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Hyundai Tiburon



  • Costin, The clutch on my '04 Tiburon was defective and was replaced at 7,500 miles. My dealer replaced it under warranty with no quesions asked....they even gave me a loaner. I would contact Hyundai directly. Don't take "no" for an answer.
  • Has anyone experienced leg discomfort from the position of the gas pedal? I know it sounds crazy but my right knee has been giving me problems ever since I bought this car. I've moved the seat into every postion I can think of. Having the seat all the was back seems to be best but it's a bit of stretch to reach the wheel.
    It seems like the pedals are sitting too far forward. I feel constant pressure on my knee. It clears up after driving the Accent for a few days. I love the car but hate the pain. She may be headed for the dealers lot if I can't fix this.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I had some initial right leg pain with my 03 Tiburon. I discovered it was being caused by the rather stiff right side thigh bolster pushin in on my leg. I think the bolster pushes on a nerve that sends the pain down to the knee area. I was able to alleviate the pain somewhat by adjusting the tilt of the seat downward in the front. It eventually went away after the seat bolster loosened up. Try tilting your seat down and push on the bolster towards the console to loosen it up. Good luck and let me know if the bolster is the source of your pain.

    By the way, I also compared the seat's comfort to a previous 2000 Accent which I thought had one of the most comfortable seats in the automotive world.
  • tracydtracyd Posts: 4
    I am in the process of buying a 2005 Tib GS, 5-speed, tidal wave blue. Can anyone tell me if they are still having the clutch/flywheel problems??? I am not about to buy this car if the clutch's are failing that quickly and then wont be covered under warranty if you go over 12000. That is ridiculous. My sale may be final in a day or two.....PLEASE, if you know the answer, let me know :)

  • beliverbeliver Posts: 155
    any of my fellow Hyundai geeks out there heard anything as to whether there will really be Tibby convertable and if so when?

    with the impending launch this summer of the Pontiac Solstice and the Saturn Sky a little later the folks @ Hyundai had better get in in gear. There will no doubt be a "spillover" of buyers that will not want to wait for these cars (and the required price gouging that will certainly take place ala the Miata & PT Cruiser.) and will look at the Hyundai offering which will probably have a price advantage as well as a leg up on quality and value.

    Tibby convertable ? I'll take one in red please LOL !

  • mikeyb72mikeyb72 Posts: 3
    As far as I know , 2004 did not have clutch issues like the 2003 models. I have a 2005 Tib GT and so far it has been great. I think it would be safe buy as long as you dont drive it like a crazy person. ;) Good luck with your purchase.
  • mikeyb72mikeyb72 Posts: 3
    As far as I know , 2004 did not have clutch issues like the 2003 models. I have a 2005 Tib GT and so far it has been great. I think it would be safe buy as long as you dont drive it like a crazy person. ;) Good luck with your purchase.
  • tracydtracyd Posts: 4
    Well, I bought the 05 tib last night and today when I went to move it at my work place, one of the dash lights came on. Not even a day is the light that looks like a motor. I read the book and it said something about an exhaust component problem. Now I get to take time off of work and take it in to get checked!!! How lucky.....

    I pray this isnt the beginning of a nightmare :(

    p.s. funny, when the finance guy was telling me of the warranty, he said that it DOESNT cover clutch. I thought that was kinda funny after reading these posts.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Don't freak out yet. I'm sure it's probably because whoever filled up the tank before delivering it didn't install the gas cap correctly. Take off the gas cap, and reinstall it, making sure it clicks at least 3 times. Then drive it around to run some errands. If this is the problem (95% of the time it is), after a certain number of starts, the light should clear on its own. Give this a try in order to avoid taking time off work and souring your new car experience.
  • Thanks for your comments. I've made some "tilt" adjustments and loosened up the bolster. We'll see how it goes.
  • Maybe a dumb question, but here goes. I purchased an 01 Tiburon today and I wanted to know if the 10 year 100K warranty was transferrable. I understand that it is a base warranty and doesn't cover everything so I purchased a aftermarket warranty as well, but it has a $100 deductible and I would like to know if I can get something covered without using it.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    The 10yr/100k warranty drops to a 5yr/60k warranty once the car is resold. So you should have some of the warranty still left if the miles are low enough.
  • We have just purchased a 1997 Tiberon, when purchased the dash lights and the daytime running lights did not work. Took it in and was told it was the daytime running light module and a relay. We had it changed and it worked for about 1 day. Lights are again out. Any idea on what the problem could be?
  • Thanks, I am at just under 45k so I was really excited to find this out. Any time you buy a used car and it still has the manufacturer's warranty it puts your mind at ease. This is my first Hyundai and so far I am extremely pleased.
  • I have noticed that my Tiburon handles extremely well with the p205/55/r15 96v BF Goodrich Tourng T/A tires on it. I have heard of people putting a turbocharger on the tibbys and was wondering what the pros and cons of that were.
  • csdi19csdi19 Posts: 1
    I am thinking of buying one of these cars so I have been doing research. I know it must become redundant but, please accept my families deepest gratitude to you and your son. I am so grateful that at sporting events they play the Star Spangled Banner - today at a football scrimmage at the University of Colrado, during the Anthem I was reminded of your our military your son, and his parent's sacrifice, I have no greater joy than to be a supporter of our young brave soldiers in any endeavour, in the military, and that will never falter or fail. I think of them often and thank you - my little boy is 10 and having a wonderful time persuing football. He is not worried about his life and country. He is enjoying life thanks to kids maybe 7 - 8 years older than him.

    My oldest - 14 - wants to be in the military in some way. My kids have much much more respect for soldiers than football players. I remember 9/11 and when no one else was flying I remember feeling so safe when the jets would fly by - to protect all of us. And for those who do not say so or even protest, I bet they felt safer too. Thank you so much. Sorry to go off-topic :} And Ward Churchill is in no way a representative of CU!!!! :shades:
  • fblackfblack Posts: 26
    I recently bought a 2001 Tiburon and am noticing a little lack of power in the 0 - 2500 rpm range. Its like it wants to go but somethings holding it back. I was talking to a mechanic who said it is possible that the computer needs to be reset because the previous driver may have been really easy on the gas. He said after resetting the chip the computer takes about 2 weeks to get used to the new user and modifys its settings accordingly. By resetting the chip is this going to give me more power? Is this true?
  • I own a 2004 Tiburon, and it has been a pain ever sice i bought it, stereo, pulls to the left, sun roof, windows, and now the clutch. I will be driving along at 40 miles an hour and it pops out of 4th gear for no reason, it has been in the shop like 5 times and they keep telling me nothing is wrong what should i do about the clutch popping out of gear for no reason and what causes that problem.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Your mechanic is full of it. The car wouldn't lack power just because a previous owner drove it slowly. If the car is an automatic, the tranny has adaptive shifting, meaning it will shift at lower rpms if the previous driver drove slowly, but the engine's computer does not adapt to how each driver drives. I doubt resetting the computer will do anything to help your problem. I can't say for sure what your problem is, but possible causes are bad spark plug wires or coil packs.
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