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Daewoo Maintenance and Repair



  • Hey guys, I just wanna start off by saying that this car is the best purchase I have ever made. Best deal for the money. I hope they start selling them again, re-badged or not, I would be the first inline to purchase. Anyways, My dome light, map lights, and trunk lights all went out. And the door ajar, and trunk open lights no longer work. Is it a fuse or what? Also WHen my A/C is on, I get a slight grnding/vibration noise when I make slow speed sharp turns. Thanks.
  • all8888all8888 Posts: 1
    to dailydaewoo and others

    My leganza just developed the same problem. For me, the problem was due to a 10 amp fuse in the fuse box under the hood. in particular this fuse controls the instrument panel light and the lighting of the right side of the car.


    any idea?
  • daewooboydaewooboy Posts: 3
    Anyone else having a "misfire" problem?

    It's intermitent.....

    here's the problem...

    When it's "colder" outside its more likely to happen. I start the car up.

    It starts fine and Idles fine.

    If I leave is sit and idle. no problems.

    However, if I start it up first thing in the morning, and pull away, as I'm driving..usually within 1-2 miles or after about 3-5 minutes, the car has a noticable "miss".

    The CEL comes on and flashes for about 30 seconds. After a few minutes more, as the car gets to operating temperature, it clears up and runs fine the rest of the day.

    Sometimes it will be fine for a few days. And then it will happen again. It happens more frequently in colder temperatures. Since summer hat finally hit the midwest, it hasn't happened in weeks.

    I have replaced the plugs. Replaced the Spark plug wires, and ran some injector cleaner through. No help.

    I have a code reader, and every time it's the same cose. #2 cylinder misfire.

    I suspect it is an injector, or possibly a bad head gasket. I noticed my Coolant level down. I checked for leaks and can't find any. my engine compartment is very clean. I had to ad about 16oz of coolant to bring it back up to where it was.

    I'm leaning more twards a head gasket. My hteory an aluminum head. when the aluminum is cool, it is in a contracted state. as the coolant warms, the preasure increases. until the aluminum head warms up enough to "expand" enough, I get a "leak" of coolant into cylinder #2. when the head gets "hot", it expands enough to seal the leak.

    Just curious if anyone else has experience a similar problem.

    Any help is appreciated

    BTW, I took it to the dealer 2x already, they of course say the problem is no longer apparent, reset the computer, and send me home. It is now happening much more frequently, but it's a real pain in the A#$ going back to the dealer and they don't do anything.
  • astrolastrol Posts: 312
    Sounds like a decent diagnosis. Many head gasket leaks are strictly internal and difficult to diagnose except for the abrupt and/or continual loss of coolant (similar to a water pump problem). 16oz is a fair amount of coolant...when the 'miss' occurs does it hit hard?...especially at a stop sign or light before the engine warms? Does the early exhaust look excessively vaporish and cloudy white? If so, I would certainly invest in a new head gasket before the problem turns into a more expensive proposition.
  • My 2001 Lanos is a great, reliable car, so far. I just noticed that the passenger side carpet is constantly wet. It seems like it might be condensation dripping down from the A/C evaporator near the glove compartment. Has anyone else had this problem? I did not have the problem until the weather got warm and humid. The car is garaged and it still has this problem even when it is not driven in the rain. Drying out the carpeting and the pads underneath is a real pain in the ___!
  • jkobtyjkobty Posts: 99
    That sounds like the Ac drain hose which basically redirects the condensed water outside of the car and it drains from the bottom front of the car. I just had this problem fixed on my wife's brand new Acura TSX. The hose runs below the dashboard so you could try to locate it yourself.
  • jkobtyjkobty Posts: 99
    BTW, I found out recently that The Isuzu Rodeo truck uses the exact same 2.2L Leganza engine built by Holden in Australia. So any of you guys who need parts for their leganza and live in an area where there are no more Daewoo dealers, check out your local Isuzu dealer. It might be also a wise choice to have your Isuzu tech work on your leganza instead of someone who has had no prior experience with this engine. The 2.2L from Australia remains the base engine of choice for Isuzu Rodeo even for 2003 models.
    For Nubira owners, the Chevy Optra, and Suzuki Forenza soon to arrive later this month in the US is simply a facelifted Nubira with the same exact powertrain. So do not worry about parts for too long. Take your Nubi to GM or Suzuki.
    BTW, the real Nubira exterior is way nicer looking than the face lifted one. However the interior in the new Nubi is much higher quality.
  • rerednawrerednaw Posts: 16
    Hello I have a 1999 Lanos Hatchback. Only owner, almost 4 years now. Car is running well and in decent shape.

    Well the windows are beginning to squeak and I want to WD-40 them.

    But I'm not sure about removing the interior door cover. Is it a fairly simple affair with a phillips screwdriver? Has anyone else done this? Or is there a convenient access to lubricate the power window mechanism?

    Any help welcome.

  • dkuhajdadkuhajda Posts: 487
    Philips screwdriver just to remove the screws. Then you need the trim removal tool to get right behind the clips to remove the panel without damaging the door panel or the clips. Costs about $9.00 at your better junk tool stores, ask any autosound installer where to buy one.

