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Daewoo Maintenance and Repair



  • lssg79lssg79 Posts: 1
    Not to bore you with to much back history but the car was running ok. The only issue it had was some slight (what appeared to be) dieseling when you would shift from drive to park. The big issue is that it will not start. I can here the starter turning but it sounds like it is not engaging anything. The engine is not even trying to turn over. The battery is good, I have tried to give it a jump, I have checked the fuses. The car was last driven on a hot day with the AC on and parked in the garage. Does anyone know what would stop it from not starting all of a sudden.
    Thanks in advance for any help.
  • wooblooswoobloos Posts: 12
    I finally found out why my car was missing while going up hills and passing other needed spark plugs and spark plug wires. I was told the No. 4 cylinder was bad. The mechanic thought the ignition coil might be damaged, but after putting on new spark plugs and wires, it's fine. My car runs great. Thanks for all the replies.

  • mikey16mikey16 Posts: 1
    Hi line3

    My Daewoo has just experienced the same problem as you outlined. Have you got yours fixed ? And I'd be grateful if you'd let me know what the problem was... Thanks
  • ewebster1ewebster1 Posts: 37
    hi i am a owner of a 2001 daewoo nubria the car is really nice has bought it in 2003 with 128 miles new had never been driven off lot and thought wow what a deal so far we have had to replace the battery,have the brakes redone and the air conditioner has really been giving us a fit, it will go out at the drop of a hat the air will be working fine then with no warning it wil start blowing warm air out,the first time it happened the machanic said it was the panel,he finaly found one off a used car and replaced it after 5 trys and it worked for over a year now it went out agian during the hotest day of this summer has anyone had any problems like this with their daewoo.
  • ewebster1ewebster1 Posts: 37
    my machanic just called and said the compressure had gone out of the air conditioner and it would cost alittle over $1,600 to fix it does anyone want to buy a daewoo nubria ?
  • God what a huge amount of money. Is he wanting to change every dam thing out in the a/c system or what??? Maybe he just doesn't want to mess with it and is trying to make it "worth his while". Let's hope he's better than that!
    It may actually be Daewoo's fault but someone could surely diagnose this problem. Lots of daewoo enthusiasts (mechanical and non mechanical) out there. ;)

    I have a problem with mine too... after a while it decides not to emit any freon AND the fan starts blowing very weakly.
    I'm not a mechanic, so all I can figure is that something is telling the freon not to work (almost like it's the computer or something disengages and says the A/C button isn't really pushed in or whatever). I have no idea why the fan also decides not to blow very hard, however the fan will start working once the a/c button is turned off.

    Mine's been doing this a long time and maybe it's a different problem from yours but here's what I do:
    I turn off the fan, then turn the a/c button OFF.
    Then I turn the fan back on and let just the fan run for a while. Eventually, I turn off the fan, hit the a/c button, turn the fan back on and sim sim sallah bim! the dam thing starts working....freon is on and fan's going full speed. Why, I have no idea.
  • ewebster1ewebster1 Posts: 37
    just read your messages and believe me i thought the same thing when he told what it would cost and have contacted another person to check it out to see i do not exactly trust the ones that said it would cost a little over $1600 just to fix the compressor, turning the ac button off does not work we tried that as well i have also contacted the daewoo company to see what they would do if anything,i asked them to furnish the compressor don't expect to hear anything but can't do but one of two things. been having problems with the air on that car for over a year now even replaced the panel and that helped for one whole summer,as soon as i get that car paid off i will sell the thing to the first one that is dumb enough to buy it. have found a compressor on the internet for a little over $300 new with a clutch
    thanks for getting back with me will let you know if i hear from daewoo
  • ewebster1ewebster1 Posts: 37
    just got a email back from daewoo corp and they told me to take a flying leap in not so many words but it came out the same that my car had gone over the miles so it was not longer under warranty i knew that i just felt like they should make their cars better they would not get all these complaints i am going to somehow get it fixed and finish paying for it and sell it and get an american made car maybe a chevrolet
  • and labor. Is it a dealership? Most dealerships probably wouldn't even charge that much!

    When I leave the a/c button off, it's usually for at least 15 minutes or so. But if that doesn't help you, there may be a different problem. Haven't had too many problems with this vehicle (has a lot less recalls than Ford Focus did) and been very happy with gas mileage (who'd have thought in 01 that gas prices would be skyhigh right now!)

