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Hyundai Tiburon



  • srz948srz948 Posts: 63
    The Tiburon has the look and feel of cars costing thousands more. The V6 is particularly smooth and powerful. I am very impressed with the leather faced seats and the switchgear. The Shiftronic lever moves with the precision and feel of a Lexus. A great dead pedal is perfectly located. By the way, this is the first car I've had in 20 years that has struts for the hood, not some cheap prop rod. As for the paint, my car is white and the finish is excellent. How durable it is I can't say. However my son's 2000 Tiburons' paint is holding up well considering it stays out all year long and spends winters in snowy upstate NY. Hyundai really sweated the details with the new Tiburon. Factor in the styling, price, warranty, and it's a no brainer.
  • skuuterskuuter Posts: 144
    Couldn't have said it better! I think the GT is seriously underrated. It's the most fun I've had driving in 30 years!
  • It is a darned shame they do not have any really eye catching colors to offer. The cars deserve better. Aside from the new Tidal Wave Blue the selection is pretty BLAAH. A nice copper ala the Nissan "Z" would be a real beaut! A BRG green would be nice too. The red looks OK but beyond that, white, black, silver & a dark blue is about it.Please give us a choice of at least 8 NEW, GOOD choices.

    HUD :):)
  • offerings from Hyundai for Tiburon. Like you I really like this new Tidal Wave color. I haven't seen one in person in Tidal Wave, yet, but I think I'll like it in person. Also, Rally Red is a great offering. Tibs look good in the silver, although I noticed that it's called something else for 2004 and doesn't look like the same color silver. It almost looks like a silver-something else mix for 2004. Anybody know anything about that that has received a 2004 Tiburon brochure?

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • iluv: I've ordered a Tibby brochure THREE times ! First two times got just a little "full line" fold out thingie for 2003. Last time another full liner but NO dedicated Tibby one like the nice one I got back when I bought my 2001. Going to the Tampa auto show in a couple of weeks maby I can get one there. Dealers hereabouts do not have any 2004 brochures (at least they say they don't) If they don't think you are gonna "buy today" they lose interest pretty fast.

    Don't get me wrong, the colors they do offer are fine I just wish they had a few more to pick from.

    Regards HUD :):)
  • in the new Tidal Wave color! The charcoal blue color(Moonlit Blue)looks pretty similar to 2003's Carbon Blue, huh? This Tiburon is one fine looking automobile-it and the new Sportage-replacement Kia is currently working on due out in about a year continue to top my "next new car" list.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • iluv: Seen both the Tidal Wave blue & the darker blue as well on the cars. The Tidal Wave is really beautiful, actually a "electric blue" and quite striking in full sun. The darker blue is a little darker than the "old" cobalt blue on my 2001 Tibby. Here in Florida any dark color is not much fun in the summer. The bodywork on a dark blue or black car gets so hot you cannot touch it.The black leather in my Tibby will roast your backside if you do not cover it with a towel if parked in the sun for more than a hour. This has got to be rough on the interior trim in the long haul. My next car (2004 Tibby ??) will be white. They should also offer at least one other lighter interior color. "Any color interior as long as it's black" just does not cut it here in the sunshine state.

    HUD :):)
  • on New World Order Hyundai Tiburon coupe color possibilities. I like to take in all that I can about a particular car before heading to the showroom so it's all helpful information.
        The black cloth interior should be fine if I buy a Tib for the "Show Me State" of Missouri. Of course, I'm guessing that the GT V6 5-speed comes with cloth black interior in the low # of option package. In other words, if I get a standard 5-speed GT V6 in Tidal Wave blue new in, say, 2005(about when it would be for me!), more than likely the interior would be cloth black. Isn't leather an option for interior type? It gets real hot here in the summer and I'd prefer the cloth interior similar to my Sportage's. The Pomeranian fur cleans up easily by simply spitting onto the seat and wiping your hand across-it collects all of the fur up and whoosh! I toss it out the door. It's a Pomeranian thing-don't try to understand if you don't have small furry canines!
        hudra-white is a great choice for a Tibby non-color color(you know how they say black and white are not real colors?!) I looked into buying a white GT V6 in Everett, WA a year and a half ago but it wasn't the best time for me to buy. It looks GREAT in white with that spoiler back there! I've been keenly interested in this Hyundai offering ever since then for the future.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • iluv: Saw a 2004 Tib this AM on the Florida turnpike. White with a blazing orange racing stripe running from hood to deck ala Chevy Z28 !! The best part was the driver was a "little 'ole blue-haired lady" crowding 80 yeras of age. Go get 'em grandma LOL !! It was just before sun-up and she had passed me running at least 100 mph. I caught up @ the service plaza south of Orlando as she was coming out of Dunkin Donuts. I hope i have it all together when I'm that age.

