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Chevy Vans: Problems & Solutions



  • Hey guys, I need some HELP...PLEASE !!! I bought this astro not running figuring that it needed a fuel pump. I replaced that and the fuel filter. I then ended up replacing the computer modelue as well. SO I got it running then ended up bringing it to the garage because it was starting intermittantly. They spent a whole bunch of time troubleshooting it and found that there was a bad wire going to the computer module. They replaced/ repaired that and let me have it. I started it up first second I turned the key ! My next stop was Maaco and got a quote of 1270 to strip her down the metal and paint her up. Bad primer as we all probably know. Well.....after driving the van for approx 45 mi I stopped to get something to eat, when I started her back up I was thinking that it might not have been a bad purchase after all when she just died. I turned the key in attempts to start her several times but nothing. I got some starting fluid and she started and stopped. I can hear the fuel pump run for 3 seconds then turn off like it is suppose to. I put 5 gal of gas in but that still didn't do it. The gauge shows over 1/2 full. For some reason the fuel is not getting to the engine with a new pump and filter and I am stumped ! I am open to suggestions.
  • code P1406 is EGR pintle position circuit.
    Remove EGR check for carbon build up.
  • clozoclozo Posts: 1
    Had this problem on our 01 Venture too. Was fixed last month. Weak radiator and coolant hoses replaced. Got the van back and one week later had to have the thermostat replaced for the same problem.
  • I was driving back from vacation the other day and at 10:30 at night all the lights went out. I pulled over and turned on the light switch. The head lights came on (I had the "day" running lights on before). I went to a gas station and found out that my fuse was blown for the day time running lights. The thing is my regular parking lights did not work when I turned on the headlights, until I replaced the fuse for the Day time runners.

    Anyway, I did not have any break lights and still do not. I replced the switch this evening and nothing. The bulbs are fine and everything. Is there a fuse somewhere I am missing?? I am going crazy here, lol. :confuse: Help needed <-------
  • How do I service the Traction system?? That light just came on too. :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • Have a 2000 with over 120,000 and am having the same problems. Hard shifting on occasion and the fuel gauge goes crazy. Have not been able to find an answer on the tranny problem. Fuel gauge is probably the sender..I'll be following the problem....
  • 2003 Venture gauge reads over 1/8 when empty and over 3/4s when full. One of the post mentioned the cable contacts. How do you get to this cable? Under the dash or do you have to take the dash apart? I want to try this before buying any parts.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    Call GM customer service and repeat exactly what you wrote. maybe they can arrange for the Texas dealer to do what the VA dealership promised.
  • eeq65eeq65 Posts: 1
    does anyone know if there is a relay in the fog lght wiring? if so where is the relay located?
  • My ABS light is constantly on and my rear brake lights are out. The third brake light works along with all the other lights. I have changed the bulbs and it has worked in the past, but the brake lights go out on it shortly after. I changed the brake switch and that didn't work. Sometimes the brake lights will work and the ABS light goes out when that happens so I believe the two are related. Has anyone else experienced this problem? If so, how did you fix it? I do not want to take it to a dealer for Electrical T/S because it will be too much money. I have brought it to a garage and they have changed the bulbs out which momentarilly solved the problem.
  • artie3artie3 Posts: 2
    The light that illuminates the gear select indicator in the dash does not work. How does the dash come apart to replace the bulb? Must everything come off?
  • chenwchenw Posts: 1
    Did you ever find out the problem associated with the warning light? My dealership said it may be a bad bearing.... Sounds fishy to me.
  • artie3artie3 Posts: 2
    pull the lower dash cover off and it will be easily accessable
  • Nothing, yet! I'm trying to get in touch with two GM mechanics that friends know. Unless I get a definite memo that GM/Venture transmissions have a problem I will not be able to go to court. From what I've read on this cite it sounds like manufacturers can get away with producing a lot of junk without being accountable . . . how in the world can GM get away with their antifreeze mess and not pay for everyone's head and manifold gasket problems when it is more than clear it is a problem with the manufacturer?
  • Can anyone help? Ever since we bought our van new in 2000, we have had our share of problems, most recently the video monitor for our video player is "blinking" when in the up position and run interferience with the sound system. The only way to stop the "popping" noise is to leave the monitor in the down position. Please advise on how to fix this problem.
    P.S. we have taken the van into the chevy dealer and they are confused and can not find the problem
  • My 99 Astro van has a thermostat problem possibly. The temp gauge will climb into the red and heater just blows cold air.
    Warning light comes on but then temp drops. Seems intermittent problem so I thought it was the thermostat. Do you know how to locate it? I'm no mechanic but I can't even find it! Also, is this the problem or is it something else, like a water pump leak?
  • I assume you've found the solution by now, but if you haven't it is the plastic release locks have cracked due to slamming doors too hard in cold temperature. I've had mine replaced three times! Once the mechanic at the dealership used a coat hanger!
  • Since buying my venture 2 1/2 yrs ago with 140K on it, I have spent just shy of $8,000.00 in repairs not including the intake manifold gasket which was covered under an extended warranty I bought with the van. Struts, egr, light bulbs like there is no tomorrow, three wheel bearings, problems with the fan system level 1 and 2 not working plus the direction not working. Now I am having another problem - it started chugging seriously on Dec 24 and has done this intermittantly ever since. When making sharp turns, both right or left, it will stall completely. Had it into the dealership last week and asked them to put in a fuel filter (my idea) to see if a cheap fix would do the trick. Of course not! Nothing has been cheap to fix ever and had it back in the next day - of course it behaved and they couldn't find the problem. I am taking it tomorrow to a friends mechanic who thinks that that problem may be electrical. He thinks that something is trying to find a ground and that's what has been doing in my wheel bearings ($680 each). Does anyone out there have any idea's? Oh ya, for the 4th time, my fuel gauge is not working - waiting to hear from GM if they will cover it under a Goodwill policy. I have 190K on it now.
  • This is a very familiar scenario and expensive fix. I have had the ABS brake light/Traction control light come on three times and each time it was the wheel bearing needing to be replaced at $680 cnd each - even though, when I took it in for the third one and I told them what it needed, they said, "oh it might not be that, it could be...." but of course it was!!I have an 01 Venture that I purchased for $10K in 03 with 140K on it - it was a salesman's vehicle - hwy miles I thought, means nothing. HA!! I have spent nearly $8K in repairs since July of 03!!! I am now on the hunt for a Mazda MPV 02 - I have always been a GM person but never again. If you can afford one, I would take a hard look at the Toyota Rav 4 - the 06 model is HUGE compared to the older models and will fit my dog cage in just as well as the Venture but high $$. My husband has a 97 Rav4 with 160K on it and just had his first big repair which was a series of things like timing belt, brakes etc. Other than that, he has replaced a battery. pretty cheap to operate for sure.
  • If you had the ABS light and the traction control light on at the same time, it is very likely the wheel bearing. Gulp. I've done three on my 01 venture at $680 cnd each. Never again. Going Japanese!
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