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Dodge Ram (2002) fuel economy

helpwantedhelpwanted Posts: 14
edited March 6 in Dodge
Before giving up my 94 Toyota V-6 I would really like some good information on the fuel mileage that people are experiencing with their new 2002 Rams. Thanks
please specify the following:
4x4 or 4x2
3.55 or 3.90 gears
4.7 or 5.9 engine
crew or std cab


  • My quad cab 4X4 with 3.55, 4.7L, and auto trans is doing about 14 to 15 mpg in mixed driving. My similarly equipped Dakota did about 2 mpg better. The 1500 is heavier and has more wind drag. It's about what I expected.
  • getting about 13.8 in the city and 23-24 on the highway. I'm not even close to breaking the motor in yet. I know it will get better. LOVE MY TRUCK!!! Can't say enough. 4.7L, 5-sp, Quad.
  • xyz71xyz71 Posts: 179
    23-24 on the highway sounds too good to be true -

    I think the Ram 4.7 is rated at 17 highway. You must have been going down hill!!
  • You're a funny guy. Downhill! Ha! That's great. But seriously folks, 23-24 it is. And ya know what? Sticker doesn't mean anything. Used to have a Chevy S-10 that was "stickered" at 21/29. It never saw more than 22 on the highway. Now that WASN'T funny. BTW, the sticker on my Quad also says in the fine print that some have gotten 26 on the highway. Maybe I'm finally one of the lucky ones. Love my truck!
  • xyz71xyz71 Posts: 179
    You would be one of the lucky ones getting that good of MPG - It is possible -

    Neighbor has a new Ram with the 4.7. Took a 500 mile all highway trip and got 16 MPG. He hopes it will get better - only has about 2K on it.
  • What speeds were you running when you achieved those MPG figures?
  • I have 2,000 miles on mine and average 16 mpg with a lot of stop and go driving. All in all pretty good for this giant. Highway seems to get me 18 or so but it's really speed dependent. I imagine if I could keep it at around 60-65 mph that I could average better. Going to call Jacobs and see if they offer an ignition system for the 4.7 since my 318 Dakota improved quite a bit. I found myself going 20-30 miles more each tank before the fuel light came on.
  • Sorry so long getting back to you. City driving I get about 14mpg. It's getting better every tank. Highway speeds of 64-65, I'm getting a solid 23-24mpg. And no, that's not downhill. Flat highway, holding pedal steady or cruise. I'm due to be lucky after that S-10. This love affair with my Ram gets better everyday.

    Father-in-law is a long-time Chevy man. Let him spend a half day in my Ram and he's about to pull the trigger. He can't stop talking about it.

    I was driving in town yesterday minding my own business and some freak in a Silverado flipped me the bird for no apparent reason except that I was driving my Quad. He took a good look at my truck and then his bird was airborne. Go figure.
  • Hey all!

    I have about 3000 miles on my 2002 4x2 quad.
    I am getting about 14 mpg to and from work.
    My commute is about 8 miles each way with a
    few stop lights on the way and 45 - 60 mph
    in between. With the cold weather of winter it
    is about half of my drive before it gets warmed
    up enough to shift normally. I can tell it will
    stay at about 2000 rpm at a certain speed, instead of shifting to about 1500 rpm until it
    is warm. I was hoping for a little more so hopefully it will improve.

    I haven't had it on the interstate much until
    this past weekend. Took a day trip to Kansas
    City from Wichita (about 175 miles each way).
    In the morning with really no wind I got
    about 16 mpg doing 78 mph or so. On the way back I
    was driving into a 30-35 mph wind the whole way
    and got about 12 mpg again doing 78 mph or so.
    It was getting a little annoying because it would
    constantly downshift to keep speed (with the
    cruise on) up even the slightest of hills. And if
    you know Kansas, they ARE slight hills. I'm
    sure it was all of the drag of driving into the
    wind and it got better when I slowed down.
    I will have to try and get it on the interstate
    a little more to see how it does. Currently
    planning on taking it to Chicago in April or May.

    I am really loving my truck so far. The only
    minor annoyance I have had is with the interior
    door panels vibrating some if the stereo is turned
    up (not real loud) and a song with strong bass on.

    Changed the oil a while back, what an ordeal.
    Couldn't get the old filter off, too tight from
    factory. Started smashing it with the filter
    wrench then punctured it. I tried using a screw
    driver and just ripped up the metal. I finally
    took off the little spout by the filter that
    takes the oil away from the block and was able
    to get it off. What a pain, and after you get to
    the point of no return there is nothing you
    can do but get the old filter off, somehow.

    Anyway, other than that enjoying my truck.
  • Just bought an 02 Quad Cab and have only put 200 mi. and so far pretty much just driving around town it has avg. 13.5. I noticed the computer said I was getting 23 while on a 15 mi. highway drive going 65mph. By the way I love it even if it didn't get good mi. Had a 00 Chevy Z-71 and it could not hold a candle to this truck. The only thing I liked about the Z-71 is the way it would get up and go, but the overall quality and and room does not compare. If you don't believe me just look at all the posting of people who have some major complaints with their GM trucks.
    The New RAM is the Mayor of Truckville!!
  • Got an Atlantic Blue Crew Cab 4wd with a 4.7 and 3:55 rear end. The first tank I averaged 12 miles per gallon which was all city driving nothing over 55 MPH and constant in and out on the accelerator to vary the RPM's for proper motor break-in. So far this Ram is a dream to drive and seems to have plenty of power, then again I was driving a Toyota (baby truck). Based on the computer mileage indicator I think it will be possible to get 15-17 mpg on average after break-in and some careful driving. I will keep you all posted on the progress with regard to fuel economy.
    Also thought I would tell everyone that you can deal on these trucks here in New Mexico. I got mine for $1400 under invoice after the $1500 rebate was applied. They must not be selling real good here considering most of the dealers around here have a ton of them.
    As for the oil changes I feel that the oil should be changed by a professional until the warranty expires so you have receipts providing proof of proper maintenance, just in case! This is a tuff one for me considering I typically change my own oil, I guess I don't need to worry about the filter tightness for this one.

