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Chevy Venture Care and Maintenance



  • burnt03burnt03 Posts: 2
    2002 Chevy Venture, compressor seems to be running more than usual and at random times.

    Took a look underneath, rear driver's shock is leaking fluid. Am I safe in assuming that the leak in the shock is an air leak as well and causing the compressor run more than needed (and if the shock is replaced, should do the trick?)

  • flipmanflipman Posts: 4
    I need a front grille for my van. I have not found one in the junk yards better than the current one yet. The venture was manufactured from 1997 through 2005. Can anyone tell me how many years are interchangeable? I would like to stick with the Chevy part. Many thanks to all.
  • flipmanflipman Posts: 4
    Hello again. I have determined that the leak is not the evaporator drain. The drain elbow is in place. The heater core is not leaking either. I removed the wiper arms and leaf guard from the bottom of the wind shield, cleared the debris from the drain tubes, removed all old cracked seam sealants and reapplied sealant to every seam that I could reach. I applied sealant around the entire wind shield molding except for the bottom edge because I could not access it due to the overhang. There is no sun roof. I pulled the trim, padding and carpeting away exposing the metal floor and the blower motor housing. I also removed the center CD player console. I taped rolled paper product on the inside firewall and floor to possibly expose the leak. I then drove around for a couple of weeks waiting for it to rain. The van was exposed to one rain event while parked at work. Found no leak. I then deluged the exterior with water from the hose. I started low on the ext firewall and worked my way up. I was able to expose a small leak but was not able to confirm the point of origin. I was able to trace the trail to what looked like some where just above the drain tube for the evaporator but could not see up far enough. I thought that I would cut some of the rubber backing from around the evaporator drain tube and apply a healthy amount of sealant around the tube to make sure that the leaks is not there. I hope to avoid taking the dash apart. The van will be nearly perfect if I could fix this leak. Can anyone help? Many thanks to all!!
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