    HUD :):)
  • Dog Fur)!!!! That is TOO cool! I wish I could have seen that. Not a bad choice for Grandma to be cruising in, white w/orange stripe. Yeah, Chevy made those Camaro's straight from the factory white with orange stripe I do believe. Hey, hudra, two old cars I love are the '62-'65 Chevy Nova SS and the '68-'72 Datsun 510 2 or 4-door sedans. Now those two are the type of predecessors Hyundai can be proud of following with their beautiful new Tiburon sports coupe.
           hudra-how far away are you from buying a new Tib?

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • iluv:As soon as I know how much I will owe the IRS and the wife is out of town for a few days I'll do the deed. probably the second week of January. The dealer I buy from "only" has about 36 of them in stock LOL !!
    I always have such guilt feelings when buying a new car I have to justify it somehow. This time I've convinced myself my business vehicle is getting just too many miles on it ( 18 months old and pushing 60k miles)snicker, snicker, and I'd
    better unload it before it melts down LOl !

    I'd love to chase that grandma down to talk to her about her Tib. I bet there is a story there for sure.

    HUD :):)
  • Gotta admire her spirit-what a character! Yeah, I do the same thing with new car purchases, justify them. Now that I'm out of work and going to school here in Rolla, MO(BTW this place is a literal Medical career training mecca...the training ethic is superlative!)to train as a Respiratory Therapist I'm holding still with my '01 Kia Sportage. I won't graduate until July 2005 so the Sport will be my constant companion. That's OK-my wife and I both love it. A new Tib for me will have to come later when I'm working again.
        Do fill in the details in here for us on your purchase, OK, hudra? I know-this Tiburon does get under your skin! I love it!

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • iluv:Good luck on your schooling. Back in the days of my youth I was a Rad Tech (USAF) and worked @ that for a few years then crossed over into industrial X-ray work, non-destructive testing in the aerospace sector, worked on all the hardware leading up to the final moon landings. Was over @ the Cape yesterday, sad to say the place looks like a ghost town. NASA may be thing of the past if they don't get their act together. Who would have thought that the Chinese would be orbiting manned stuff ??

    HUD :):)
  • notice how our press is more interested in interviewing Martha Stewart or following the Scott Peterson debacle or Robert Blake debacle or Kobe Bryant debacle? A morally bankrupt society must report morally bankrupt news-that's how it works for us. I'd like to hear more about the Chinese man in space.
        hudra-are you still in industrial x-ray work or something else? They also teach Rad.Tech here-in fact, there's two men in my Human Anatomy and Physiology class, myself training as a Respiratory Therapist and a young man(about 19) training to be a Radiology Technician. I'm just about to start the Respiratory Therapy training...since I'm pursuing an AAS degree that is articulated with a local college I have to complete required courses in my 1st semester and still have a few more of those next quarter as well as the beginning of the CRT/RRT coursework. Been a fun ride so far-considerable homework-the CRT/RRT homework and travelling to clinics is still to come-lots of work still!

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
  • iluv: I guess I'll have to go x-ray my old Tibby to see if there are any defects in the suspension LOL !! Now, that's on topic, right ?? LOL

    HUD :):)
  • hudra-Kia has released information on their new Elantra-based 4-door sedan that will replace the Spectra model, if you're interested. Head over to the Kia Spectra thread, bluewinds added the post with the Kia link a few days ago. It's a nice looking design-I've added it to my future new car list. Back on topic-any new information on new Tiburon colors for 2004?

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • iluv: I had a 2001 Tibby, Coblat Blue W/Leather, 5 speed. I gave it to my niece to "use" during her last year @ collage. The understanding was if she graduated I'd give it to her as a grad present. She is in ROTC and has 3 more quarters to go. After that it'll be active duty so I may get the Tibby back for safekeeping IF she is deployed out of the country. It has a ton of miles on it (close to 80k by now)so it may need some work. Have not seen it in over a year as it's up in Ohio.

    I have not seen any "new" colors except the Metallic electric blue. I think the 2003 / 2004 would look fantastic in that bright yellow (GM fly yellow as on the Vettes)except it would be a "cop magnet" out on the interstate. LOL !

    HUD :):)
  • Did you see those posts for the limited edition Canadian yellow "Tuscani" edition of Tiburon? It looked great!

