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Hyundai Tiburon



  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Back seat? Hummm, I would try out several coupes first. I think the Tiburon would be a pretty hard one to get in and out of. If you haul other people around, consider a sedan. The Fusion maybe? The Sonata is a good choice too, just a little less sporty in looks. Mustang is a possible for a couple.

    So they are asking over retail on an Si. Tell them to keep it. The car is premium priced anyway. Just get a Civic coupe. or a Scion if you go Japan make. The Si is 139# torque and the EX is 128# torque both are not major grunt engines. Sure the HP is there on the Si, but I would not pay too much.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Motor Trend has the new car, the HCD8 Sports Tourer, as arriving for 2007 model year. Doubt that is true. And what a sexy name, the HCD8 ... :surprise: Wonder what they will call it? The Gran Tiburón Blanco, or GTB ? ;)
  • ezwjraiaezwjraia Posts: 9
    I would like to install an auto dimming mirror with compass and thermometer on my 2006 TIBURON. The service manager at my dealer told me HYUNDAI doesn't make one for the TIBURON, and didn't seem to want to install one even if I were to supply it. JCWhitney has two models, one "the factory mirror" @ $229.99, and the other "similar to the much more expensive factory option" @ $129.99. InstallPRO has a list of installers, at costs ranging from $60.00 to $210.00. Does anyone on the forum have relative experience to share? Thanks in advance for your help.
  • Any problems with that transmission, i just bought a 2005 gt v6 autostick at 24000 miles and trannys out the car was not even a month old to me. Any new problems?
  • ederekbederekb Posts: 4
    See this post
    $2000 in service on my '03 with 30K Miles. Warenty wont cover it.
    -Derek :lemon:
  • go here for info and new pix.

    go to for all the tiburon info you want.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Clutch will not be covered by all the other manufacturers as well. Now if it is proven that Hyundai put defective parts in the car, it should have been covered and they will lose the lawsuit. Hyundai is doing like all the rest, which is sad indeed, by not being will to just fix the 2003 model cars with this problem, is my take on this if they did have defective parts. This is assuming the complaints are valid. I am not saying one way or another, as I have no evidence. It is really bad PR, and a no win situation for Hyundai when trying to attract new - young buyers. As for clutch cars, I think possibly the BMW cover all for four years warranty may be the only one covering the clutch.

    The warranty,by Hyundai, is the best in the industry. If I bought a Tiburon, I would get the automatic.
  • Hi
    Just wanted to let you know that if you are a short, small person this is a safe car in the event of an accident. We bought my daughter a 2003 Tiburon GT for her 16th birthday. This past Monday morning a deer ran out in front of her, she tried to miss the deer, overcorrected and slide 100 feet, hitting 3 trees, then taking a nose dive and the car landed on its top. She is only 5' tall. Miraculously she kick out the passengar side window and crawled out of the car. The officer said if her head was taller than head rest she would have been killed. The car is completely totaled, the is not a spot on car that is not dented. Parts flew everywhere, but amazingly she was not hurt. She is very sore but nothing is broken. Her airbag on the steering wheel did not deploy, both side seat and passenger air bags did. Although I think this is a pretty save car, I'd like to know if there was ever a recall on the driver side airbag. Have you heard of any? We had the car since Febuary and haven't had any problems at all. My daughter loved this car.

    Blessed Mom
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Well that was a tough call hitting a deer with a low car, or trying to swerve to miss it. Normally, I run over what gets in my way on curves, and rarely steer too far off center to avoid those animals. But a deer is a problem as chopping off the legs could have sent the body into the driver and thus a real problem. Great the car gave up its life to save your daughters. As for the driver side air bag not deploying, it could be that the front was not hit that hard. Was it mostly heavy damage to sides and the roll was sideways, no doubt. The 2003 model had the most problems of the new series. The '04 on are better. HEREis a link to recalls on the Tiburon for 2003. Anyway, look at the front and try to figure out if it was a hit of say more than 15 MPH looking crash. Maybe the nose dive was more a soft rollover flip. -Loren
  • Update: I bought a mirror mount digital compass at PEP BOYS. It is made in China and distributed by BELL Automotive Products. The cost, including battery was $34.99, and roughly 10% of the installed cost of the options I was exploring. Although it's not as slick as original equipment, and I must dim the mirror manually, it will satisfy my urge to know where I'm headed until my next trade. Still love my '06, so that may be a long time.
  • Yeah the air bag dosn't deploy if hit under 35mph usually.

