to practicality reasons and space availability you will certainly NOT see that shifty thingy anywhere near the floor, it would be more likely roof mounted...
  • 1racefan1racefan Posts: 932
    I agree with you -

    I don't have the brochure with me, but I remember there being something in the Element brochure about the shifter being up high on the dash to free us space down on the floor.

    I get a kick out of hearing people say they will buy an Element as soon as the shifter gets moved to the floor, or the 4 doors open independently of one another, or when it gets power seats, or a power sunroof, or carpeting...

    Well, IMO, the Element isn't intended for these people - they need to shop the CR-V!!!
  • pizarkpizark Posts: 1
    I have an '05 Element EX,... LOVE IT! (and that's coming from a guy who used to drive a pimped out yellow S2000).

    I think someone on this forum said it best that the Element is, "The ultimate status symbol for people who don't care about status symbols."

    Anyways... I'm looking forward to the '07, even thinking about a possible trade... especially the model with the projector beam headlights.

    Don't have any kids, so the rear seat access hasn't been an issue... but it really is a pain in the butt to use in parking lots. I swear that I'd be so much happier if Honda made a sliding rear door (mini-vanish, i kno).

    Anyone else who owns an element hearing a clicking sound from the driver-side seatbelt area around the left ear??? bugs the crap out of me but don't know if it's worth getting serviced for.
  • applejfapplejf Posts: 40
    1racefan said: I remember there being something in the Element brochure about the shifter being up high on the dash to free us space down on the floor.

    Yeah you're probably right, I just need to adjust my thinking about the shifter on the dash. In my defense, I learned to shift on the family Desoto. A 1937 Desoto. In 1952 or so. No I wasn't driving, my Mom let me shift gears while she drove, when I was 12. By gosh THAT shifter went into the floor! I could scoot over to the middle of the bench seat then because seat belts hadn't been invented. Lucky to be alive now, huh.
  • extech2extech2 Posts: 120
    The best thing about the next year's Element will be the 5 speed automatic. It will offer better acceleration, better gas mileage, and more relaxed freeway cruising. Some nice new colors wouldn't hurt either. I'm waiting for the 07.
  • edex06edex06 Posts: 2
    I'm curious what you're basing your statements regarding acceleration, mileage, etc. on? Do you know what the gear ratios are? I've called all over creation, and the dealers don't know anything. There's no info out there. I agree it's a safe guess that an overdrive 5th gear would most likely produce lower RPMs above 65MPH and thus result in better mileage, but it's not fact until we see some hard data. Likewise with gears 1-4 and the acceleration comment.
  • dweiserdweiser Posts: 288
    How did you like your S2000?
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