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Daewoo Maintenance and Repair



  • cptsessocptsesso Posts: 116
    I have seen the air and oil filters at Pep Boys. I just bought the air filter for my 2000 Leganza. I believe it cost $7.95. Hope this helps.
  • jsiesjsies Posts: 26
    The tranny doesn't have a dipstick. It's more or less a closed system, but it can be opened to check fluid level and condition. I can't tell you how to open it, but if you suspect a problem, the dealer can do it. I've had my 2000 Nubira for about a week now and remembered reading about the transmission in the manual.
  • miasmamiasma Posts: 1
    Has anyone had a problem with their timing belt breaking? I just passed the 60,000 mile mark and my timing belt broke. Now I've been told that it destroyed the cylinder head. A service manager / friend tells me that it is very unusual for this to happen at 60,000 miles although it is recommended that it be replaced at that mileage. He said there's usually some leeway and that he would not expect the timing belt to break until 70,000 miles or 4 years. My car seemed to lose power when this happened but I did not feel any unusual vibration or noises. Sees like tearing up the valves and cylinder head would have cause a little more commotion than I experienced. Afterwards the engine whined when I tried to re-start it but did not have a high pitched sound. Any comments? I'm looking at a $2,800 repair bill.
  • A Daewoo mechanic on another post said the timing belts on all models should be changed at 50,000 miles.Very few make it to 60,000.Another mechanic said they should be changed at 30,000 miles.I would go with the 50,000.
  • shana4shana4 Posts: 1
    Hello fellow Daewoo owners,
    I am a potential 2001 Lanos Sport owner. The owner must sell this car immediatly (by 9/4/02)before it gets repossessed by the Bank. It appears to be in excellent condition; everything looks brand new and it only has 28k miles. However when I turned on the ignition the Air Bag light swithced on??? Does it mean that the car was in an accident and the air bags did not deploy? I read (on Edmunds) that there were a number of Lanos being recalled due to Passive Restraint Air bag. If the owner sell the car to me will the car be covered under the Manufacture's Warranty? Also If I purchase an extended warranty will it cover normal scheduled toon-ups and maintenance?
  • I own a 2001 Lanos Sport and love it. I have had no problems with my sport. There is a recall on the "Passenger" side airbag. I think it has to do with the airbag mounts, and not the actual operation (or lack there of) of the airbag. I have not had any problems getting service up to this point. You will want to find out the address of the original selling dealer. The factory warranty should be transferable, but an extended might not be advisable. Normal maintenance items are NOT included. Kepp in mind, Daewoo in USA is bankrupt. GM is going to be taking over things soon like warranty work. No system is set up yet, but should be shortly. Again, I love my Lanos Sport, and will have keep it for years to come. The airbag light is some issue with the airbag. There is a problem with one of the airbags. Was it in an accident? maybe. A dealer should be able to tell you what would cause the light to come on. The recall would be covered under warranty. Good luck.
  • jsiesjsies Posts: 26
    I have a 2000 Nubira CDX with these items bugging me right now:

    1. Passenger headlamp is fogging up. Appears to be
    double wall glass enclosure. How to fix?

    2. Gas gauge not working now. Appears as a Tech Serv Bulletin Any one have this yet and is it expensive or hard to get parts for a

  • I hope I am not too late, but it looks like the ex-Daewoo dealers service shops are trying to swindle you miasma. FYI, The Daewoo engines, 1.6, 2.0L. 2.2L which are manufactured by Holden of Australia are FREE REVVING, FREE RUNNING, NON-INTERFERENCE Engines. Meaning if the timing belt breaks, it is a non event like you noticed. It will not cause a damage to the engine. you just replace the timing belt and everything is back to normal. Here is the internet link if you do not believe me. Interference engines are denote by an asterisk.