    No do not use WD-40. You probably need to use clear silicone grease on the tracks. Do NOT use any petroleum based product that could come in contact with any plastic or rubber. It will break it down soon and plastic will break and become brittle.

    FYI the dielectric grease for spark plug boots is silicone based lubricant grease.
  • asacasac Posts: 7
    I can't beleive someone actually used nail polish to fix the peeling paint on their cars door handle. That is truly pathetic.
  • My 1999 Leganza SX with 54k miles is having problems. From cold, it just doesn't want to start. (When I can get it started, it hot-starts normally.) The starter cranks just fine, even with lights and AC on, but the engine just won't fire. My clueless "local" dealer (the dealer I bought it from and most of the ones in the area closed, leaving me with only this one within a day's drive) told me that the problem was the plugs and wires, and I told them to change them. It took them a month to do it, and cost me almost $400. For PLUGS AND WIRES! (Oh, they also tried to con me into replacing the timing belt they just changed, telling me to "do the 60k service early, but that's another story. Needless to say, between warranty cyl heads that I was told had been shipped from CA "disappearing" and these latest ploys, I don't trust the local dealer) That means, including the timing belt/cyl head problem, they've had my car for a whopping eleven months of the past two years. (I suspect they fouled something up in doing the new cyl head, because it didn't have this problem until they got their paws on it. Since the cyl head, about five months and under 1000 miles have been driven.)

    Any idea what the problem could be? I would like to fix it properly so that I can get sell the car in good conscience. I can't sell someone a band-aided car, but I'm definitely not going to keep it, either.

  • asacasac Posts: 7
    Why not donate the piece of junk to charity. That way you can get rid of it in good conscience and also get a tax write off. The taxes saved will probably be more than what you can sell the car for anyway. Research shows that Daewoo's don't hold their value very well. Also, I highly recommend you not buy anymore Daewoo products, but I'm sure you already came to that conclusion.
  • bigfrogbigfrog Posts: 27
    Well daewoo failed what a shock. This is what I here.Daewoo was in with gm. daewoo failed and gm is giveing it to all there customers by makeing them wait for warrenty service. In the mean time thay sold 2 deawoo lines to another friend of theres suzuki. Another fine auto maker.And all of the 2 new suzkies use daewoo parts (the daewoo name is on every part of the 2 new suzkies)Never mind all the other gm/daewoo/suzuki parts that fit there other lines. Stick to the 3 good manufactures TOYOTA NISSAN SUBARU unless you like being mis treated.
  • bigfrogbigfrog Posts: 27
    I made a mistake stick to the 4 best Toyota (the newest part of the big three) Nissan Subaru Honda
  • intuintu Posts: 1
    hi i own a 99 lanos sx sedan (manual trans) with 76k miles and i've had no major problems until now...the car seems to be jerking and hesitating,especially in the lower gears and especially when the engine is colder...i'm desperately trying to find someplace i can service my car but all the daewoo dealerships in the chicagoland area have closed and every mechanic i go to says that they can't work on my car because they can't get parts for it....for anyone in the chicagoland area who owns a daewoo or is having the same problems i am please let me know where i can go to get my lanos serviced or what i should do about the problem i'm having.
    thank you
  • gee35coupegee35coupe Posts: 3,475
    Try a new set of plug and wires. You can do that yourself.
  • bigfrogbigfrog Posts: 27
    try a suzuki dealer thay bought a few plat forms or i also here gm dealers are honering there warranty???? good luck
  • notjuznotjuz Posts: 4
    Intu- try the Nissan dealer at Grand Ave. in Gurnee. It's going east from 94 before Green Bay Rd. That's where I bought my Leganza and they have complete parts until now. My Daewoo is at 45k and no problem at all. Just regular maintenance.
  • My fiance owns a 1999 Daewoo Lanos's been an alright car, nothing great, but nothing too negative. The only major problem we had was the flex pipe broke on the exhaust. From reading the posts it looks like this is not all that uncommon. But what I think I a lot of people didn't consider is that the flex pipe is interconnected with the catalytic converter. With this in mind the repair is 100% covered under the Federal Emission warranty for 8 years or 84,000 miles. I didn't realize this until I took my car to the local Midas Muffler shop and the honest guys there pointed out the problem and then the interconnect to the catalytic converter and then gave me a warranty brochure on the Federal Emissions warranty. So I called my local Daewoo service center (yes they do exist even if not called by their original name - ours happens to be Sam Dell as they took over the original Daewoo dealership) and made an appointment. Brought it in, and they determined that the flex pipe was the cause and because it was interconnected to the catalytic converter it was 100% covered. They did have to order the part, but they had it 2 days later. Brought the car back in, and they fixed it, again 100% free of charge. I feel bad for everyone that has had to pay for this repair.
  • I know that in some of the past and distant (and mostly defunct) discussions, you had a line on tune-up and parts for the Leganza that were good on-line sources. Right now, I am looking for a passenger compartment air filter, and as I am approaching the 60K mile mark, I am preparing for the timing belt change. Got any thoughts? Anybody else have decent on-line sourcing?
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