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Daewoo Maintenance and Repair



  • My lanos has 17,000 miles I know this to be true as I bought the car new.The guy at firestone told me at about 30,000 to have the cover pulled and look at the timing belt but if it is not t cracked or worn no need to replace who is right? you or firestone?? :surprise:
  • gflilygflily Posts: 2
    Hello all! I'm new here but was reading some posts and believe this is the best website to get good honest help!

    I have a 99 Leganza with the check engine light on (of course). The code with the OBD II is P1627 "Module supply voltage out of range". I have tried replacing the ECM but that did not fix the problem. When I got the car, there were cables all over the inside because someone had put a custom stereo in. I mean LOTS of cables. The ABS light is also on. Could the two be related? Could the stereo installation have caused these issues? Any ideas on how to fix it? :confuse: The gas gauge doesn't work either-possibly related to engine light?
  • failsmogfailsmog Posts: 1
    My 'check engine light' remains on too ... for over a year now. When trying to get it SMOG (calif.) it failed with a code number P0228 - coolant temperature below thermostat rating. Of course the tech didn't understand that and refered me to a local auto repair .. The car never runs hot (so I believe) .. any one every dealt with something like this before ..?
  • I have a Winters aluminum GM V8 intake manifold with a casting number of 14101074. I don't find a date code anywhere on it. Can you please tell me what motor this is for as well as what different years, if more than one?? If you are unfamiliar with this type of cross reference number search can you please provide me with a website where I can cross reference that number myself. Maybe an online book or website would help greatly. I have spent over an hour in GM, Jeeves & Google sites and come up knowing as just much as before I started searching, which is a big fat zero. I'm pretty sure it's for a small block Chevy, but I wouldn't bet on it. Thanks for your time & help.
  • I have a very good person that knows all about Daewoos - not REAL near to me, but the only person that has been able to help. He is in North East Philadelphia, PA. If that is anywhere near you, I will "hook you up". He has helped me identify and purchase both O2 sensors for my Nubira. They each cost around $170.00. I was not expecting that, but oh well, had to get it done. Inspection coming soon and "check engine light" cannot be on in this state (DE) and pass.
  • joeyacejoeyace Posts: 5
    i posted a message the other day but it was removed because i included my phone number, thats how desperate i am.i am new at this .mr shiftright responded and i am very greateful for that and even sent me links to repair shops,but i couldnt click on them. but this is my problem. everybody, again:i just bought a 2000 woo lanos sx with 69k miles. the owner told me i need a coil? whatever that is. the gas gauge doesnt work, the idiot lights stay on. and i need front brake pads and he told me he uses premium gas but the owners manual call for 87. i love my little car it runs great. and every mechanic i have spoken with tell me i made a big mistake (and parts cannot be gotten) by buying the car. i bought it for my daughter for college and i dont want her to get stuck can somebody PLEASE HELP ME i am desperate and confused. thank you so much for any input you can give me.
    Joe (in Miami)
  • echeverriaecheverria Posts: 1
    I live in Miami too. I and I also own a Daewoo 99 with 123k miles. if a mechanic tells you that you made a mistake I dont think you should trust him. Daewoos are cars just like any other in the same category. yes you cant get the parts at the regular auto parts store( maybe thats why the lazy mechanic tells you that) but they are available in ebay, google and in junkyards and obviously in the dealer. there is nothing weird inside the hood. the coil you can get either in ebay or in the junkyard located in 595 and 441. dont know about the gas I always use 89 and unlike many people claiming weird differences I dont feel anything using 87 or 93. there are many countries using korean cars (daewoo ,hyudai and kia) as taxis that might tell you how "normal" they are. My suggestion is fire your mechanic and get somebody with balls and knowledge
  • joeyacejoeyace Posts: 5
    thanks for responding you said 595 & 441 thats pretty far i live in sunny isles....i need somebody closer to you know the difference between the lanos woo sx and the not sx? somebody told me about a place in hialeah (?) you said dealer? are there still woo dealers? are right while we are on the subject 3 people never to be trusted 1) attorneys 2) cops 3) mechanichs.need i say more?.......again thank you so much you dont know how much this means to me. joe
  • gflilygflily Posts: 2
    I have purchased parts for my Daewoo Leganza CDX on eBay for reasonable prices. I got an ECU for $60! There are online stores you can buy from, but they are expensive. I would check to see if there is another engine similar to your that you can swap out parts. For my Leganza, the '99 Isuzu Rodeo has the same engine, so everything but electrical can be used in my car. Daewoos seem to be dependable, so I wouldn't worry too much!

