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Inconsiderate Drivers (share your stories, etc.)



  • fintailfintail Posts: 32,890
    You should be thankful he didn't then just stand on his brakes - jerks do things like that. You'd be so frazzled, your aim would be off anyway :)

    Some 300s could be equipped with the paltry 2.7 possibly, not a great engine.
  • fintailfintail Posts: 32,890
    Living in an area known to have a high BMW population, I can say their drivers don't like to use turn signals. And someone in a late model M car is almost guaranteed to be an insufferable [non-permissible content removed].
  • fintailfintail Posts: 32,890
    edited August 2013
    I've driven maybe 600 miles since yesterday morning. Some LLCs, some going insanely slow on 60-70mph roads, no real speed demons, nothing exciting. I did almost get rear ended by an old man in an Impala on Snoqualmie Pass, when traffic ground to a halt for no reason at all. I could see his wife cover her face with her hands as he just missed me.

    And I got a rock chip on my bumper thanks to the supposed engineers at WSDOT who decided to make a ~5 mile stretch of a state highway loose gravel - no warning signs or online posts, I would have taken another route if I would have known. Absolutely ridiculous. Oncoming traffic in trucks, typical inbreds, was going ~40 and sending rocks flying across, I was driving on the shoulder to avoid it, no LEOs patrolling any of it. I am seriously thinking of sending the repair bill to the bastards. Disgusting negligence.
  • andres3andres3 CAPosts: 5,278
    With irrational people like that, I prefer to keep them in front of me vs. behind me.

    That's where you and I differ for sure buddy! I prefer to keep them idiots behind me. That's why I prefer cars with over 200 HP.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,621
    Yeah, if I had my car with warp drive that morning, I would have punched it.
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,267
    Yeah, I agree. With you being in the continuing lane, it was best that you held constant and let the other driver adjust. The fact that the other vehicle was not ahead of you at the merge point means ROW remains in your court, so odd action by the other driver to not either pull ahead or fall behind.

    That happened a long time ago to my wife when we were headed toward the Kenai Peninsula. We were in the left lane, the right lane ends, and she was driving a little faster than a car on the right. She had passed it by about a half car by the time the merge started. At that point, this other car speeds up even with us, then starts honking and swerving. I told her to ignore him and let him deal, but she freaked out, pulled to the far left shoulder and slowed down.

    "Happy" for us, he then settles in to exactly 55 on the windy, 2-lane road ahead. Since she's not much of a passer, we were stuck behind that yahoo for about 30 miles. I'm not sure if I was more annoyed with that driver or my wife....
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,267
  • fintailfintail Posts: 32,890
    edited August 2013
    ~120 miles on state and interstate highways earlier today - only one real LLC, a big Ford pickup that eventually moved over. Also saw a MLC Prius happily doping along as cars whizzed by on both sides.

    Also saw a minivan weaving through traffic, passenger (female, of course) reclined with foot hanging out the window - wouldn't be pretty in an accident.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,919
    Heh, that could be me, but we had the AC on most of the day in the van so the windows were up.

    The odd thing out in the southwest are some of the speed limits. We camped ~10 miles from Canyon TX at Palo Duro Canyon last night. The access road was a typical two lane with one or two stop signs and lots of driveway entrances. The speed limit was 70 for part of the road and 75 the rest of the way. 60 seemed plenty adequate.
  • fintailfintail Posts: 32,890
    I'd hope you or your other half would be smart enough not to be a foot dangler.

    TX is known for high speed limits. Probably low traffic a lot of the time, and the locals are used to it. Better than dumbo 55 that is common in so much of Oregon.

    Speaking of Oregon, saw an OR plated Sienna, plate read "YEN YEN" (so guess the driver), variable speed, weaving around going nowhere, being a typical idiot. Also honked at an Escalade that stopped in the middle of a turn for no reason - probably lost. I know when I'm lost, I just freeze and stop in the middle of a major arterial.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,919
    Define dangler, lol.

    Lots of considerate drivers here in Las Cruces. I've seen the cops stop two people in just a day, but one may have been a welfare check on an adult tricycle (didn't see the rider). Also noticed that some intersections were signed for red light/speed cameras. Not sure what the reason is but most of the streets are 35 mph and most people are going about that.
  • fintailfintail Posts: 32,890
    60mph interstate, window down, foot hanging out. I wonder what would happen in an evasive maneuver, or a crash. Can't say I would mourn.

    Cameras = we need money.
  • PFFlyer@EdmundsPFFlyer@Edmunds Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,808
    It really is amazing. We drove down to DC a couple of weeks ago and I saw a DRIVER with a foot hanging out the window of a beater van on the Beltway. I made certain I gave them a wide berth and left them behind me. I didn't want to have to deal with ay surprises!


    Moderator - Hatchbacks & Hybrid Vehicles

  • and a pickup truck passes me on the left on a generously wide road and *almost* rips my arm off with their mirror.

    Well, we are both coasting downhill to a 4-way stop.

    He stops and has to wait his turn. I creep on his right, and carefully make a right turn.

    He eventually turns right and starts SCREAMING at me about....I really don't know.....

    Old guy---face red, temples bulging--weaving as he rants...

    I still have no idea what his problem was, but it's disturbing that as we speak he's out there somewhere.
  • fintailfintail Posts: 32,890
    I hope that's worthy of a ticket. Of course, might be hard to enforce when the powers that be only look for speeders.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,919
    Wasn't me. I was cruising in the Southwest, driving with my knee.
  • fintailfintail Posts: 32,890
    This morning, saw a woman in a Mini, phone to her ear, go through a yellow very late - cross traffic light was green while she was still in the intersection. There was an oncoming cop who didn't even blink. Nice.

    Regarding Shifty's raging truck driver, maybe there needs to be background checks for the purchases of some vehicles, along with license endorsements. Some of them do seem to attract an element.

    Oh yeah, warm day here, have already seen numerous greybeards out on Harleys, no gear other than little brain bucket helmets - even the sportbike set here wears more. Skin grafts aren't cheap or fun.
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,633
    edited August 2013
    Injury and fatality rates among aging Harley drivers is very high. They really don't have good reflexes anymore, and the larger cruiser HD bikes are ponderous--if you don't have the upper body strength anymore, you're probably gonna drop it on yourself.
  • fintailfintail Posts: 32,890
    When I took the MSF course, I tried a little cruiser - not easy to maneuver, cumbersome for a large or tall rider. Then I tried a dual sport, and was able to make endless U-turns on a dime.

    I suspect older rider casualties will increase faster than younger over the next decade or two.
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