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Chevy Vans: Problems & Solutions



  • cobcob Posts: 210
    You are replying to a venture post. If you have a Venture than there is no dog house the engine is entirely accessible from under the hood(if you are a contortionist). The Astro has the dog house which is the center of the dash where the glovebox is located. It is 2 pieces, the outside is what you see while driving and is where the c/d player, and cup holders etc. It is removed with 2 screws at the top on on each side of the dash. The other two screws are at the bottom one on each side. When you remove the outer piece you will find another plastic piece that isn't decorative but, it has insulation under it to keep the engine heat out of the van. You have to remove the heater duct that is under the outer cover and then there are 2 bolts that screw into the firewall. Use a real long flat blade screw driver to remove. This process to remove and put back into the van when you are doen takes an hour. The vacuum line that needs replacing on the Astro can be done under the hood(no dog house removal). The line runs from behind the evaporator canister on the passengers side of the van and connects to the engine on the drivers side. There is a fitting that is attached to the intake manifold. It is an easy fix and the replacement tube is about $5.00 from GM. When you put the new one in run it over the plastic air intake assembly where it will not melt. If you have a Venture than I am not sure what the fix is for that A/C.
  • wncjzpawncjzpa Posts: 2
    Thanks. I fixed the problem on the Astro. All vents now work.
    Can anyone tell me where the low pressure service port is on the AC system of the 99 Chevy Astro???????????????
  • Hello there,
    I have a deteriorating problem on my van. When I bought it used, the blower/fan only worked on 4 and not on 1/2/3. Not a big deal.
    Recently however, it has - intermittently - stopped working on 4 as well. There is no rhyme or reason as to when it works or can have 3 or 4 days of it working without any problems on 4 and then a week of nothing.
    A month or so however, things continued to go downhill. It suddenly decided to blow onto the windshield only, and not on the face or floor vents. I rigged something up to redirect the a/c from the windshield via a pvc pipe onto my face to try and keep cool in the humidity. Unfortunately, this isn't very practical and not making me look a cool dude to friends and family!
    I purchased a new contoller unit (about 8" long with the three knobs for the blower, heat/ac control and the locator button (floor, wwindshield/face). I was dismayed to find that this didn't solve the problem at all - everything remained as it was before and I therefore returned the new part.
    I'm hoping therefore that someone can shed some light on what the problem may be. I'm being a cheapskate by not going to Chevy as the van has done 200,000 miles and i don't want to throw a ton of money into something that may well be on its's last legs anyway. I'm hoping that one inexpensive fix will sort out both issues.
    Any comments or suggestions whatsoever would be HUGELY appreciated.
    thanks alastair
  • The "buck and misfire" symptom sounds more like fuel injectors to me. I'm not a mechanic, but have had 4 vehicles that all did that and all 4 were fuel injectors. I would recommend checking them and/or cleaning them. Also, check all the other firing compontents...plugs, wires, etc.
  • cobcob Posts: 210
    Refer to the lst few lines of post 246 on how to fix the problem on the a/c not blowing out the vents. Very simple fix involving an 1/8" dia plastic vacuum line. I am not sure on fixing the blower motor switch problem, it has not happen yet to my van. I would have probably done the same and purchased a new control unit. If it is an intermittant problem that it usually is caused by a loose wire or connection.
  • The low pressure port is the only one the guage that you get when you buy the service kit will fit. I have a 96 and it's in the passenger side engine compartment next to the exhaust manifold. The end of the guage that hooks to this port should only fit one fitting. That's the low side port.
  • I have 1998 Venture LS and I be driving along on a hot day with the air conditioner on and then for no reason the electrical system inside the cabin shuts down. The system shuts down the A/C system, blower fans, radio, door locks and power windows. Everything is quiet. What stays on is the interior lights, signal lights and head lights??? Has anyone ever had this happen to them? If so did you find the cause and what was the fix? This is driving me nuts???
  • Blower motor in '99 chevy astro van making lots of noise.
    Sounds like a bushing is without grease. Do these motors have bearings or bushings? Sounds like a leaf is caught inside housing but has been making noise on & off for 4 weeks now. Van has 199k miles.
    Also drivers power window only goes up 2" at a time. Needs to rest for 10 minutes before it goes up another 2". Similar problem going down.
    latest problem is that ac compressor clutch sticks and doesn't engage. Makes a
    rattle/ buzzing noise for 5 seconds then engages.
    Thanks Sam
  • 9astro99astro9 Posts: 1
    I have the same problem on my 99 - the dash vents won't work. I found the info from post #246 an found a small (maybe 1/8") outside diameter black vacuum hose behind the evap canister and I can follow back but cannot find where it attaches to the intake manifold on the right side of the engine. Does anyone have a more detailed description, pictures or a schematic of where it connects?

