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Chevy Vans: Problems & Solutions



  • ruddrudd Posts: 1
    I have a 98 Astro van that is very tempremental. If it rains it will just turn over and not start, but if I plug the block heater in for an hour it starts fine. It also sometimes just starts and stalls right away. I have replaced the cap and rotor and there is no sign of moisture getting into the distributor cap. This is driving me nuts does anyone have any ideas?
  • I have a 98 Astro Van, suddenly a few months back the entire dasboard(all guages, speedo, and turn signals) would intermittently quit working, and then come back on when they felt like it. I checked and wiggled wires and connectors under the hood as well as under the dash area, and all of a sudden the problem was gone. Well know its back, and the dashboard has been out to lunch for a few days. I believe it is a ground problem. Now does anyone out there know, what or where the ground wire is located for the instrument cluster, or dashboard on thei van??? Other than this it has been a great vehicle. Any electrical wizards out there, familiar with this van problem, or can tell me where I can figure out the ground side of the dash.
  • I have a 1995 Chevy Astro with a 4.3l multiport. I am burning an excessive amount of fuel and there is a strong smell of fuel in the engine compartment, the cab and out the exhaust. My suspicion is that the injector O-rings are leaking which requires the replacement of the entire system. Anyone have any other ideas where I might diagnose before I go through the trouble and expense of replacing this part. The part is about $400 and i don't want to waste time and money if there is a simpler solution,
  • HELP.
    I am having electrical problems with my '99 venture.
    Sometimes it won't start. Also, the fan/blower works
    on levels 3,4 and 5, but won't run at all on speeeds 1, and 2. I checked and there is a separte fuse for low fan speeds, but the fuse is fine. I also replaced the switch itself, a $25.00 part, but that didn't change anything either.
    I am looking for help on either condition???
  • When the sensor on the dash senses that it is getting dark out it puts on the exterior lights and the interior dash lights on. The dash lights, radio lights and the heater control lights go out. It is intermittant and annoying. The dash lights will not come back on until the vehicle is stopped and the ignition turned off and restarted. Have had the headlight dimmer switch replaced twice and have had it in the dealership to be checked, and surprise . . . . they have no idea what is causing the problem. Any suggestion . . . other than trading it in?
  • I have a 95 Astro which I just recently had in the shop for a transmission rebuild. Now I'm fighting what appears to be an intake manifold gasket leak. I'm rough shifting in 1-2, losing coolant with no puddle and having a strong coolant smell. What number do you call at GM and how do you approach the problem to get them to defray the repair costs? My van is reasonably low mileage (under 90,000).
  • cobcob Posts: 210
    There is an 800 number for customer service in the back of the owners manual.
  • Hello,

    I have a 2002 Chevy Venture and the rear brakes have been creaking when the van comes to a complete stop. This happens at stop lights, when we park etc. It sounds like they are dry or something. I have taken off the drums and everything seems fine. The vehicle stops well but I am certatin this should not be happening. It is definitely the brakes and not rear shocks or any other component. Any suggestions or solutions is very much appreciated.
  • As for the fan. You need to first check the wire to see if it is getting anything on speed 1 and 2. Might be that the fan motor is just tired and needs the extra juice it gets on speed 3 and higher to run now.

    Look for my post on fuel pump. I just replaced mine and now the starting problem is gone on mine.
  • :sick: I am disgusted with being conned into purchasing this vehicle brand new. 1 year after the AC no longer works, which we barely used. There is a crack (forgot name of where this crack is) where the freon goes or passes through. This problem diagnosed by a trusted mechanic, my brother in law who one of the good guys at firestone. Now the passenger side window will not come back up. Also, received recall notice in mail for air bags or something. It should only take 15 minutes to repair, as long as you make an appointment. The only thing is that I have to travel 2 hours to get to repair shop. I live in San Diego, CA, which is major city that should be able to accommodate the recall repair. Go figure! I wish that something could be done legally, like after so many confirmed complaints that it is mandatory for manufacturer to replace /trade in vehicle at no loss to buyer. I still owe so much and the first few years I added tons of miles so depreciated so much that I owe more than its worth! :( :cry:
  • Try replacing the battery to start with, and then the battery cables.
    My battery once caused my car to do all kinds of weird things because it was shorting out.
    Do the easy things first.
  • I had a 92 4.3 Astro that had the same problem along with a very rough running the point where it finally wouldn't start.
    You may need to replace the temperature sensor (located next to the thermostat housing in the intake manifold)
    The sensor is inexpensive and is easy to replace.
    The sensor is part of the fuel management system and tells the 'puter what the engine temp is and how much fuel to deliver.
    Hope this helps!
  • Have a 2001 Chevy Venture and I think I'm having the same signal problem. When I signal right with the headlights on and with the brakes applied, the signal on the dash blinks fast, all the right tail lights blink. Have you found the cure?
  • jpc2jpc2 Posts: 1
    My 2000 Venture suddenly stopped starting today after a short trip at my son's school.

    The engine rotates well and started but stopped immediately. The battery seems fine with strong high beams plus the windshield wiper moving freely.

    The fuel pump seems working. I disconnected the fuel line after the fuel filter. The fuel sprayed out the line when turned the key to the "On" position.

    Any suggestions?
    Thanks a lot!
  • There is a bolt at the base of the wiper arm; undo the bolt and pull the arm off. The wiper arm can then be repositioned (it has a ratchet-like assembly that corresponds to teeth on the wiper arm spindle). Retighten the bolt and your done.
  • My daughter in law had the same problem. On the first trip to the dealership the pass key module was replaced and the problem declared solved. Exactly One month later the problem returned stranding her and her three children. The dealer can't duplicate the problem and has no idea what the problem may be. Good Luck
  • I had the same problem on my 2001 Venture. Was a leaking brake cylinder on one of the rear drums. Replaced cylinder and cleaned shoes. Totally fixed the noise.
  • This sounds like a classic case of a bad ground. The poor ground can't handle the current for the lights and the turn signals both. Check and clean the grounds on both the parking/turn light/s and the tail lights. If it appears OK, run a new temporary ground using allegator clips on a wire and try it, if that fixes it, run a new permanent ground. Usually this is needed on only one light, but you may need to do several or all lights in an extreem case.
  • pifupifu Posts: 1
    My 97 Venture (109K mi) has a break problem: if I push the break pedal slowly (low traffic conditions), the breaks seams not working; the pedal slowly goes thru the end of the travel without slowing the vehicle. Although, this doesn’t happen all the time.
    In most of the time, when I drive the vehicle in town, the breaks are working OK. The problem seams to occur only when the breaks pedal is continuously press for several seconds (mid travel ~ 30 sec.).
    Two month ago, I changed the front rotors and pads and the problem went away. (Front pads needed a replacement anyway).
    Recently, the problems re-appeared. One on the rear cylinder was leaking so I replaced the rear breaks (cylinders, shoes, springs, drums). This time, the breaks are working as bad as before (good breaks at firm action, no breaks on slow pedal press). I run out of ideas, what can cause this problem. Anybody can help?
  • I am having a similar problem except that I have no lights on the dash or heater area at all and they have been like that for a few days now and havent come back on since. I however have lights in the radio section. I have a 97 Venture.

    You mentioned a sensor on the dash...where is this sensor? I also thought it could have been a blown fuse or something but couldnt even find a fuse for any of the areas.

    Any suggestions anyone?
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