    Also, I have seem Daewoos on Craigslist for pretty cheap. I thought about buying one with lots of body damage and parting it out. If you have the room and the time, that is what I would recommend. That way, you have all the parts you need!

    Hope this helps!
  • joeyacejoeyace Posts: 5
    thank you for your response im so new at this that anybody that gives me the slightest bit of information about my new used car im all ears thanks guys for caring.................Joe
  • brettski1brettski1 Posts: 12
    2000 Leganza CDX. Never had an issue with anything related to the airbags. I allowed an old battery to finally fail. When I replaced the battery, the airbag light is on. I have the factory manuals. As I understand it, when the voltage drops below a certain minimum (10 volts or something like that), the airbag light comes on. Also, as I read the manual, it will not shut off without automatically...even after installing the correct battery power. So, now the light is on. The dealer wants $100 just to use the code reader, find out the reason, and re-set it.....even it was just the low battery. OUCH. Any other ideas? As much as I want to believe that it is only on because of the battery, another part of me doesn't want to find out there was something more serious....right after I needed it to function.
  • joeyacejoeyace Posts: 5
    Thanks so much i appreciate your help...any i deas as far as junkyards that have woos or should i just start calling?
  • markukmarkuk Posts: 1
    Hi can anyone help me with a misfire problem. My Lanos was working fine and after parking on restart was misfiring on two cylinders. Mechanic advised ignition coil faulty. Car would hardly move and needed towing home. Changed the coil and now the car is running again but is misfiring in 2nd and 3rd gear. Will run ok in 4th and 5th at speed but jolts in the lower gears. The coil change clearly resolved the main problem. I've notice a 2 inch split in the air hose between the air filter and engine. Any advice would be helpful. Mark
  • jeschajescha Posts: 4
    I have a 1999 Daewoo Lanos that a friend gave to my husband and I. It runs great but we can not get it to pass smog, so therefore, we can't register it. I see that you said you bought a new ECU, so did we because we were told that was probably the prolem, it didn't help. May I ask why you bought a ECU?
  • jeschajescha Posts: 4
    Can anyone offer some insight on a Daewoo that will not pass smog?
  • jeschajescha Posts: 4
    Can you please tell me if you were ever able to get you car to pass smog and what you did to get it to pass smog. We also live in California and have failed twice and they said that maybe we needed a new ECU which we purchased from a junk yard, and it still failed. can you offer any insight????
  • tlibbytlibby Posts: 1
    Timing belt broke on 2002 leganza, i was just leaving a parking spot going maybe 10MPH, would that still cause engine damage?
  • jeschajescha Posts: 4
    I would have to say yes. I know that with the timing belt in my Volswagen they said if it breaks you might as well kiss your engine goodbye. Some cars are really affected by the timing belt. Sorry to hear that.
  • Anyone can tell me where the camshaft sensor is located on the Nubira Stationwagon (2001) ?? thanks
  • I just inherited a 2000 Leganza CDX with about 48,500 miles on it. The oil was changed this past October, the plugs were about 3 or 4 years ago, then my mother died and I am about to go pick it up and drive about 1500 miles. She never went above 65 with it, and I am wondering if there is anything I should get done before I head out, and if there is anything I can do to help it get used to running 75 to 80? (In the way of best performance and fuel mileage.) Also, anyone have an idea of the cost of a new timing belt, or how easy is it to do myself? I used to work on muscle cars, and trucks, farm equipment, etc. until Plymouth came out with their Horizon, and I gave up on changing anything other than spark plugs after my trial by fire with a water pump! SPEAKING OF WHICH!! I was also told the new Iridium plugs would be a good idea to put in before the trip to help it get going, I'm afraid of too much heat, not enough air coming in. Am I right, or are they a good investment or should I look at a cold air intake to help it out if I get them? (WOW! All that in one breath!) :) I really like the car and look forward to keeping it as long as they have parts in a junk yard, and lawnmowers that can maybe swap out plugs and filters with! ;)
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