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Questions About Auto Insurance & Accidents



  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,518
    I personally agree with hungrywhale's thoughts on auto insurance. I know that I would never claim an accident on my insurance policy if it was avoidable, as long as the cost to repair my vehicle out of my own pocket was not prohibitive. Of course, instances such as multiple party accidents where both parties can not agree to handle things without going through insurance, accidents with extremely expensive repairs, or if your vehicle is stolen where filing an insurance claim is definitely the way to go.

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  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    1. Brakes don't lock up without the driver's help. Had the accident been seen by a policeman, a ticket would have been issued not to the locked brakes, but to the driver. It was never revealed the other car was vacant. Only stopped. When the other car is occupied, there is possibility of future bodily injury claims. Should a B.I. claim appear several months after the crash,the insurance carrier may say no coverage because the insured violated the terms and conditions of his policy by not reporting the accident within a reasonable period of time. (So, you might as well report the crash and get your collision damage covered at the same time.) When the other vehicle is occupied, report the crash to the company enabling their professionals to control the loss. Accept responsiblity for your actions and don't try to blame the brakes or black ice,etc.
  • protegextwoprotegextwo Posts: 1,265
    Facts: insurance company: Encompass Insurance (CNA)
    1.) Clean driving record.
    2.) No collision claim for well over 7 years.
    3.) One comprehensive claim, last October (hit a deer) for $2,800.00.

    Question: A stone thrown from the wheels of a big rig, cracked my windshield. I got two estimates for replacement.

    Safelite- $287.90
    Cindy Rowe- $387.25

    I have a $100.00 deductible on my comprehensive coverage. From a Insurance Renewal standpoint, will two comprehensive claims in less than a year send up a red flag with Encompass's Insurance under-writers?

  • hungrywhalehungrywhale Posts: 83
    That the only claims that count against you are the moving violation/collisions.

    But that may just be my ins. company.
  • protegextwoprotegextwo Posts: 1,265
    Thank you for expressing your opinion. I was concerned with how the 9/11 insurance repercussions might effect insurance renewal. Is it possible that Encompass Insurance might drop me for the frequency of my comprehensive claims, if I submitted a claim for my cracked windshield. (a total of 2 in less than 8 months)? I called my agent at The Berkshire Agency in Reading PA., and she was kinda non-committal, however they did not discourage me from submitting the claim?

  • hungrywhalehungrywhale Posts: 83
    I'm not in the insurance biz. Do you have an agent that you use? If so, call him/her and ask before doing anything. Any good agent will give you a straight answer.
  • rroyce10rroyce10 Posts: 9,359
    ...... Yep, they are funny little critters ..

    We just spent 2 1/2 hrs with our agent of 15 yrs.

    And golly ghee, guess what ..?

    Our Ins is going up... Again. Even though we have never had any "related" claims, we are now considered .. high risk.

    Yes, the Ins co. paid some claim during Andrew, they paid $9,400, we paid $18,000 (that's fair .. right?) -- 2 years later, a Bird in a pet store, bit my wifes diamond earrings off, and since the store refused to pay the claim, my Ins co. did. They paid $500, we paid $1,500 (that's fair .. right?) -- when a drunken driver, drove off the road and drove through our garage, they paid $5,500, how nice.. I ended up paying the other $7,300 (that's fair .. right?) --- When Floyd blew through, they were nice enough to kick $1,500 at us (after 90 days) .. and me of course only had to come up with another $3,500 (thats fair .. right?) --- But, when a graduation party got out of hand with fireworks from a neighbors home .. I never bothered to call them, I just paid that $1,800. And with all the lot and related damages that goes on, for the tune of $28,000, I just ate that too.

    I guess .. I must live in the wrong neighborhood, be in the wrong business .. and be in all the wrong places at the wrong time ---- Or so I have been told by my Agent of 15 years. I'm glad he straightened me out .. I was starting to get a little worried.

    Terry ;-)
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    I'm almost speachless. Or typeless.

    If you EVER come near the state of Oklahoma, tell me. I want to get far, far away from you.

    "A bird bit my wife's earrings off....." Whoa!
  • azgainersazgainers Posts: 4
    An insurance co will notice 2 comp losses in less than 8 mths., however, if your comp loss history in the past couple years is good (like maybe 1 claim)it will probably go by the wayside. However, if you tend to have a series of comp losses w/in the span of a couple years your carrier may automatically increase your comp deductible on you. That is not uncommon. Even though comp losses are typically not your fault it seems that some people tend to attract the vandals and flying rocks. Kinda like rroyce10 tends to attract those unusual claims (birds and earrings? about a black cloud!). I know it doesn't seem right to be penalized for a claim that wasn't your fault, but some people tend to attract more bad luck than others. I can understand the insurance industry from both the perspective as a consumer and an employee w/in the industry. Kind of like the gov't. Doesn't always make sense, but you're subject to the rules of the industry.
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    "co insurance" clause? If so and if you were in violation of the co insurance clause at the time of the losses, you received what you insured. A percentage of the loss in proportion to the percentage of the value insured. Did you have a Homeowner or some type of Farm Policy? I can understand how your receiving what you got could be fair due to the co insurance clause.
  • rroyce10rroyce10 Posts: 9,359
    ....... Nope to Co-insurance ...

