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Chevy S10 - GMC S15 and Sonoma Owners: Meet the Members



  • Hi All;
    I just bought a used '94 pick-up, because I loved the test drive (Mom came along and liked it, too). I tried out other trucks, but enjoyed simply driving this one, beyond its utilitarian function for my work.
    However, I do not speak "car"...could you folks please explain to me the following terms: Vortex engine; 4.3 (I think it's the block!?!); and, the S10's "LS" classification...none of the websites explain this stuff. Thank you so much.
  • eoghaneoghan Posts: 4
    Mine was built in February of 2002. I read the 2003's have a new fuel injection system. Did the later 2002's have the new system? Previously owned, similarly equipped, S-10 vehicles averaged 18-19 mpg, this one gets more like 15-16 mpg. I would like to hear what other owners experience. Other than that the new one is an improvement, particularly the 4 wheel disc brakes.
  • HI,

    I haven't been on the board for a while but when I saw the gauge question I had to jump in.
    The gas gauge is similar to the one in my old '69' Malibu.
    Once it hit the 1/2 mark the gauge can dive to empty. I have heard of this problem from many others. I find that on "E" the tank can have as much as 4 gallons.

    I don't trust it though. I fill up at 250 miles normally.

    I hope that GM comes out with a fix.
    Here's hoping.

    Otherwise, we love this crew cab. My wife really likes it and that is unusual for her to like a truck. I added a Jerico cap and it is ideal for holiday travel to the relatives with the 2 kids/car seats, 2 dogs, luggage and baby gear.

    Keep your eyes open for door problems. I first heard of this problem on Edmunds and my dealer admitted that they had a rear door just 'break'. Mine was getting stiff and making noise so they checked it out and lubed it up.
  • Just to reply to inquiry...

    Our 2002 crew cab 4x4 gets 15-18 around town and on a back road commute to work. It gets 19-23 on the road so far depending on speed and how long we sit in traffic.
    The best mileage of 24 mpg was on one trip averaging 55 mph. Since we usually travel 65 mph, we haven't seen that mileage repeated yet.
  • I am not often pleased enough in a product to write about it but this past week provided what I considered to be a test for my S10. I was wrong.

    We just experienced a nice 7-9 inches of snow in our area that kept most people at home. There was a layer of ice under the snow as well. Schools were closed and the roads were not plowed. After 1/2 day of work, we were sent the middle of the snow.
    Dispite stopping to clean the ice off the wipers and being stopped at the base of hills while others 'burned' their way up the hill, I was able to drive the back roads without incidence.

    This being deer season I managed to get my first day off in too long, so I took my S-10 up to a friends property. Not only was I pleased with how this truck handled the snow off road, but when I met a Pathfinder coming the other direction on the one way trail, the little S10 just went up in the woods to let the Pathfinder through. I thought that this would be a test of the ground clearance. I am happy to report that it didn't. It was as sure-footed as driving in town.

    I know this 2001 S10 doesn't have the profile of the Z package or the "aggressive features?" of the frontier, or a V-8 like the Dakota to which the S10 was compared in the small truck category. But I hope Chevy keeps making this small truck. I understand that(Isuzu)will replace the S10 with the "Colorado" as a midsize truck. It's a shame that a best seller like the S10 can't stay in the market. I'll bet if Chevy put a diesel' engine in the S10 it would find a new market share. Maybe someone from GM reads these postings?

    For me, the S10 won out over Nissans new plastic truck, the Ford Ranger, and the Dakotas(all the Dakotas around here need new transmissions). The only truck in its class that had more appeal was the Toyota that was $3000 more than the S10 and I couldn't afford it.

    Oh, one more thing... the S10 did manage a respectable 15 mpg on a 1/2 tank using 4 wheel drive. That was better than expected.

    Here's a vote to keep a truck like the S10 on the I can replace this truck someday.
  • I read the article regarding "purchase of an extended warranty" and found the website to the national "complaint" safety organization (NHTSA).

