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Honda Element



  • ropedartropedart Posts: 163
    I agree it will not be cheap in Canada. 25 to 30K CDN. As much as a CRV but seats 1 less, no rear window cranks. I noticed it really is not that big.(from the spam video) It is shorter than a CRV. It is taller and if it was as long as a CRV it would look like a Tractor Trailer. The proportions are to keep it funky looking.
  • moonkatmoonkat Posts: 265
    Looks are deceiving. From the elevated 3/4 front view
    the red Element looks a panel van:*2PV_026890

    I find it hard to believe it is on the CRV wheelbase. My perception is Element is larger; esp considering the 16" wheels & known height increase.

    Closest comparable photo of a CRV I could find:*2PV_041787
    This photo does demonstrate the additional roof area/cargo volume to be gained by squaring off the rear-end.

    Don't know 'bout "Gen Y" appeal, but this buggy is going to be a hit with the Boomers!
  • artdechoartdecho Posts: 337
    Varmint.....unlike most vehicles, where you open the back door, stick your butt in & plop it down, in the Element, you have to climb in & move back to the back seat before you plop down....not as bad as getting into the rear seat of a minivan but along those lines....I'm sure my "seniors" folks would find it a bit difficult if I went to pick them up, although the tall roof & absence of a B pillar help......gotta go & check out those new pix now!
  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    The NSX is smaller in real life than it is in media pics. I think the Element will do the same.
  • artdechoartdecho Posts: 337
    I agree that they could've been a bit more adventurous wrt interior colours....however the gray with the brushed aluminum does look fairly classy. I think the exterior colours (incl. orange) will probably look better in person. Saw the cupholders, Varmint......thx. Looks like the rear ones are built into the inboard seat cushions. My question about a roof rack was answered in the pix too. Front seats seem a bit low....hope you don't get the sensation of sitting on the floor. Hardest sell for my wife will be the 4-seat capacity (and with those inboard cupholders, even if there was a middle belt, it doesn't look like it would be too comfy)
    Would like to see one parked beside a CR-V. Haven't totally given up on the X-Trail either.
  • moonkatmoonkat Posts: 265
    Pilot is larger in real life than media pictures. So much so that CU published a picture of a Red Pilot on the cover of its May 02 (?) issue on small SUVs when it reveiwed the CRV among others. I expect the same with the Element...bigger in real life.

    Honda has made a subtle but extraordinary effort to hide the length of the Element with: "foreshortening" 3/4 views; avoiding scale elements such as other vehicles & people. Just as they did the Pilot. And as I look at some of these Element photos to make out the driver; seems there is as much room behind driver as in a Pilot. Then again, difference between CRV and Pilot wheelbase is only 3" (103" vs 106").

    The Element could very well be to the CRV what the Pilot is to the MDX; a more functional variation of a Honda product. By just straightening out some body lines & increasing height; and using the same drivetrain the Element stands to gain 10% in volume as the Pilot did over the MDX (90cf vs 82). So 10% increase over CRV 72cf would yield about 80cf. The Element could have the cargo volume of an MDX! Though I would not be surprised if it had more.

    Will be very interesting to see Element up close.

    Varmint: Did I just imply the CRV is an Acura?!
  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    I also just noticed that the front end isn't just a blunt square as I originally thought. The sides where the headlights are positioned are actually cornered so that the headlights can be partially seen from the side view.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Younger folks that are the target demographic won't have problems crawling into that back seat. In fact I bet those seats are empty 90% of the time on this type of vehicle.

  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    I wouldn't think it would be all that tough anyway. You step in. You pivot. You sit. Since the door is hinged on the trailing edge, you won't be approaching the seat from the same angle as a wagon, suv, or car.

    Regarding the pics... I still like the silver. The green looks interesting. The red is icky. I wish the auto CR-V had the same center stack. The jury is still out on the large bezzle gauges. Generally, I like the dash (colors and all), but the interior looks too dark.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Yeah, since the door hinges the opposite way, it might be easier.

    We are used to going in forward, then sitting back. All while leaning at an angle, too.

