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Chevy Vans: Problems & Solutions



  • rydelrydel Posts: 2
    I have a 1999 Venture and when I turn on the right signal and hit the brakes the lights blink like crazy and the radio flashes. If I'm in reverse, sometimes the radio light goes dark and the emergency flash indicator stays lit until I put it in drive. My husband replaced the taillight assembly as it looked to have gotten hot. Also, sometimes but not always, the tranny shifts really hard but if I park it for 10 to 15 minutes, it's O.K. The tranny problem has been going on for about 8,000 miles and the blinker started acting up not long after. It's got 106k on the odometer. Anybody else have these problems? Did you get them resolved? How? Thanks.
  • kmfkmf Posts: 2
    Where is the low pressue A/C port on a 99 Venture? I need to reacharge the air conditioning system and can't find the port (sigh).


  • ace22286ace22286 Posts: 1
    I have a 1993 Astro Van and my tranny went bad and i bought another astro van transmission for the V6 4.3 Liter Astro Van from a guy who dropped the tranny out of his 1997 Astro. I compared them side by side and the 97 one has a throttle body on it and has different hook ups for the electronics. I was wondering if it is possible to even put the transmission in my 1993 van and if i can, can i get some kind of converter for my electronic hook ups to work on the new transmission or can i cut and splice. Please Help.
  • derekcderekc Posts: 2
    I would have to say a transmission shop. I'm having the same problem with my '95 lumina. It is messing with my head too. I was backing up my driveway and heard a thump. Everything seemed fine and I could still go in reverse. As I left, the van wouldn't shift out of first. I could only drive 20 mph. I just don't understand why I would hear that in reverse and lose 2nd and drive, but not reverse. :confuse:
  • derekcderekc Posts: 2
    sounds like you need new wiring. With the tranny, if not too bad right now, try putting some Lucas in it. You can pick it up at any parts store for pennies compared to a new tranny. This will only prolong the transmission. :)
  • tkrocktatkrockta Posts: 4
    I had the same problem with my 2000 Safari, 80,000 mi. It was a vacuum line under the hood, found by a freind in 2 minutes. The line goes from the AC vacuum collection tank (a black plastic ball-shaped thing down below the AC) to the intake manifold. It wore through up near the carburator, they should put some kind of protection on it. Reconnected and it's fine now.
  • pooch1pooch1 Posts: 1
    I am having same problem on my 99 Astro with continually blowing 20 amp fuse that controls parking lights etc. I haven't found the short yet. Hope someone out there has solved this.
  • After weeks of searching and too much money spent, I finally found the short. If you are having the same problem, pull out the license plate light. I found the wires were pinched between the plastic and the door skin. I taped them up and no more blown fuses :)
  • Well a few weeks have passed and the car went in the shop and the 2 gaskets were changed, the cables and spark plugs, the thermostat and now my ac is still screwed :mad: I know this is something different. I got 3 kids and I want to try to fix it on my own before spending X amount of cash. Where would I look to inspect to try to find the problem of the ac???
  • Must be one of those years! I own a 2003 venture, that wont start after it is parked for more then 5 hours. I have changed the battery and checked the alternator, all is fine! I have pulled different fuses at night for options, and checked in the morning, but battery still no start. Run out of things (options) it could be! I jump it with my car and it starts right away! However my car has to be running, If I jump it without my car running it will not start it, almost like it needs more then 12 volts to start! Has anyone else had this problem?
  • hubbiehubbie Posts: 2
    Driver's side power-window "chokes" everytime when closing. Glass tilts forward and needs to be pulled back at least twice to help closing. Goes down just fine. Anyone got the cure ?

    Hubbie :mad:
  • haulenhaulen Posts: 2
    My van turns and fires and is getting gas. It is in time but won't start. I think that it might be something electrical but not for sure. Could anyone help? Advice is really needed and appreciated. Thanks
  • Has any one else had problems with sudden acceleration and/or a "runaway" cruise control?
  • I have a 97 chevy venture, bought 3 yrs ago and had a new engine put in when it was bought. Recently it's been shutting off completely when I turn the steering wheel all the way left or right making it real difficult to get out of parking spots. Sometimes it shuts off after I start it and put it in gear. Once it shut off as I was driving, I put it in neutral to turn it over again (I was rolling down hill and there were cars I couldnt pull over) and it wouldnt turn on, until I finally got to pull over, stop it, then it turned over after several tries. :cry: Can someone please tell me where I should start looking!! :confuse: Thank You
  • That sounds like what my friends van was doing. ( Is yours red?) Anyway her problem was the head gasket and a lot of things that led up to that going. They weren't real good about maintainance. Was the engine new, or used? Also, my husband says to have a proper cooling system flush done if it hasn't been.
  • i recently acquired a 91 chevy astro from some family and on the way down here the speedometer stopped working on me i hit the trip reset and it went kaput i'm not too good with the electronic as opposed to the cable speedometers if anyone knows anything that i could do to check this out please let me know.... i do have an 88 astro LT for spare parts however it's got the cable instead of the electronic speedometer any suggestions would be great :confuse:
  • Our 1998 Venture has done something similar. At first the backup lights and hazard lights on the dash would come on when the brake lights,and some times the abs light came on. Only when the head lights were on. The yesterday the brake lights went out, except for the third brake light. :confuse: I found a pin on the plug to both tail light socket assemblies had melted. Did you find out what caused your problem?
  • mccoolmccool Posts: 1
    I have a 1997 Chevy Venture and the passenger power window will go down but will not go up, I have replaced the motor and the switch on the driver side and now I am at a loss of what to do? :cry: :cry: Please HELP ME!! Thanks for your time.
  • You may need to replace the switch, motor, and regulator in the passenger door also. If you have not replaced the regulator in the driver's door, I would do that because that window will eventually do the same thing. I am having a problem with my driver's side auto window right now. To put it back up, I have do raise it a little at a time, straighten it with my hand and put it up a little more. If you end up doing this, DO NOT hold the edge of the window too long (and don't let your hand slip) as it will really hurt your fingers. All these parts are dealer only but I have noticed that all these parts are on EBay.
  • I am trying to remove the passenger-side engine mount torque strut bracket from the ENGINE. I have removed two bolts but the bracket will not come off. I have searched extensively but in vain for other bolts. Is there another bolt and if so, where did they hide it? If not, is there a trick to removing the bracket?
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