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Questions About Auto Insurance & Accidents



  • sandman_6472sandman_6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 3,356
    Just seems unfair, and their commercials do not explain this fact. A bit deceiving to be honest!!!

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  • andres3andres3 CAPosts: 6,125
    corvette said:

    andres3, sorry to hear, sounds like the justice system did not work for you (as it often doesn't). I doubt "average length of time an American keeps their car before they sell it" is an appropriate legal standard and the whole point of DV is that you should be able to immediately sell the car without incurring a financial penalty beyond the normal depreciation a non-wrecked car incurs.

    It seems as if a lot of insurance carriers run their auto claims departments as profit centers. After an accident a couple of years ago, which I will not repeat the details of, but suffice it to say my vehicle should have been totaled but wasn't, I am looking for a new carrier. (The fact that I have four personal and commercial policies with this carrier and have paid thousands of premium each year for seven plus years was not a concern to them, and still isn't.)

    I do not believe I am eligible for USAA. Consumer Reports says Amica is pretty good. I'm looking for a financially solvent company which does what is best for its customer when faced with a "grey area" decision like whether to declare a clean vehicle with a lot of expensive damage a total loss. In the event I cause a crash, I also want my carrier to be generous with the other party. I do not want a company that will automatically lowball the other guy's damages and cause me to get sued (this happens a lot).

    Any suggestions for companies I should consider, besides Amica? I also do not believe I meet Chubb's acceptance criteria (my house isn't expensive enough).

    I agree with you that the date of loss is the best date to go by when establishing value. One day you could have sold your car for X amount. The next, you are facing 60 days of repairs and untold DV. That delta is what you should be compensated for in DV; not some theoretical future sell date.

    I was pretty shocked the judge came up with a rather low $3K DV; things in court appeared to go very well for me. Now I hate it when cases are taken "under advisement" for "further research." I'd of done better if he'd of taken my number and their number and split the difference right then and there.

    Maybe he rewarded the defendant for being so purely honest. Only the insurance rep tried some legal non-sense about trying to assess shared blame. The defendant admitted "I didn't see him." Made the fault easy to prove.
  • benben14benben14 Posts: 1

    I plan to buy a car in SF and I need a full coverage to lower risks. My question is simple: how there specifics for foreign people when subscribing to a car insurance? For example, if I choose a full coverage (physical damage, liability, collision) will I be charged additional fees in case I get hit (accident) ? I'll certainly buy this kind of car, it's a cheap SUV as described on edmunds.
    Hopefully it's the right place to ask.
    Thanks, Ben
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 49,875
    Your policy will probably have a deductible on the comprehensive and collision part. Depending on which deductible you choose (usually $250, $500, or $1000), you get a different rate. If you are going to park on the street in San Francisco, you should probably take the lowest deductible.

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  • Need advice. Our 2016 Jeep (one month old with less than 1000 miles) was hit while parked in a parking lot by a large bucket truck. The driver left the area, but we found him. The damage isn't enough to be totalled (preliminary estimate $6000). While I would like to get a new vehicle because ours will never be the same, I understand this might not be reasonable. Even though, I am seriously considering buying a new one when ours is repaired. With regard to diminshed value, do I tell his insurance co. in the beginning that I expect DV, or wait until repairs are completed? Just not sure of the steps involved and how to find an auto appraiser in our small area or can a dealer give us the values we need?

    Thank you.
  • andres3andres3 CAPosts: 6,125
    The average body shop will probably find it easy to build and meet Chrysler's specified tolerances and deviations; being as they are probably quite wide when compared to the rest of the industry.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 49,875
    edited 2:45AM
    The real Kiss of Death is when the CARFAX reports says "air bag deployed" or "frame damaged". Of course, modern cars don't have frames, so I'm not sure what that means exactly---no doubt "subframe" damage, or distortion of the unibody structure.

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