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • Was looking over the latest Consumer Reports issue. They "test" ,if you want to think their tests of cars really are fair 7 unbiased, some "sporty" cars. The 2004 Tiburon and 2004 Crossfire scored about even on the overall rating ! Does this mean that the Tiburon is one fantastic machine for the money or the Xfire is just so-so and overpriced for what it is. They were rated overall just "good". When a car costing about $20K is just about as good as the 36K offering then there is something very wrong with this picture. Heck, for the money I think the Tib blows the Xfire away. A lot of money for the supposed snob appeal of the Chryco machine.IMHO. Fantastic fit and finish on the TIB and the quality of materials is pretty darned good too. IMHO

    HUD :):)
  • skuuterskuuter Posts: 144
    I think with the Crossfire, you're paying for a higher level of refinement in the interior and outer design and materials. As far as the mechanicals and suspension go, I believe the Tiburon is just as good. 0-60 and skid-pad numbers are very similar. Someone bought a Xfire where I work, and I kinda like it, but consider the design a little over-wrought.

    That said, I haven't driven a Xfire, but have read the available reviews. I consider it a Daimler move to attract "status buyers" to the Chrysler brand.

    There are many different reviews of the Tiburon and I've seen where the Tiburon gave the Porsche Boxter a run for it's money on a racetrack, meaning lap times. If you compare the numbers (which don't always tell the whole story) the Audi TT (prior to the latest HP increase) is, at worst, no better performance wise. Once you reduce the understeer on the Tiburon (sub $200 mod), it's rotation point gets pretty darn close to "seat of your pants". Not quite rear drive rotation, but darn close, IMO.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I received a voluntary service campaign notice in the mail today. It stated that Tiburon V6s built through 12/02 may encounter a malfunctioning front oxygen sensor that will set off the check engine light. Hyundai will be installing an update to the engine control module software to fix the potential problem. Has anyone else received this notice yet?
  • because it might save you aggravation down the road. I don't own a Tib so I don't have personal experience with that problem but I would take them up on their offer to fix it if I got that notice in the mail.
         The Crossfire was designed by a 25 y/o "wunderkind"(according to the C&D or Motortrend Nov.'03 I read the article in)who was wooed away, coincidentally, by Hyundai America after designing the Crossfire. I won't do the article justice here so I would recommend picking it up at the library and reading up on it if you're interested in background news about the Crossfire. The article details each step of the car's design process(very well written article IMO)and the challenges they faced in regards to what the competition was up to at the same time, etc. I actually kind of like the car but I'm afraid of that price. I like the looks of Hyundai's Tiburon better, anyway.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Yesterday, I decided to try a little high speed cruising on a barren stretch of road. My Tib is so stable and quiet at 100mph that it could easily get a nonobservant driver in trouble with the law. This car could cruise all day at that speed without breaking a sweat. It feels like it was bred for the autobahn. I then hit 120mph pretty quickly and it was still accelerating! I had the biggest grin on my face and found myself whooping out loud with excitement after I reduced my speed to something a bit safer. I couldn't believe how well the car handled such high speeds. It did start feeling a little skittish, which probably had more to do with the touring grade tires and breezy conditions, but the engine was still quiet and well muted (wind noise was kept to a rushing noise; no whistling at all). The more time I spend with this car, the more I love it. Great job designing this car Hyundai!!

    By the way, I got 27mpg on a 315 mile highway trip doing 80-90mph with the AC running 75% of the time. I was quite happy with that figure. With a more moderate 70mph, I think it would have got 29-30 mpg. I think Hyundai underestimated the highway mileage and needs to increase it so the Honda/Toyota crowd can't say how inefficient Hyundai engines are when its obvious to me that's not true. The weird thing is that the next tank didn't do nearly as good (22.5 mpg) under similar conditions (some city driving was involved though, about 20%). Either the gas had terrible quality or the winds were much stiffer. I also got an amazing 26 mpg on the tank where I hit 120, even though I wasn't able to keep a constant speed like the first tank and downshifted out of overdrive a number of times to pass stupid slow drivers. The 2.7 V6 has exceeded my expectations for fuel economy so I'm quite a happy camper.