    New Ram 1500 Mayor of Truckville by a long shot!
  • Simply the best better than all the rest!!
  • My second tank was not much better than the first tank getting me whopping 12.7 MPG which consisted of mostly city miles and a HEALTHY FOOT to get the "Big Blue Pig" rolling. I will say that this current tank appears to be getting 15 MPG based on the computer, which was accurate with my last tank. I ordered a fiberglass bed cover this weekend by Snugtop which I hope will get me a mile or two better fuel economy in the future. My truck appears to drink a lot of fuel in Stop & Go traffic or accelerating from stop lights. Although I have observed on the highway 20-23 MPG doing 70 MPH. I hope this info is helpful to people so I will give another report after my next tank.

    2002, Quad-cab, 4x4, 4.7 liter, 3:55 rear end
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    driving doesn't sound too surprising. That's a lot of truck and a pretty small engine. Of course we'd all like better!
  • gwm01gwm01 Posts: 5
    I'm told that a K&N air filter element will improve the gas mileage significantly on 2002 dodge trucks w/4.7L v8.

    Does anyone have any experience with these? and where can they be found ?
  • So what were the details on price for your truck? How is it equipped?
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    Dodge, but I've used a K&N in my last 8 GMs and never seen a mpg increase. At least not so's you'd notice. Matter of fact on my current '01 I used the AirAid system and dropped almost 2 mpg. But it does (Dyno tested but not by me) add 10 hp and 20 lbs. ft. of torque.
  • MPG Update #3

    Tank number three got 15 MPG, which consisted of about 50 percent highway miles (70 plus MPH). I also noticed the computer AVG ECO indicator appears to be low by 2/10 of a MPG for the last two tanks. The real kicker here is the truck almost has a 1000 miles on it and I have had no reason to go back to the dealer. I'm still waiting for something to go wrong with this truck, hell maybe Dodge has finally got there stuff together! I have heard a lot of mixed reaction regarding the K&N systems, personally I don't think they do anything for power or MPG! I'm still trying to figure out if a cat-back exhaust system is worth any money.

    Price details below,

    My truck is a Quad-Cab, 4X4, SLT, 4.7 Liter, Automatic, Atlantic Blue, Short Bed, slate gray interior, Options: Tow Group, Limited Slip, Skid Plates, & Power Seat. Sticker Price was $30,095 and I paid $25,800 for the truck. During the initial deal I offered them $24,000 with the rebate applied which prompted them to bring the actual invoice out. I then offered to pay the actual invoice (plus I get the rebate) they came back with five percent over invoice (plus I get the rebate) saying that's what they did for credit union members. I said no to that deal, telling them that was to much to pay and that is why I was not using my Credit Union. I gave them a final offer of actual invoice (plus I get the rebate) and started to walk, that's when they came back with a $100 over invoice (plus I get the rebate) to cover the minimum sales commission, I agreed to this deal. The entire negotiation process took all of ten minutes plus I was able to leave for church allowing me to come back later that night to complete the paperwork. The actual invoice they showed me had about $300 in fees that were not shown in Edmunds. There were two transportation fees and a small fuel fee, the transportation fee is not real clear to me. I will mention that when I bought my wife's Toyota Sienna they showed me the invoice and it also had a couple BS charges as well.
  • I don't know that the fees are BS. I have always seen them as advertising fees and are different
    depending on the area in which you buy your vehicle. I don't know if Edmunds talks about these, but they have to do with the advertising
    the dealer has to pay the manufacturer.

    I bought my 2002 2WD Quad 4.7L back in the middle of October. I was able to get 4.9% financing at
    the time. They started the 7year/100,000 mile
    warranty the first of November if I remember right. So I missed out on that, oh well.

    I have about 3200 miles on my truck right now
    and I am still really happy. No squeaks or rattles. The only thing I have been to the dealer for is to have remote keyless entry installed.
    How we get used to the little things like that.
    I decided the dealer (factory) remote was worth
    the extra $$ when compared to aftermarket where
    somebody was going to be cutting into my truck's wires. Or should I say practicing.

    I paid $200 over invoice and it is the best deal I have ever gotten on a new vehicle. The young salesman I dealt with kept talking to me about
    what payment I could afford. I made an offer for the price of the truck (I had no trade). He would leave and come back and talk about payment again.
    Finally I told him that I drove an hour to this particular dealer, they had what I wanted (at the time I couldn't find any trucks with limited slip)
    and I was ready to buy the truck if we could talk about the price of the truck. He left and came back with a copy of the invoice and said the best they could do was $200 over. Deal made, half hour or so. I was ready to pay maybe another $500 or so more being they were still hot off the presses.
    But everything worked out great and I have been happy with my truck since.

    By the way, the salesman then told me it was his
    first new car sale and you could tell he was
    excited and nervous. You could really tell how they teach them to talk payment not price. Like the edmunds article a while back where they sent someone undercover to work in a couple car dealers.

    Anyway, enjoy.
  • My MSRP was $27320 paid $23320 that was with $1500 rebate and using the company I work for supplier agreement which is 1% below invoice. I'm with you on how the hell those other guy's are getting them for what they are saying. I agree with durango508 it is the best dam vehicle I've bought even if I would have gave another two grand.
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