    So it looks like since the dealers are owed money by Daewoo, they are trying to squeeze it from the customers. Be very careful. Looks like American dealers have no conscience.
  • jsiesjsies Posts: 26
    Here's a HEADS UP...
    I went to the link and on a little further to:
    and found some very disturbing facts... the data you all are referring to is from 1970 thru 1997. When you follow the link above to the acrobat reader file, Daewoo products from 1999 to 2001 are, unfortunately, INTERFERENCE ENGINES !!!!!!!
    Please correct me if I'm wrong about this.
  • On top of that, about 3% of the timing belts are failing EARLY, before 60,000 miles causing extensive valve damage. Making a big recommendation to have it replaced early to prevent the costly damage and vehicle down time. I plan on making an appointment when my Nubira hits 53,000 miles and taking it in by 55,000 miles.

    Go to and they have a good guide showing which engines are and are not interference designs all the way through 2001 model year. Plus they do make ones for the Daewoo cars should the dealer not be able to get one from Daewoo directly.
  • jsiesjsies Posts: 26
    This discussion got me to thinking about replacing the timing belt early also. I have over 48,000 miles on my 2000 Nubira. I called a well established dealer in Monroeville, PA (just east of Pittsburgh), who also handles (or handled) the Daewoo franchise. They quoted a price of $315.00
    material and labor for the replacement. Not bad considering the alternative. Probably a good local mechanic shop with less overhead could even do it cheaper.
  • I broke down on the hwy, the car lost power and stalled. I had the timing belt replaced for good measure ( I have 67k on the engine), the fuel filter replaced and a tune up. Check engine light kept comming on after the engine seems to bog down.
    Two weeks later broke down again with the same problem.
    I had the fuel pump replaced. Received the car back and the next day i was having the same problem with the check engine light repeatedly comming on. Light goes off after restart of car only to come on again. This most often is happening at high speeds. I had the car back to the dealer who said there was a bad wire which was replaced. I left the dealers only to be on the NYS Thruway and have the problem all over again.

    Any suggestions as to what the problem really is?
  • jsiesjsies Posts: 26
    I'm far from being a mechanic, but from what you're describing, (replacing hardware items), I think the next move might be to have your
    "computer/sensor related diagnostics" checked out. Good Luck!
  • Let's see. They replaced my Oxygen sensor.
    The service manager took my car home, the next day (yesterday Sept 24) they replaced my coil pack.
    I'll ask about the computer. Thanks!!
  • jsiesjsies Posts: 26
    I think I would phrase it as "other electronic sensor parts", as there may not be any single component type "computer". I'm not all that comfortable when it comes to electronic problems.
    Hopefully someone with more experience chimes in before you go back to the dealer.
  • abtxabtx Posts: 6
    I read in Autoweek that Daewoo is Chpt.11
    General Motors bought all their assets(manufacturing plants, etc) but EXCLUDING the USA dealership network. This means that the owners of the dealerships have been put out of business, they lost all the money they invested in that particular dealership and they no longer provide any warranty service
  • I finally got my car back again this past Saturday(28th) I drove it the 75 miles to work and HOORAY!!! No check engine light. The dealer said that my battery grounding strap was corroded. So, they cleaned it up. I hope that this is truly the end of the blinking light.

    It would really stink if I put $800 into the car and that's all that was wrong with it.

    But at this point how could I prove it? They said that they were getting codes.

    I'm just glad that I did not have to call them again this morning.
  • Hey,
    I know exactly which dealer you are talking about. I live in Irwin, there is another Woo dealer there that you might try to shop. Let me know if you do change it - where and how much.

  • carlrjrcarlrjr Posts: 35
    A few years ago I had a shop replace a $280 alternator on my truck to solve a low-voltage problem -- That was money wasted, because I had the problem until I fixed a bad ground myself.

    These techs are doing the same thing everyone else is starting to do: They believe "what the computer says" without understanding or even examining the basics first.
  • jsiesjsies Posts: 26
    Where else can I go in the Monroeville area besides the No.1 C? I haven't checked anywhere else yet, but I'm going to inquire around the South Hills area, where I live. I'll keep you in the loop when I get some more info or quotes.
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