    I really posted with a sense of humor .. I'm not much of a lover of the Insurance industry. Especially, after they "wasted" about 30,000 homeowners after Andrew.

    I understand the Insurance game, I have taken them to court on a few occasions .. but, most people just shrug their shoulders and just go on.

    Not to go into a long drawn out and boring post --- I get it, and work hard for it .. I just don't let Ins co.s steal it .... and I still can say that, with a smile on my face.

    Terry ;-)
  • jdb92626jdb92626 Posts: 5
    Does anyone know the weight insurance adjusters give to police reports when the officer preparing the report failed to include the critical fact that a sheriff moved the pieces of the other party's car from the point of impact to a neat pile next to the other party's car. When the investigative officer took the report he assumed the point of impact was where the pieces of the other car were placed - about 10 to 15 feet removed from the actual point of impact. The officer hinted he was going to place blame on me which I believe is completely erroneous. We plan to make this a point to the adjuster. How much consideration will our story be given?
  • force98force98 Posts: 81
    in all of my vehicles--to immediately take photos of the accident scene.
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    enforcement for honesty is assumed. In your case, the deputy who moved the pieces can be interviewed to explain that the wreckge was moved to enable traffic to pass or whatever reason. Make sure the adjuster talks with the deputy. Best of Luck to you.
  • Kirstie@EdmundsKirstie@Edmunds Posts: 10,676
    A major daily newspaper is writing a story about collision damage insurance, and is looking to talk with drivers who have run into deer or moose. "In most states, such an encounter is not covered by comp. or collision damage insurance; you need special coverage. I want to talk to people who have had these collisions and learn how they handled them. Likewise, I'd also like to hear from people who were involved in some other sort of incident involving their auto and found out that insurance they thought they had was not there." Please respond no later than Monday, June 3 to and/or Thanks as always!

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    PR Director

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  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    Commercial Auto Policy, Standard Auto Policy, Family Auto Policy, and Special Auto Policy are marketed in various states by various companies. Which of the four policies do you want to refer to in your question? In my experience the Family Auto Policy and the Special Auto Policy covered animal collision under Comprehensive and was never considered a "chargeable" or "at fault" accident. If the collision with an animal was or is not covered by Comprehensive it is most certainly covered under the Collision coverage.
  • alexb757alexb757 Posts: 6
    Just wondering if an adjustor, body shop repair person or someone who may have had a similar experience, can give some advice. I think I have all my bases covered but you can never have too much info!
    Two weeks ago my wife got rear-ended on the freeway. She was driving our 99 Chrysler Sebring JXi convert & got hit on the right rear by a 20-year-old female who, @ the time, did not have proof of insurance. Luckily no major injuries & only the two vehicles involved.
    The other driver was also citied on two counts: following too closely & inattentive driving. Since then we have found out that she also admitted liability & we elected to have her insurance co (USAA) handle the full claim. Her car was damaged but ours had to be towed off. Apart from bodywork/paint, our right rear wheel is angled out @ approx 25%, obvious damage to the suspension, wheel rim, etc.
    Initially, the USAA adjustor said he thought it may be totaled, now he says that it is repairable & gave us a quote of just under $5000 which even to me, seems somewhat low.
    What concerns me most is that the repair work quoted uses generic/re-conditioned parts. I realize that the will pay for the damage but I believe I have the right to have the work done @ a facility of MY choice & to control the repair process. After all, I am the innocent party in this & their client admitted liability!
    Also, I have a 5yr/60000 mile extended warranty which I took out in Feb 2002 & having carefully read the terms & conditions, I find that use of any non Chrysler/Mopar part in repair work would invalid my contract. You begin to see the picture?
    The most interesting development came when I called the adjustor to tell him I wanted a second opinion & wanted the location of the car so I could have it appraised independently. He did not seem very happy @ that but agreed to arrange the tow/release from their yard. He started bad-mouthing the repair facility I had chosen & said that he "had problems with them in the past".
    Suffice to say, I checked out the company myself (they were recommended by my local Chrysler dealer as one of three they use here in Las Vegas).
    I am slowly beginning to get the picture of how repair shops & claims adjustors work & how enmity may creep into all this.
    WE are not in the business to fleece anybody - just "to be made whole again", have our car back like it was before. We do not want to settle for the "least cost option" which is clearly what USAA is hoping for. Finally, we have access to legal counsel. Is it time to use them? Where do we go from here? I can guarantee 99.9% that this independent appraisal is going to be more than the $5000, probably double. How can I convince the ins. co. to accept the higher estimate? While this whole episode is unfortunate, it is THEIR client who is at-fault. Why the game playing now?
    Thanks in advance for any insight to this whole, new, wonderful world!!
    Alex H.
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    plus possible hidden damage extras, added to the higher estimate and allowance for diminished value approaches the wreck being totaled, would you want it totaled? If so, figure in the above items.
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    Smart move. I personally HATE USAA.

    IMO, they can go straight to hell where they belong. OK, that being said, you did the right thing. If they don't play ball with you, do what I did and sue 'em. You also need to pursue a claim for diminshed value. I would NOT accept aftermarket or used parts.

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