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Honda Element



  • Hey all, here’s some pics from today’s NAIAS of the Studio E. Click HERE for more info and pics. Looks pretty funky :)
  • Honda Studio E Concept Features and Specifications
    Detroit, MI 01/06/2003 --

    Front bench seating with driver-side bolsters
    2 Flip-down seat pods in rear cargo area (jump seat style)
    Rear cargo area with hard shell plastic base and aluminum rails

    Mobile Entertainment System
    On board personal computer with 17-inch LCD screen and inputs for musical instruments and mixing
    42-inch Fujitsu Plasmavision screen (folds down from the center of roof and displays out the back)
    800-watt Eclipse by Fujitsu Ten audio system with a rear-mounted CD/DVD head unit, three amplifiers, 11 speakers (two 2-inch tweeters, six 5.25-inch mid-range speakers, one 6.5-inch subwoofer, two 10-inch subwoofers)
    Front Sony CD/DVD head unit with flip-down display (WX-7700MDX)

    Panel-side styling
    Aerodynamic underbody kit
    Rear cargo doors
    Passenger side cargo doors

    190-horsepower 2.4-liter i-VTEC 4-cylinder engine
    6-speed manual transmission
    Unit body construction
    101.4-inch wheelbase
    Low-profile control-link MacPherson strut front suspension
    Low-profile compact double wishbone rear suspension
    19-inch alloy wheels
    245/50 R19 BFGoodrich Proto T/A tires
  • ropedartropedart Posts: 163
    190-horsepower 2.4-liter i-VTEC 4-cylinder engine
    6-speed manual transmission

    As we discussed before its just the European Accord engine. The really hot 2.4L is the new Acura TSX with 200 hp. This is really agonizing to see that this is the real powerplant for the Element. Too bad I think we will never see it in an American Honda. It would be due for the Acura RDX and when is that 1,2,3 years from now? And being Acura it won't be cheap. I wonder what the gas mileage would be?

    IMHO the RDX should have a B-pillar. After all you can't get rid of the front seats. They would always get in the way of side loading. The suicide doors could still be there. You could have full size suicide doors that can open and close independently of each other. You can have an electronic locking system that prevents the rear doors from opening when the Element is in motion. You have a place to hide the front seat belts. You lighten the car and get back your payload rating. You have enough structure to have both a front and rear sunroof. The car could be longer with bigger capacity. The A-pillar gets thinner for better visibility. Years from now would anyone really miss not having a B-pillar?
  • I applaud you for getting out of a gas guzzling SUV... Have you considered a VW Jetta TDI 5 speed wagon? My VW Golf TDI averaged 48 mpg at 75 mph, fully loaded, with the air on!
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,016
    I guess we need to drop the "Model X" from the title one of these days. Or add the "Studio E" to the title - bright red interior anyone?

    Honda Element Studio E (Edmunds Detroit Show coverage).

    Steve, Host

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  • moonkatmoonkat Posts: 265
    Sounds good to me. Folks have to do enough explaining about the vehicle as it is without going into the history of the name....;-)
  • markjennmarkjenn Posts: 1,142
    Does anyone have the specs (or is willing to measure) the size of the cargo door? I've seen pictures that look like a couple of mountain bikes will stand up back there (with wheels), but I was wondering if it might be possible to get a motorcycle in there too. It would need a little over 4' in height to fit.

    - Mark
  • I think the rear lower gate and stand 2 people sitting on it, that's 300 pounds, half of a motorcycle. I don't know if the cops will let you drive around like that with clamshell doors open.
  • The height at the rear doors as measured at the opening is 40" h x 44" w. The cargo area interior is about 52" at its widest point, about the same as the width at the location of the rear seats.
  • tpat3tpat3 Posts: 119
    might fit, but even if it does will you be over the 675 lb. weight limit?
  • Click HERE to see video of press conference from NAIAS.

  • markjennmarkjenn Posts: 1,142
    It would probably be a trail bike, so < 300-lb, but I take it there is a 675-lb cargo weight limit?

    - Mark
  • Bought the Element without telling my wife (not such a big mistake - I've done the same thing with our last two cars without much retribution). She knew I went to the dealer to look at and test drive the Element Her initial response after seeing the sales brochure was that she thought it is ugly. Well, after having the car for a week I can't get her to out of it! She made me take two child car seats out of our Volvo S80 and put them in the Element. Seems it makes a great child transport vehicle and the seats which fold flat are great for diaper changing. I don't like the Volvo so I'm driving my '76 TR6.

    Has anyone else had a problem ordering accessories for the Element from I placed an order on 1/1/03 and have yet to receive any response. I'm sure some of the parts are not in stock but you would expect them to provide status info.
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Ssender - A '76 TR6, huh. Were you expecting sympathy or something? =)

    I would expect the table in the back to serve as a diaper changing station, but I guess that would be covered with other assorted baby gear and difficult to remove. has a marketplace feature that is hooked up to several on-line vendors. You might try them, but make sure you get cancellation confirmation before ordering from another vendor.
  • Oh if you only knew how reliable the TR6 is - owned since '94, 30k miles when bought, more reliable than my Z3 and S80, driven 5k miles per year, parts readily available and inexpensive. I've probably spent less than $1000 over the past 8 years for routine maintenance. Am I lucky or what?

    The diaper changing area is actually the fold flat front seat(s) - they are waterproof after all.

    I reached and most part are "in the mail"

    By the way, just received the February edition of Car and Driver and there is a very favorable multipage article about the Element. The article begins: "Have you ever wondered what would happen if an automaker morphed a Hummer H2 and a Mini Cooper?" "The Verdict: HIGHS: Cargo-van flexibility, SUV convenience, dormitory capability, sports compact performance." (the article actually notes that the Element TIED the last BMW 330i they tested in skidpad performance of 0.78g) LOWS: Refrigerator styling, Rubbermaid interior, problematic side doors (they say problematic because a front seat driver/passenger has to undo his or her seat belt to allow entry to the rear seats - give me a break....) THE VERDICT: Honda know-how plus a marketing impetus equals a funky, weird and EXCELLENT HONDA."
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    I'd love a TR6, though I prefer the look of the big Healeys. Just too expensive for me. :(
  • Since some folks have been posting the urls of on-line accessory dealers above, I thought this list I compiled back when I was shopping for a 2nd gen CR-V cargo cover might come in handy for others who suffer from accessoritis like me :) :) :) While I was shopping, I took down the price for the cargo cover at every on-line accessory dealer I've ever heard of, although there are undoubtedly more (please add to my list if you can). I originally posted this list on another forum back on 11/30/02, and the prices were current as of that date - however they might certainly have changed by now. Some of the prices included free shipping, but some did not, so be sure to check that when making your own comparisons. I only bothered to figure out the shipping cost on the first one listed below since they had the lowest price - at least until shipping was added that is. Disclaimer: One of the sites (it's probably better that I not say which one, although I'm sure many of you know which one it is) pays me an advertising fee to place their banner ad on one of my websites. I have no affiliation with any of the other sites. $128.62 (plus $12.99 shipping) $130.80 $130.80 $130.80 $130.80 $134.07 $136.25 $141.70 $141.70 aka $144.95 $147.15 $179.00 $179.18
  • I've been looking for an EX FWD 5sp in the Bay Area, but haven't been able to find one anywhere. Does anyone know if they have been released yet? I'm eager to test one.
  • a EX 4WD with auto today and I must say it felt pretty slow. Look forward to driving a EX fwd with manual. C&D got a 8.7sec 0-60 - pretty good.
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