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Chevy Vans: Problems & Solutions



  • I have a 2005 Venture LS with one power slider. I have no remotes but the vehicle is equipped with the keyless option. I aquired a remote (PN 10335582) from another 2005 but have been told it is not the right one. The local GM store gave me part # 10335584. Anyone know if the other one will work, and how do I program it? I found instructions that said to pull the BCM programming fuse. Which one is that???
    Thanks in advance.
  • jw75jw75 Posts: 2
    the sensor is in the vent on top of the dash board
  • Can anyone share further instruction as to how to remove the panels? When the doors are closed, some of the screws holding the panels are not accessible. Again, I cannot open the door because the outside handle no longer works the latch.

  • ibricolibricol Posts: 2
    I have replace this part twice in my case for the venture 97. Remove blower first, and then his control board back to it. Unscrew few turns away the 2 bolts on back and remove the one on front.
    See post #220 :
    Your problem with your blower is more than likely the control board for the blower. I have a 98 venture with the same problem and replaced the board which is mounted on the passenger side way up toward the floorboard. The original board had small "resistors" mounted on it that burned up. The replacement board was made much heavier. I expect that this common failure caused G.M. to make a better board to do the job. I paid roughly $30.00 for the board at the dealer.
  • We just bought this 2000 Venture used and has already cost us $600.00 for 2 new 02 sensors. Check engine light keeps coming on - mechanics think it is a wiring to the sensors as sensors are good. Going uphill - gas cuts out - makes it difficult to pass anyone or pull out of somewhere in a hurry. This appears to be a intermittant problem. Also the transmission is giving what feels like a kick in the butt. This too is a intermittant problem. Van is currently in the garage - mechanic has a list of at least 6 bad codes - doesn't really know where to go from here. What he has checked has turned out ok. Has anyone else had similar problems?
  • kiwi3kiwi3 Posts: 1
    I have a problem with a chronic rattling or knocking noise under or in that vicinity of the passenger door (Behind the driver) of my 2000 Venture Van, whenever I drive over a bump, driveway, well, you get the idea.
    Is this a common issue? Is it an issue I can resolve myself or should I take it to the dealer?? Any advice would be great...thanks
  • jhj57jhj57 Posts: 1
    My 2000 Astro has around 108K miles on it. Right before we took a long trip I had to have the AC compressor replaced and I also had them flush the injectors. on the trip the Van performed normally. Once we got to our destination it would occasionally die right after you started out to go somewhere. You shut off the key and then started it back up and would be fine for the rest of the day. This happened a couple of times while we were there. On the way back we came straight through a little over 1000 miles and it ran ok. Once we got home and started making short runs around town it started the dying things again but it always starts back up. My Mechanic has it in the shop and it has not thrown any codes even when it has done it for him. He did say the computer is advancing the time 12 degrees for some reason but they can't find it. Anyone else had this problem.
  • I have a 2001 Astro van doing the exact same thing. I have had this problem before and they always say it is a vacuum hose or line that is loose. I do not know were to look for the loose hose.
  • My 2001 Venture (Ext) is doing somthing very similar. First it was rear turn signals not working properly - one side would work, the other would be very dim and cause both sides to work. Traded out tail lights assemblies and problem DID NOT follow. Then it went away - PFM?
    Tonight (wife said started a week ago), hazard light indicator in dash group lights up steady when brakes applied. Noticed that there were NO rear lights at all with the exception of the third (overhead) brake light. No tail lights, no turn signals, no brake lights - no nada. Looked through manual, no help. Got home, pulled into garage, and WALA - everything works normally - again PFM!!
    Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Doug.
  • Purchased the Blower Motor Resistor at the dealer
    Cost Cad $59.99
    Part GM# 89018643
    or buy this one at
    AC Delco # 1580571 $24.79 U.S.
    I have paid $36.90 Cad
  • This has happened three times over about three years with two Chevy Venture vans my parents own(ed), the latest time being this past week. Their 2005 Venture was parked along their front curb. It was about 90 degrees and sunny. The vehicle had been driven on a short trip about an hour prior. My daughter was playing basketball on their driveway when her ball went bouncing away toward the street. By the time it reached my parents' van, it was going at a slow roll and gently hit the right rear tire. I stress the word gently. When contact was made, the right rear window panel inexplicably shattered. On the two previous occasions, it was the rear hatch glass that burst without provocation while the vehicle was parked. Fed up with this problem, I recently called GM's customer service line to explain the latest shattered glass episode, and they thought I was nuts. They said they'd never encountered anything like this and gave me the runaround, ultimately steering me to filing an insurance claim. That really rubs me the wrong way because the van they now have is less than a year old with bumper-to-bumper coverage, plus my parents purchased an extended warranty. But surprise, surprise, none of those protection plans covers unexplained window shattering. I guess they'll be buying a Honda or Toyota minivan from here on out. Has anyone else experienced this problem at all?
  • Our 2000 Venture had been working fine until about a week ago.