    I was concerned that about 1/3 or the 100 plus complaints lodged against the Chevy S-10 for the 2001 model were in regards to hydrolic brake failure. Nearly another 1/3 were related to serious transmission problems.

    Dealerships were not viewed as taking these problems seriously.

    I am not seeing those types of complaints posted in this forum. The site was well worth the look especially if you are considering the value of an extended warranty.

    I do not know whether the number of complaints to the NHTSA are "normal" or unusual.

    Any ideas?
  • luffnuttluffnutt Posts: 13
    When I say old, you can that two ways; I am 69 and shortly 70 years old and I have a 97 S-10, 2.2 L engine, 5 speed manual transmission with a regular cab and long bed. This plain model has air conditioning and the heavy duty suspension. It was bought new and a second vehicle and to date has less than 24,000 miles on it. The only part that broke so far is the the windshield wiper module, which I found I will be reimbersed for, cold solder joint. I never like the the New Vision transmission, grinding in neutral with the clutch engaged, and it wants an extra long pause between shifts, especially from first to second and second to third. If pushed too fast it feels like your are catching a tooth on the gear. Complained to the dealer three times and was told it was okay. Gave up in disgust. Get good gas mileage, 20 to 30 miles per gallon. Have had as much as 1600 pounds of sand in it,and didn't hurt anything, but drove quite carefully, for the 3 mile trip. No other problems, but it is rather mundane truck, but it serves the purpose for which I purchased it for. Went back to the dealer for a full size sedan, Impala and ended up with a Toyota Avalon. Dealers just can't get the hang off things, if you are not pleased with their service, you find other dealers who hungry for your business, I do enjoy these "gearhead" postings and you will see me again, tthat" a warning. joshing
  • battlesbattles Posts: 1
    Does the rear end of a 2000 s-10 chevrolet extended cab sit higher that than a regular cab s-10
  • ffmcobaltffmcobalt Posts: 20
    Just found this place. Cool! I own a 1985 S-10 Blazer 4WD Tahoe. I got it last year from a friend who owns a towing company. Whoever had it towed didn't come pick it up, racked up a $990 bill, and decided not to come get it. After the towing company took ownership of it per Oregon law, they sold it to me for $300! It's got oversized off-road tires, original white paint that still has a shiny top (clear?) coat, and nearly PERFECT interior. The previous owner took good care of how the car looked, but sucked at maintaining the drive train.

    The owner (my buddy) and a co-worker helped me overhaul it, as well. We put a new 2.8L V6 in it, virtually identical to the 2.8L V6 that was in it --but this one wasn't throwing a rod and actually had a functioning oil pump. The only difference is that the original block had a mechanical fuel pump and the new one had an electronic. Therefore, the hole that the mechanical fuel pump plugs into the block with was not there. Oh well, time for an electronic fuel pump.

    Gave it a new clutch, new transmission fluid, and new fluid for the rear pumpkin.

    Now all I need is a new heater core, new starter, new carburetor, and 3" suspension lift kit. :-p The leaf-springs on the back are virtually flat, so I'm thinking that I may as well put in a whole new suspension while I'm at it.