    Thank you!
  • cobcob Posts: 210
    You should find the other end of that 1/8 inch dia line attached to the intake manifold on the drivers side of the engine. There are a couple of lines that attach to a fitting that is screwed into the manifold about half way back on the motor. The a/c compressor hides it from view when you look from under the hood.
  • ozorahozorah Posts: 1
    My 98 Astro van's back door handle is broken and I can not open the door. This van does not have a door handle on the inside of the van. Does anyone know how I can find the latch on the inside of the van so I can open and fix the door handle?
  • cobcob Posts: 210
    You have to go inside the van and remove the screws holding the inside panel on the door. then you can get inside the door to open the latch.
  • I have a 2000 Venture. This week the front left turn signal stopped working. The hint was the faster blinking sound when I use the left turn signal. The problem is I cannot get at the bulb to replace it. Note: this is the signal bulb visible from the front, the adjacent side turn bulb works fine). The manual says to take out one "thumbscrew" that connects the turn signal assembly to the headlight assembly & then pull out the signal light "away from the vehicle". Well I got the thumbscrew out, but I could not pull out the signal assembly. It looks like 2 clips are holding it in place but am I missing something? Also the bulb filament sort of looks OK thru the glass but is it even a bulb problem? I'm only assuming the bulb needs replacing because of the faster blinking. Also the light could be similar to Pontiac Montana & Olds Silhouette so please give me some ideas!
  • can you tell me where the sensor is? My dash lights are on during the day,but off at night or when its cloudy. Any help very much appreciated! grandnoniepoo
  • I have a 2002 Venture Warner Brothers. The sliding doors creak and squawk in such a way that it literally sounds like an old hay wagon when going down the road 1 - 40 mph. Has anybody experienced this and have a solution? Dealer 'cannot duplicate' the problem. Please advise.
  • amazingamazing Posts: 2
    Your problem is definitely the bulb. We have had to replace our turn bulbs several times on each side, they're weak. The bulb may not look burnt out ie. filament still in place, but it is burnt out. The head lights are a pain to get out of the vehicle and even more of a pain to put back in. My suggestion if you are still having problems getting to the bulb is to buy a replacement and take the van to any mechanic. They should be able to change them out quickly and probably for little or no charge.
  • amazingamazing Posts: 2
    I forgot to mention that it is much easier to get to the blinker bulb if you remove both the headlight housing and the side blinker housing at the same time. I think there are a total of three thumb screws to get the whole mess out. The tough part really comes when you go to put the two housings back in together. Good luck.
  • rgupta3rgupta3 Posts: 1

    I have been having the same exact issue for the past couple of weeks. I have '98 Venture. I don't want to add to the confusion, but it seems that if I have the rear AC running, all blower seem to work better. I have also noticed that it I change the blower to blow on feet and then change it back to face, it seem to work better. I don't know what that means, but thought it might help.

    I had taken the Van to the dealership for a diagnose. They told me that Discharge Suction Hose was leaking an needed to be replaced. I find it really hard to believe becasue if it was due to a refrigerant leak then it would cause all vents to blow warm air. I also had the compressor replaced and systems recharged a couple of months ago. Warraty covered it. I am so happy that I bought extended warrranty on this Van.

    Anyway, I will continue to research on this and if I find something, I would be happy to let you guys know. I hope you two will do the same for me.

  • nstg8rnstg8r Posts: 18
    Have a 99 Chevy Venture and I think I'm having the same signal problem. When I signal left the rear left brake lights light up also, but when I signal right the signal light only comes on. Sometimes the light flickers fast also. I replaced the bulbs in the rear already but I can't seem to find the problem. Could it be the front signals that u guys are talking about? The front signals seem to be fine and they do blink, the thing is that the rear signal seems to not be getting enough electricity or something.
  • Thanks Amazing!

    I found that there was a clip holding the turn signal housing in place, the clip was jammed. I had to get at it from the wheel well & hammer it out!! Hope this helps other Venture owners!

    Thanks again for your responses.
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