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Inconsiderate Drivers (share your stories, etc.)



  • jaserbjaserb Posts: 858
    My last post was an every day occurence. I'll never forget seeing a geezer with a 30' Winnebago trying to get on the freeway - the wrong direction! Several people tried to stop him to no avail. He finally figured it out when somebody had to slam on their brakes to keep from hitting him on the off-ramp. Then I watched him back his way up the off-ramp at .0005 mph. Traffic was at an utter standstill at this point. The inconsiderate part of the whole thing is that not only did the guy keep driving when he obviously was no longer physically able, but he drove a 5 ton battering ram all over the country.

  • I dont know what it is, but it seems ALL motor home drivers are completely incompetent. Most of them are old geezers that can barely handle a buick, let alone a 30 foot RV.

    I had the "pleasure" of spending a week in one. I will never step in one again. They are death traps, rattle till your ears fall off, and are too hard to drive on city streets, especially with the rear of the RV sticking out 15 feet past the rear wheel.

    I came to a conclusion on these beasts. They are too small to live in, and too big to drive in. I would rather take a road trip in a Civic with a tent in the back hatch.
  • eharri3eharri3 Posts: 645
    As irritating as this practics may seem, I prefer to just sit there and grumble about it to myself than to try to impeded them. For all I know, someone may be experiencing an emergency and need to get off the highway fast.
  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 21,590
    ...for some reason I have a fascination with them. Almost bought one about a year ago, a 1974 Travco with a Mopar 440. It was only a mini-monster at 22 feet, which is about the size of a full-size crew cab pickup with an 8-foot bed. It was actually pretty comfortable up front, although I just don't like the idea of sitting on top of the engine! I'm 6'3", and could stand up in it for the most part, except I had to duck under the a/c unit!

    A car and a tent really would make a lot more sense though. And hey, at least I did come to my senses and not buy the thing! (although I still look for the things for sale online and daydream)
  • ghuletghulet Posts: 2,628
    We had a great rock band in Chicago called Motorhome. A friend of mine is the drummer (I dig female drummers).

    As for the 'real thing', I don't understand why anyone would want one, seriously. For the $50-100k a new one costs, I could buy a seriously nice car and have enough money left over to stay at nice hotels every night of the year for about two years (not to mention the gas savings of car vs. motorhome).
  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 21,590
    ...this particular one was only $2900 ;-) Actually Ghulet, it was in Chicago! Well, in a little town west of it called Lake Zurich. Probably one of the dumbest things I ever did, but for some strange reason I wanted that thing...until I saw it up close, that is. I drove out from Maryland after work, probably around 6:30 in the evening, and we got out there about 8:30 Chicago time the next morning. Looked it over for about an hour. I was hungry, cold, and tired, and the reality hit me that if I bought it, I'd have to drive it 900 miles back home. On 6 tires that looked like they had some serious dry-rot. And no heat (and man was it cold up there, even in October!) Well, the owner did suggest taking the engine cover off if I got too cold. Like I want to hear an industrial-strength 440 running right next to me for any extended period of time.

    So my friend and I hopped back in the car and hightailed it back home and made it back by around 12:30. Oh well, I guess I could find worse things to do on a Friday nite and Saturday! Looking back, I still can't think of any logical reason that I wanted the damn thing, except that when I was a little kid I thought Travcos were cool. They were sleek and rounded, and almost futuristic compared to the typical "Toaster on wheels" look of most of 'em. Heck, even today, Travcos still look futuristic, considering that most current motorhomes are still just boxes on wheels. And you think it's hard to differentiate the style of an SUV, try it on a motorhome. They really do all look alike nowadays! Maybe someday when I have too much money I might buy one, but that's a long, long way off. And maybe I'll come to my senses by then ;-)
  • ghuletghulet Posts: 2,628
    This is the driver who 'clogs up' the road by wandering between lanes, looking for his destination, going way under the speed limit and hitting the brakes randomly every thirty seconds or so. Typically this person will putter up to a green light and pause, oblivious to anyone behind him who *might* want to actually get somewhere quickly. Oh, and these people, in the same vain, who are going way under proper speed on their way to a traffic light that's about to turn yellow. Generally, the clog will get through the light, leaving a trail of angry motorists sitting at the red light.

