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Ford Mustang Cobra and SVT Cobra



  • driftracerdriftracer Posts: 2,692
    The best "bang for the buck" mod I've ever done was running a 3.55 or 3.73 gear with a Ford Racing limited slip...

    Considering the ratios in your '01's transmission. 3.73s work GREAT! On the older T-5s, with the 3.35 first gear, 3.55s are as high as you'd want for the street (instead of 3.73s or 4.11s), otherwise, first gear is useless and 5th is now 4th...
  • I have an automatic. I've thought about gears and I think I will look into that. Sounds awesome. I might do that and do an off road H- pipe this summer. I also have that programer 3 chip, but it gets confusing when setting transmission shift points matched up to the engines rpms and tire size. I will have to read the manual more in depth because I'm not much of a mechanic.
  • driftracerdriftracer Posts: 2,692
    They can do a gear swap for you, and for probably not much money, set up your programming to optimal specs for what you're running.

    3.73s or 4.10s work GREAT with an automatic and I think you'll be like a kid in a candy store once you step on the "go" pedal after the modifications.
  • rac43rac43 Posts: 1
    I am thinking of buying a 97 base stang with a cobra motor installed. Motor looks 94-95, a 5.0 liter. Is there anywhere I can look to I.D. where this motor came from or at least what year it was made? Thanks in advance!!!!
  • I currently have 54K miles on my 2003 Ford Cobra Mustang convertible. I have had several problems (albeit all covered under my extended Ford warranty) with shifting and also engine cooling.

    In regards to shifting, Ford ended up changing out and replacing my transmission after me bringing the car into the dealer approximately 6 times. The car drove great, shifted and clutched better than the day I bought it, and worked great for about 6K Now, I'm having problems again with the shifting. Has anyone had this problem?

    I have also had cooling system problems. My car has overheated more than 8 times now. I have had 3 thermostats and have been towed to the dealer 8 times. Now the latest dealer is telling me that maybe I have a defective radiator. Has anyone had this problem too?

    Looking forward to hearing from you. Other than the above problems, the car has been flawless and has been fun to drive!
  • crisp64crisp64 Posts: 1
    I have seen a 98 SVT Cobra, 16500 miles, looks mint. The owner is asking $17k for it but Edmunds puts the price closer to $13k for private and $16k for retail. Is there really a premium for this car? Also looking ot use this car for daily commute, but not sure it is really suitable - any thoughts?
  • I have a 96 cobra convert with 235,000 miles it runs great....however the rear end has noise. factory gears (3.27 I think) 5 speed and syncs are bad in it...has trouble going into 5th have to let rpms down to under 2000 to get it in...Im thinking of changing it to a tremec 6 speed and rear end gears to 411...does anyone have any imput on this? another question is that with that many miles I will be rebuilding prob next year....(adding a procharger)...will I ever be able to get close to my money back out of it...right now I have about $ 10,500. in it. any help or advise is greatly appreciated.
  • bought my 03 Cobra in April 05. Now about 40,000 miles. Had clunking sound at rear w/ shifting. Dealer had a "clutch in the differential" replaced. Less clunking, but still there sometimes. Dealer has it again now & I am trying to find if there have been other owners w/ similar problems. Why did Ford replace your tranny?
  • Do you or anyone else have any info on whether Ford did anything on this? I bought my 03 Cobra from a dealer in Apr 05. Trying to get the clunking sound that I get sometimes fixed if it really is a problem.
    Clunking in lower gears as I let the clutch out. Pretty normal driving---not on the gas much.
    (1st time I brought back to dealer they replaced a "clutch in the differential"---probably not as frequent now, but still happens.)
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 974
    Hi, crb03cobra! You might also want to ask the folks in the Transmission Traumas discussion to see if they have any answers for you.

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  • Have had my GT Premium coupe for only about 2 months and am already seriously thinking about getting the Cobra -- got pictures of it on my desktop. Will be calling dealers Mon. From what I've heard so far, they're due out sometime next year. Anybody know when and how to get one? I've heard the price will be less than $40k, somewhere around $36-39k? Is that right?
  • To answer my own question: Called a dealer today and talked to the chief honcho. He said I could leave a refundable deposit, get on the list, and would get a Cobra when they came into production sometime around summer/fall '06.
  • I have a '99 Cobra and tried fitting '04 SVT 9" rims/tires (275/40/17 tires) but they stuck out beyond the fenders on the front. I have seen this same set of rims/tires on a base mustang and they fit fine. Was there a different front rotor/hub used on the '99 Cobra than in the '03-'04 Cobra models? What is the widest rim/tire combo that will fit the front of the '99 Cobra?
  • Have you driven a Mustang before? I have had many Mustangs over the years and the clutch is always very heavy and the tranny is always picky. Most buy an aftermarket shifter. It is a car that you will feel the road and every bump and vibration will take some getting use to. I like the hard suspension and zero body roll. It is more of a race car than it is a smooth driving machine. If you want quiet you better stick with the BMW.
  • mpchadmpchad Posts: 1
    i have a 2003 cobra, where do i hook up the boost gauge and the oil temperature gauge?
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    Uh, you do know you are replying to a post that is nearly 2 years old...... ;) :surprise:
  • is there some way to obtain an original window sticker for this vehicle and/or a copy of the original bill of sale? any specific names, phone numbers, addresses that would help would be greatly appreciated. 1FAFP48Y03F419769
  • 2003 mustang cobra SVT

    25k miles have had minor gear slop type noise since new and its progressivly worsened and I am about to take it in for service. Have called 1-800-ford SVT and asked about this and they say the clank sound is more pronounced due to the IRS rear and that it should not pose a problem. But a car that at least lists for about 40K (conv.) should really not have this sound. Other wise this car is and has been amazingly reliable. And the factory 400 HP is amazing specially in the cooler winter weather. Glad I purhased the extend warranty plan though.
  • hey whats up im new so im still learning what to do on this site do yoy run regualar gas in your mustang
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