    And it deffinetly won't in a roll over. No air bag will. (except Mercedes Benz)
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Bags can deploy when hitting a solid object 12-15 MPH or another car at 25 MPH or less. Well of course, if the other car is head-on, it would depend on speed of other car, and how hard the blow is - how much give the other car has. In the case of trees that may give, or glancing blows and the car dancing in the air, who knows. Guess an examination of damage to the front would tell you something. Not going to tell you enough though to tell if the front bags should have deployed unless you are very familiar with lots of crash tests done on that model of car. The car did its thing to protect the young lady -- this is good!

    What are you talking about in reference to Mercedes deploying a front bag during a roll over? One car I was considering some day and a used car was the SLK, which has those standard.
  • jenna2jenna2 Posts: 1
    Ok.. So my 97 Hyundai Tiburon Fx (78K miles) needed oil. It sounded a bit funny and being that I'm a girl who knows nothing about cars, I felt extremely wise in knowing this. So I went to the gas station, checked my oil (there was none!) and bought oil to put in. Here's the problem.... I put the oil in.. but it wasn't oil. It's transmission fluid. (Ok, so I was half way to being a brilliant auto mechanic and blew it).

    I realized what I had done as I was putting the cap back on the empty bottle. I went in and bought oil (real oil this time) and put that in too. I'm planning on leaving work and going straight to one of the oil change places to have them change the oil right away... but do you think the car will explode or something on me on my way there?

    I cannot believe I was so stupid. (My husband claims it doesn't shock him.. grr. ) Any advice?? I'm about to trade the car in too. ARG.

  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,240
    For the short time you will be running it, not likely to cause any damage. Actually, it may clean out the engine a bit. Just make sure they change the oil AND filter and you will be fine. Watch your oil usage, if you were that low on the dipstick you may be pushing to far between changes. The general concensus here is 3000 miles between oil changes, maybe 5000 if you are doing mostly highway cruising.
  • I am not sure what year Tiburon you were looking at, but starting in 2004 all the GT V6 Tiburon had 17" wheels Standard. Regardless of transmission.
  • I have a 1997 Tiburon FX. I have tried to put aftermarket wheels on it. Unfortunately there is an issue with fitment. There are 4 bolt heads preventing the wheel from mounting flat against the hub on the FRONT ONLY!! If anyone else has encountered this problem and found a way around it please let me know.. Thank you.
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,240
    The bolt heads are what hold the rotors on during assembly. Check with you local mechanic and you may find that you can remove the bolts and install the wheel without them. Most american made cars do this. The four lug nuts holding the wheel on will keep the rotor firmly in place. A friend just had this same issue when replacing a bent wheel on an elantra. There were two part numbers shown, one had clearance holes for the disc bolts, the other indicated to remove the disk bolts before installing the wheel. Check with Hyndai for your particular application.
  • I thank you for the info, but the 4 bolt heads that are in the way are there to hold a steel disc onto the rotor. The Wheel studs do not pass through the rotor. They are only through the steel disc I just mentioned. And as for checking with Hyundai... I just reciently quit my position as a salesperson at a local Hyundai Dealer, and that dealer has no clue. Maybe why I left....LOL Unless maybe the bolts holding the disc can be removed, the disc removed and the wheel studs placed back in the holes the bolts were in, but I dont think they are the same Distance apart as the wheel studs, so they may not match up with the bolt pattern on the rims. Very tricky thing I got my self into.
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,240
    My apologies. I looked up the front hub assembly for a '97 Tiburon and it is nothing like what is currently used on the Elantra. Good Luck!
  • sthollopsthollop Posts: 6
    Just wanted to know if the halogen lights come standard in the 06 GS.
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