    I love my baby. :-D
  • cage47cage47 Posts: 17
    I've had my '98 Blazer LT for a little over two months now. I've been generally pleased. I've looked on here and am keeping a leary eye on some of the suspect areas. But being in Houston, TX I don't experience many of the problems some people have like the worn out bearings or ball joints. I'm keeping an eye on my idler arm as that seems a little loose but everything else looks good. However I do have the dreaded wiper motor failure glitch. Not as bad as some but can get annoying. I don't have the vibration that other owners have but when I bought my truck (an off lease vehicle) the dealership replaced two of the tires. But the wingnuts put both new tires on the same side. I did have a slight shudder until I rotated the right front and left back to have both of the new tires on the front. Now rides like it's on glass. Or as smooth as that gets on Houston roads. My big concern is keeping an eye on those oil coolant lines and the antifreeze. I read that those are the other two BIG problems that I could see happening. But overall I'm pleased with my purchase. Just wish GM would include the '98 in the wiper motor recall so I could get that fixed free. Priced $78 for a new motor.
  • Hi Karen,
    I have an original 125,000 mile Florida 96 S-10 LS extended cab pick-up, and I really love it. It's a Mark III conversion so it's lowered, mags & fat tires, bed rails, and skirting all around. A bit squirrely in the winter time with only rear wheel drive, but 270 lbs. of sand in the bed helps. It's loaded, with an aftermarket AM/FM Cassette/CD so it is a great ride. I/m thinking of selling it and get a SUV, but why? It runs great, and everything works, and it seems everything out there 4x4 is junk or there are a million problems with them! So, I guess I'm probably just gonna' stay a happy S-10 family member!
    Dick Wenzel
  • 'LS means luxury like power windows a/c leather optional trim... the difference in the regular s10 and I/s has more value than just a regular s10
  • mikeys10mikeys10 Posts: 7
    Say hello, I have a 1985 s10 blazer and just a few miles of 400,000 miles. Runs good Still has the original engine (knock on wood) it still a working truck. It been a good truck.
  • xteme03xteme03 Posts: 3
    Hi, My name is Aaron and I am from St.Cloud, MN
    I have a 2003 Chevy S-10 Xtreme Black w/silver stripes. I have done a lot to the audio/video side of the the truck, but I am still working on the performance portion. So far, so good! I love it! If anyone has questions for me or would like to see a pic, just ask!
    I am pretty much always signed on to AIM: screen name, eatalargecorndog
  • mattivmattiv Posts: 1
    i have a problem....maybe someone can help! my 1996 chevy s-10 has been sitting for awhile (i was travelling and not using it). when i returned home i started it and let it idle but accidently let it run out of what little gas it had. then it sat again for a few weeks before i put in more gas (about 3 gallons). now the truck will not start....the battery is fine, it cranks but no gas seems to be getting to the carburetor. i thought the gas line was probably dry and figured i could put some gas directly in the carburetor like i had done in the past with a '76 silverado--but i can't even find the carburetor under the hood!!!!
    does anyone have any suggestions about what i can do to get the truck running again? any help is very much appreciated. thanks so much for your time.
    matt iv
  • Hello, I have recently picked up a challenge. A 1988 S-10 that had been sitting for a year. I was originally going to put in a 350 but with the gas prices I decided to rebuild the little 4 cylender. Truck seems to be in good shape with just minor problems (I need a code checker) and so far am having fun with it. After a year of sitting in the Pacific Northwest there are the obvious problems, I have put my first tank of gas thru it and need to change the fuel filter, re-do the brakes and a paint job. I am having a real problem finding a console as my truck is a five speed. I looked at all the pictures of S-10s for sale on E-Bay but I didnt see any consoles. Anyone have any ideas? :blush:

  • Matt, you have electronic fuel injection. Dont pour gas into it. Try a spray start like they use on diesels. WD-40 will work also. Then before you you fill your tank pour a bottle of HEET or one of the gas dryers into the tank to clean up any mositure in the tank and fuel lines. If it doesnt start disconect the fuel line at the fuel filter, (on the firewall at the back of the engine) have someone try to start it, if you are not getting gas thru the line your fuel pump is bad. It is located in the gas tank. Get a Chilton manual, changing the pump is easy. :blush: Isnt this fun?

  • where can i read the complaint
  • i own a 89 chevy cameo im looking for any parts anyone has.....i need a new tranny,body kit, front left quarter panel,and tailgate. im lookin for good prices on all things.....if anyone has any info on where to find any of this email me at i_am_me_kristi_lee at yahoo dot com. o yeah i also want new decals....i called chevy and the no longer sell anything for cameos.. thanx. Kristi lee
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