    Good luck and keep posting.
  • Help. My 2000 Daewoo Lanos was running fine. I took it in for an oil change and general servicing, including brakes. Two days after I picked it up it died while I was driving about 25 miles per I took it back for a complete diagnostic at the mechanics recommendation. He called and told me it needed a cam senor some wiring repairs etc. and it would could about $1,500. I told him I would rather spend my money and buy a newer car. I picked up the car and went to a dealership to buy a new car. The car wouldn't start. It is sitting at the dealership. I don't know mechanics. Is it worth $1,500. to tow the car and have it repaired? Should I just leave the car. I own a new car now.
  • ewebster1ewebster1 Posts: 37
    i thought so myself that is why i have made an appointment with a highly recommended garage for them to check it out,i can use that to make a down payment on another car it was a daewoo dealership that gave me that quote and i told them to not touch the air condtioner we just had a compressor installed in another car of ours and it did not cost but alittle over $700 with labor,if i did not owe anything on this daewoo i would sell it,will let you know what this other garage says when i take it next week for them to check it out
  • ewebster1ewebster1 Posts: 37
    i think i would get rid of that daewoo however i could, my daewoo nubria has been nothing but trouble the last 2 years one thing right after another i bought the car after a woman ran into my daughters car totaling it my daughter was in nursing school at the time and needed a way to get to and from school and it did great the first year we have had to replace the battery,redo the brake systems,the air conditioner has give us a fit for the last 2 years til it finally went out last week when the temp was 100 degrees outside,we had to replace the power window system,nothing has been cheap with this car.the car had not been taken off the car lot we bought it new had 128 miles on it thinking it was a good deal boy was i wrong.
  • esperoespero Posts: 7
    can you help i have a daewoo espero 1.8cdi 8Valve i belive the engine is a holden unit the prob i have is its misfiring. i changed the belt tensioner water pump ht leads the lot and now its misfiring all the work was done as per daewoo spec but its this misfire at idle.
  • The other vehicle's a/c repair cost $700 at the same dealership or a different one?
    I think I would have looked for another dealership that has a mechanic who knows daewoos. Sometimes dealerships who no longer sell daewoos still have mechanics who know how to diagnose and fix daewoos.
  • repair

    This website may really be intended for mechanics (shadetree or certified) and they might not be too happy about addressing a lot of customer questions but maybe it won't hurt for one or two people to ask when all other options are exhausted.">link title
  • ewebster1ewebster1 Posts: 37
    this mechanic is at another dealership that came highly recommended by our mechanics we have working on our cars we asked them to work on the daewoo but they said they did not feel comfortable with foreign cars so they told us about these people they said if they cannot fix it it could not be fixed. if and when i get rid of this car i will never buy anything except an american made if there is such a thing anymore
  • ehamilto55ehamilto55 Posts: 57
    1999 Daewoo Leganza. I tried to turn on car and it made a noise like the engine was running and while I was turning the key. (like a grinding noise that happens when car is on and you turn the ignition key) The car will not fire over. Their is power and the serpintine belt turns slightly but it will not fire up. My friend seems to think it could be a fuel pump. I tried cleaning carborator but still nothing. What could it be?
  • jdwisjdwis Posts: 3
    1998 Daewoo Leganza, just bought, conditions is quite ok, when bought 4 days ago, drove 25 miles, everything was working, it has hydraulic clutch, adjusted its settings as per requirement, somehow after that speedometer started playing up, while driving, speedometer stops working and suddenly starts, its an intermittent problem of speedometer, I dont want to open the dashboard to check it but I assume there has to be some loose connection of speedometer cable from somewhere at transaxle... not sure..
    If somebody knows where to check this?
    All help is very much appreciated.
  • dpeatrossdpeatross Posts: 1
    The car shut off one day at a red light. It started up, I drove it the rest of the day and then in the morning it wouldn't start. It was turning over, getting spark, etc., but no fuel. I checked for power at the fuse block etc. and thought it was the fuel pump. I ordered a new pump for $200 and that wasn't it. I worked at a Toyota dealership and one of there mechanics worked on the car. He pulled up the wiring diagram and started the ellimination process. He said there was power at the fuse block and ignition switch, but it also goes through the crank sensor and computer. I replaced the crank sensor first, then the computer.
  • cmatt2cmatt2 Posts: 17
    I had the same problem-for 3 yrs the daewoo dealer played around trying to fix it.Finally the problem was solved.There is a plug in to the speed sensor(located on the tranny)this plug in had lost tension in the pins.Yours may just be loose.In my case I bought a piece ot the wire containing the plug-in and had it spliced into the existing wire.
    The dealer replaced the speedo head,ecu etc over the years all while it was under warranty-milking DAEWOO,but never fixing my problem.The last straw was when they said I needed a new harness,rather then just putting on a new plug-in.I found the part on ebay.
    I hope this solves your problem.
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