    With suicide-style doors, they are completely out of your way. So while the opening is smaller, nothing blocks your feet from getting in easily.

  • chris777chris777 Posts: 126
    "Each of the two SCION vehicles that will be available at launch will offer an array of standard equipment including air conditioning, power windows, door locks and mirrors, six-speaker Pioneer AM/FM/CD audio system, sport seats, and many more comfort and convenience features. Each of these vehicles will carry an MSRP considerably LESS than $18,000."
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    The Scion bbX was much smaller car, though, in Honda's defense. Saw them both in the flesh at the NY show and they don't even seem like they'd compete in the same size class.

  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Wait a minute! Did he just post the words, "Toyota", "standard", and "eqipment" all in the same sentence?!?!?

    This Scion business is really different.
  • chris777chris777 Posts: 126
    just posting what is stated about it.

    seriously though if the sticker price for a dx element is 16000 (and not 16900) plus 460 destination

    how many of you are willing to shell out what 18000 appx for a 5 speed and 18800(auto) for a dx vehicle, just to get air conditioning in a base vehicle?

    I like the functionality too but honda will have to offer serious discounts or rethink the options packaging for this vehicle to live, especially with crv pricing being around 18000 in advertising . The mini suv segment is too competitive

    that's what I am saying

    while honda Isn't feeling the economic pinch like American manufacturers its still feeling it accords are 5000 off in several places
    and I've seen civics discounted heavily too ex and si models. I'm saying this in hopes that someone from honda will hear this, because for resale value alone I'd pay 2 grand more for a crv . If element is finalized with these options they will loose one prospective buyer.

    who is going to pay 16000 for a stripper?
    and the ex only has alloys, abs and a stereo as ex equipped options?(aside from 2 power windows and locks) for 5 thousand more? thats a pretty wide gap
  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    Well compare it to an LX CR-V which doesn't have ABS (even as an option), but comes with A/C. It retails for a little over 19K, and you can't even haggle at right now (trust me, I tried to buy one).

    Add A/C for $1000 (I don't even think it costs that much) to a DX Element, and it's a bargain at 16K IMO.
  • bowkebowke Posts: 169
    honda isnt offering the discounts you mentioned... the dealers are given more allocation on the '03 accord for civic and accord sales...thats the reason for the discounts, not a poor a matter of fact, honda has set their all-time volume record across the board for the 4th straight year. the element is a niche car...probably wont be made in high volume, and maybe for only a few likes to test itself every once in awhile just to see what it can do...crx, del sol, etc...although these 2 cars are highly sought after, the intention was no different, i think.
  • ropedartropedart Posts: 163
    Calm down and wait and see. Don't buy anything until you have seen the 2 Scions, Latitude, Sube Baja. Then the following year are coming the entry level Jeep Willys.
    If you wait until the hype dies down you probably could get a deal on a scum green one (should've been lime green) or the bland tan one (should've been yellow).
    My friend bought a Aztec when they first came out. He likes it but not the depreciation and the people talking behind his back.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,810
    Oh, I think there are plenty of people expressing feelings about the Aztek right out in the open :)

    Someone at Edmunds loves it, so maybe it's something you have to see/drive to appreciate. I'm not sure why they chose to make the max seating capacity 4, though.

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  • daveghhdaveghh Posts: 495
    I think the Element is a really cool vehicle! I don't like the Element when it has two toned color and plastic cladding.

    I like the pictures of the monotone color ELement! I would seriously consider buying it if I didn't already own a 2002 CRV.
  • ropedartropedart Posts: 163
    I was thinking why Honda did not paint the cladding. Monotone is what everyone wants except the designers. Unfortunately, plastic does not hold shape like metal. Over time it sags, warps, ripples and waves. If you paint it high gloss it just enhances those defects. Look at some Pontiac painted cladding in sunlight you can see what I mean. Kids will be compelled to do it themselves at their own risk. BTW Does anyone know that the front quarter panel of the 1984 CRX was plastic?
    Did Honda trade engines for GM cladding. I don't think it was a fair exchange. LOL
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