    Then the right front window wouldn't go down and the front right blinker was blinking fast.

    Next (this morning) it wouldn't start (seemed like a really dead battery). We jumped it and it started. But, when we turned it off (even after driving around the block a few times), it wouldn't start ... dead as a doornail. I replaced the bulb, still dead as a doornail. I inspected the battery and the positive post was corroded. I touched it and it literally broke apart with the post still in the battery!

    So, I pulled everything apart and took out the battery. I tried to get the post out, but that caused the battery to start leaking acid.

    Went to Sears, got a new top-of-the-line battery.

    Put everything back together ... all we get is "service engine soon". All else is dead. No lights, no radio, no AC, nothing.

    I checked all the fuses, one at a time with a multimeter ... they all seem good.

    Any ideas? Is there an electrical system reset somewhere to get the computer back online, etc.?

    Help please ... we need this van!

    -- Clint
  • Help.... we just had the catalytic converter replaced on our 98 Venture. Now water is accumulating underneath the driver's side carpet and is saturating it as well as the wiring. I lifted up the carpet and dried it out only to have it fill up again. Any help as to whether this could be related to the replacememnt of the converter (is the timing simply a coincidence?) or if it could be related to the A/C somehow.... Dealer where we had converter replaced stated that the catalytic converter couldn't have anything to do with the water issue since it is an exhaust item and, of course, wants to see the vehicle again.

    Can I possibly fix this myself?

    I hope so... please anyone with any ideas... Thank you.
  • Check your power steering fluid... I bet it's low... I filled mine up and the same noise went away.

    Hope this helps.
  • I am having the same problem whit my rear A/C that also blows hot air. did you find out what is was?
  • I have a 1997 Venture. The switch that changes where the airflow goes is not working. When the air is on it blows mostly at your feet and a little on the upper vents. When you turn the switch in any direction nothing happens.
  • Well, I must say I am not really impressed with this van! I LOVED it initially. Then I began having the headlights/interior lights...daytime running lights actually...blink off an on at different times. Once I get going for awhile this goes away. Took it in for service and by the time I got there it had stopped and the guy looked at me like I was nuts and said since it wasn't doing it then they couldn't fix it or tell me what it was...

    Then this week, it started making this noise, like a whining when I went over 35 mph. Then, my automatic rolled backwards a bit in drive on a hill...hit me then it must be the transmission...Had hubby get in and try it...he said it has no 3rd or 4th gear anymore. Called for service...still under warranty, so we'll see. Anyone else had any similar problems?

  • Hi all, new here. The power windows on both pass. and driver side go down no problem.But when I try to get them to go up the go half way an stop for about 10 minutes. If I try later they will usually go up. It happens with both pass. and driver switches.
  • To get tothe board that controls the blower do you have to take out the blower completely?& does anyone have any knowledge about the rear heater.the fan works but i get no heat.
  • Scott,
    I have a 95 Astro that behaves similarly. Sometimes, when the engine is hot, it won't restart after turning off ignition (eg come out of variety store - no re-start). However, 1-2 hours later it starts and runs fine... Very frustrating... Only happens occasionally - about once a week. How did you make out? Did you determine what was causing your problem? Was it the fuel pump as someone suggested?
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