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Sports Wagons - The wave of the future?



  • cwesleygcwesleyg Posts: 64
    It looks like a monster... but that area under the hatch is very small... the cool styling sacrificed a lot of space. Externally it sizes up with the Freestyle, not the Legacy. I'll take my Malibu Maxx... second choice Pontiac Vibe. the Audi A3 is cool looking though and proabably will hold up well. Subaru makes nothing but ugly cars. The WRX STI is very fun to drive... but what a dog!
  • cwesleygcwesleyg Posts: 64
    My buddies 1984 IROC Z28 cornered like it was on rails... Eagle GT's... it was fast and fun. More recent versions of the Camaro... 1999 Z28 w/ LS1 and 6 speed handle just as well, and none of your sport compacts at comparable price could even think of keeping up with it... no way, no how. And if you want to dump a lot of cash lets compare your favorite entry with any late model Corvette.
  • cwesleygcwesleyg Posts: 64
    And made in the USA...
  • xkssxkss Posts: 722
    I think it looks like a hot rod.

    check the link

    Magnum RT
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I don't see how that fits into a thread about sport wagons. Those were barely a 2+2. And the Corvette? :confuse:

    Camaro was great in a straight line, but throw some curves at it...last time I went too Summit Point on a track day the live axles were the ones sliding off at the carousel.

  • cwesleygcwesleyg Posts: 64
    Read 459 and then 471 makes sense in that context... probably haven't driven the cars I've mentioned or you would not have made the "in a straight line" comment... "84 and "99 Camaros corner extremely well...

    Summit Point huh... most of us drive on actual roads...
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    With curves, I presume? ;)

  • Compacts are where it's at.

    Yes they are until you get creamed by a larger vehicle. :surprise:
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    You can't play that game, though, else we'd all be driving around in Excursions. There's always something out there bigger than you.

    Size is one factor, but not necessarily as important as many people think. Look at my Miata, for instance, tiny as it is the actual death rates are average, no worse. Then look at Corvettes, Mustangs, and Camaros - horrible death rates, far worse than average.

    Driver demographics have a bigger effect, by far, than the size/weight of the car.

  • yes when was the last time you saw a minivan throwing it sideways around the corner? ok ok i promise to stop doing that.

    juice it is also what the vehicle invites you to do. i am sure you bring more speed to your miata because it invites you versus the forester which does not enjoy high speed cornering. i notice my personality changes depending on the vehicle setup.

    in the minivan, the handling makes me drive really sane. the forester xt makes me have fun in bad weather and straight line acceleration. my supercharged mr2, well it just brings out the devil in me.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I'm actually much more likely to drift in the Forester because it's easier to control, plus I do it in the snow where it's not ruining the tires.

    The Miata will snap to oversteer if you let off the throttle and aren't very careful, since it's harder to control.

    We got some snow so I did some tail-wagging in the Forester just yesterday. :D

  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,426
    I am ashamed to admit that I was doing 4 wheel drifts with opposite lock in the snow with my old minivan (first gen Odyssey). Sure is a lot of fun with snow tires.

    Warning though - I tried it once with snows on just the front, and that really makes the vehicle tail happy. The back tires constantly want to pass the front. I would never advise anybody to use just two snows on a fwd vehicle - must use 4.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Were the kids in the van?


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