    I now have over 8k. No problems to report at all. Everything is going great!
  • out here. With this car the term enthusiast is welcome. Your 120 mph speed was attained with little or no groaning at all, too. I remember the 2003 Tib I test drove was only a 2.0L 4-banger and it was a ball to drive...especially the "cloverleaf" exits off the freeway. Your review serves to keep this beautiful sports coupe on my list and on my mind some more! With gas mileage I think that it will vary from tank to tank because of road conditions, or according to how often you slow down and jackrabbit up to speed, etc. "Stop and go" freeway traffic is very bad for gas mileage as well. When is the Tiburon convertible coming? Anybody know? I'm curious to see how much they will cost if Hyundai(when Hyundai!!)builds them.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I had my first minor issue this weekend. I noticed my power windows wouldn't work. All other power accessories worked fine. I pulled out the fuse and it was ok. After putting the fuse back in, the power windows worked again. Apparently, the fuse just got loose. It gave me a little scare, but I'm glad the problem was so easily rectified. I hope the fuse stays tight now.
  • rwms3rwms3 Posts: 7
    I dig my '03 GT V6 5M, Mystic Teal, 3200 mi. Ing, I too got her going 120 and climbing before I decided to back off since I was going over twice the maximum speed limit for a two-lane road. Here in CA, the can and do yank your license on the spot for that stuff. Anyway. . .

    My car pulls slightly to the right. The dealer first gave the line about radial pull, but the problem did not go away. Then they sent it out for an alignment, but it was in line. Next, they replaced the right front strut, explaining it may have bent upon install. Still pulls, and they promise to next check see if the frame is crooked.

    Of course, if they can't fix it, I may well lemon it and demand a new one or a full refund. But bang for the buck, you can't beat this car. And the looks and stares! I had the thing for a week before a teen at the store asked if he could take a picture. (He did.) And sure caught the eye of some poor dude driving a new Celica going the other way at the corner. ... Or the even poorer dude standing at the side of his new Cougar just staring at MY CAR.

  • for you all to gaze upon. Good stuff from the world's 7th largest automaker and climbing.

      I kind of expected this news but now it is for real. Check it out.


    Following an overwhelming public response, Hyundai is delighted to announce its stunning CCS concept car will be developed to go into production.

    It was revealed at the Bologna Motor Show last week that the company’s most desirable concept car to date is destined for the showroom before 2007.

    Based on Hyundai’s acclaimed third generation Coupe, the production version of the CCS – Coupe Concept Study – will have a unique roof mechanism engineered by industry experts, Karmann.

    This system will allow the driver to transform the car from a glass-roofed Coupe to a sleek convertible at the touch of a switch. If weather conditions are changeable the driver can even opt for an intermediate configuration where the central glass panel slides beneath the rear window to give just a taste of wind-in-the-hair motoring.

    The car was first shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September – prompting a stack of e-mails from potential customers eager to buy the car.

    This global response has led Hyundai to confirm a production schedule for the CCS.

    Jim Campbell, Marketing Director for Hyundai Car (UK) Ltd, said: “The Coupe has proved to be a huge hit in the UK, and we are delighted the CCS will become a reality. We will bring a new dimension to the cabriolet market, adding real value-for-money to soft-top motoring.”

    Note to editors: Hyundai Car (UK) Ltd has sold more 4,598 Coupes in the first 11 months of this year. The UK is the biggest European export market for the Coupe.

    The current Coupe went on sale in January 2002. Prices start at £14,495 for the 1.6 S.

    Karmann are based in Osnabrück in Germany, and have been established since 1901. It has more than 50 years experience of building convertible cars.

    For more information contact Rodney Kumar at the Hyundai Press Office.

    Yahoo-Hyundai!! This car sounds very cool for the variety of car-environment driving conditions the driver can create according to actual driving conditions. The possibility of mechanical trouble might SEEM to be a problem with this machinery BUT, and it's a big BUTT, they are working with the WORLD'S best car convertible builders, Germany's Karmann. Looks promising considering the new Tiburon is the best looking car on the planet right now IMHO.
    Here's another little tidbit about Hyundai. The Ulsan, South Korea plant is the world's largest car factory. Hyundai is now the world's 7th largest carmaker and is solidly aiming for the No.5 spot worldwide by the year 2010. Happy motoring!

    ------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    Mitsu tried something similar with one of its cars a while back. Thinking it ended up costing $50,000-ish and died quickly in the market.

    Rise of euro against the dollar might make this interesting, though I don't know what the Euro has done against the won.

    Praying it doesn't add more than about 25% to cost of car. No more than $5,000. More than than that, and I think it will flop. XG350 isn't setting the world on fire. People will only pay so much for a Hyundai. Future resale value a huge concern to most buyers.

    Wish Hyundai wouldn't go to such an expensive option. What is wrong with a nice convertible with a folding top?
  • expect the Hyundai Tiburon CCS to top $25,000 with this Karmann-built folding convertible top part of the package. The base Tiburon will no doubt stay low-priced as well as the GT V6 as Hyundai develops this new convertible. Note that they mentioned "before 2007" for this car to be ready so prices are barely a concern for the Tiburon CCS(Coupe Concept Study) right now.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

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