    Andre, I've never been to Lake Zurich. It's amazing how many burbs we have in Chicago (and towns that used to be considered 'the sticks' which are now bonified suburbs). I've lived here most of my life and haven't been to half of them.
  • avro1avro1 Posts: 6
    It seems to me a lot of people seem to think the following two acts are part of the traffic code. Silly me to think that they are wrong since so many people think its part of the code they must be right.

    1. On the four lane highways, its perfectly acceptable to merge into the traffic cutting to the leftmost lane in less then 100 m before the merge lane actually meets the highway. Then its perfectly acceptable to cut off 4 motorists (the 3 other lanes plus the offramp) jam on the brakes while on the offramp then speed through the red light making a triple turn in a double turn lane in order to get to the Coffee Shop before the person ahead of you.
    2. Underpassing in the right lane, then squeezing between two cars with maybe 10 feet between them and using the shoulder as a personal lane since your too important to wait in the queue with everyone else during rushhour.
  • A unique complaint, only because not too many folks in my spot:

    When we're driving our BIG red fire truck, lights a-flashing, siren a-wailing, air horn a-blasting, I'm not even bothered anymore by folks who can't see us approaching from behind - I'm that numb to it. What does, however, frost my hide, are the folks at the next intersection who can clearly see us coming, and rather than wait for us to pass by, they pull out in front of us, THEN pull over! (At least they pull over!) Do me a huge favor, folks... educate all the drivers in your families... help me help you & yours.

    PS: I drive a motorhome, too. Fortunately, my 25+ years of emergency vehicle experience made the adjustment a lot easier. I agree... there are some scary RV drivers out there. I've always thought a class on driving oversize vehicles should be a mandatory part of the RV purchase package.

  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    Death is too lenient a punishment for these idiots.
  • wilcoxwilcox Posts: 581
  • String them up by their toes and force feed them prune juice!
  • pat84pat84 Posts: 817
    Let them play matador.

    You have to see a picture posted by whambam in Roadside Cafe.
  • wilcoxwilcox Posts: 581
    That thar just might be "worse than death"! Left lane campers beware...
  • Wilcox, pulling over to the side of the road when a funeral passes by is showing respect. Anytime there's a funeral I will pull over. Showing a little respect doesn't hurt anything.

  • wilcoxwilcox Posts: 581
    example - giving the procession right of way at an intersection while turning, etc.

    I have difficulty with the concept of coming to a dead stop on a busy thoroughfare though. I think it wastes time and can be dangerous. Back in the 1800's it might not have been...but in todays world with traffic the way it is, the safety risk is greater than ever.

    There are over 280,000,000 people in the US. Everyone of them are going to die. It is a common occurance.
  • pat84pat84 Posts: 817
    What about those people that had their bodies cryogenically frozen ? They are going to be thawed out when there is a cure for their disease. They may not die for a centuries.
    Ha Ha Ha There is one born every minute.
  • wilcoxwilcox Posts: 581
    Ahahaha, I see what you are saying...

    At least they are not the cause of any traffic foolishness!
  • It IS an act of respect to pull over for a funeral procession. I guess it all depends on how you were raised. Anyhooooo, here's another one for you.

    Rush hour traffic, 4 lane, divided interstate. If the traffic is virutally bumper to bumper in both lanes, and cars in the left lane are passing cars in the right lane, WHY IN THE WORLD do some people think that they can play slot racer in & out of traffic thinking they're really getting to their destination any faster? The idiocy amazes me! And it never fails, they'll try to put a Suburban-sized vehicle in a VW Bug-sized space! WHAT ARE THESE PEOPLE THINKING?

    If someone wants around me, 9 times out of 10, I'll pull over. However, if pulling over requires me getting tied up in this traffic I'm passing, FORGET IT! These holier-than-thou's are just about to get on my last nerve.

    in with the good, out with the with the good, out with the bad.............

  • dinu01dinu01 Posts: 2,586
    1. Left lane drivers: MOVE RIGHT! I drive faster than the limit on highways when it is safe to do so (no snow, heavy rain). Some ^%$*@ always thinks he has a right to block me and others from driving faster than him in the left lane. Get your car in the middle/right lane and saty there if you're not passing the guy in the middle lane. Evenn if the highway is empty I always move right after making a pass. If someone wants to go 180 km/h let them do it. You're not there to police them.

    2. No tail lights at nite: Just b/c you have DRLs (mandatory in Canada) it doesn't mean you actually have your light on!

    3. Shoulder drivers: Again, where are the cops when you need them?

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