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Chevy S10 - GMC S15 and Sonoma Accessories & Modifications



  • i have a 92 s10 tbi what do i need to convert to carburated....
  • go with teh 4.3 they are amazing engines and have balls
  • i have an 89 blazer s10 31 mud country tires an 3 in body lift blew the 2.8 an the kit to go to a 350 too much$ can i put the 4.3 in its place as long as it came out of a 5 speed truck the same as mine it has the borg warner t5
  • what about the bell housig will the 4.3 line up to the t5 tranny
  • s10cw6s10cw6 Posts: 1
    I've got a 1994 S-10 with a 4.3L V6, the trucks in awesome condition, and its got balls too. I am looking to do some mod's to it but i want to keep it very street looking, none of the rice crap. I have a full custom exhaust, and put a nice set of wheels on it, but does anyone have any ideas for the engine, interior, or exterior?
  • mattv1mattv1 Posts: 12
    I am taking out the 2.5 and dropping in either a 305 or 350. what all do I need to do to get it to fit and run right. Can I use stock trans and rear end for now. Should I go carburated or fuel injection
  • I would love to take my S-10 Mudding, but I need to lift it to fit 31x10.5 wheels under it. How high would I need to lift it and what type of rims would be able to support the ruggedness of mudding? Also, what brand of lift kits are reliable? Which would be better for mudding, and a body or chassis lift? Thanks.
  • Ok I have had my s10 lowered for about 4 years now! Im having some problems and wanted to know if everyone has the same problems!

    Ok well when I dropped it I used springs and blocks, 4" drop! I put new rims and toyo directional tires on it! Well I had to have the transmission rebuilt because they said the drop put too much strain on my transmission and they say that it will always shift hard in second no matter what I do simply because it is lowered! Its not really that bad but its not great either!

    Also now I have noticed that the inside of my front tires are wearing fast where the rest of the tires are still perfect! My husband screwed my rims on too tight one time and it bent my rims very slightly so they are saying its because of the rims and because it is dropped that if I want to keep a set of tires I need to raise it back up, but obviously I dont want to do that!! And the rims were expensive and I like them so I really dont want to replace them! But they are giving me crap saying that it is just unsafe! Hell Its been like this for 4 years, never a problem, if I have to change the tires every other year, oh well! And noone wants to do an alignment for me since it is dropped, not that the alignment is bad its just that it seems like I have a lot of pressure on the inner tire, where it would obviously be a lot better if it were evenly distributed!

    Anyone else have any problems like this!
  • I have a 98 s10 2.2 but it is automatic! The only problem I had was with the transmission it was slipping in second! That was at about 100000 miles (but mine is also lowered which they said promoted the problem) But I LOVE my truck! Its relatively easy to work on! and gets great gas mileage! My truck will last forever with just simple maintenance! They are great trucks!
  • I have a Chevy S10 ZR2 model. I would like to lift my truck so that I can put 33" tires on instead of the stock 31". Anybody have recomendations for what type of lift, I would prefer a suspension lift over a body lift, but all suggestions are welcome!
  • I have a 2001 chevy s-10 that has 7 inches of lift on it. Ever since it has been lifted it has been eating ball joints. I was looking on the net the other day and i saw a lower control arm kit for a three inch supension lift. I was wondering if i put the extended lower control arm on the truck would it take care of the angle issues and take care of my ball joint problem? My only issue with this is i have a fabtech lift and the lower control arm is not made by fabtech so would it work in conjunction with my fabtech lift. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  • for the convert you can't use the 2.5 tranny, a 350 turbo or anything that will match with a v-8 and the rear end depends what is the ratio on it . and i know jegs have a convert kit that will let it slide right in with out to much modding just beat the fire wall and trim the pinch weld by the fire wall and carb is the best way to go for but its your choice its cheaper than fuel injected.
  • The first thing My driving instructor in the Army told me was that the only thing four wheel drive was good for was getting stuck somewhere that you would not go had you not had it. You've made the right choice with 2WD and should'nt need the hooks anyway. Since most of the time a vehicke needs to be pulled backward from which it is mired a frame-mount tow hitch serves doubble duty with the proper accy's.
  • just ordered pace-edwards bed cover,anyone who has removed rails from top of bed?
  • read your post on bed cover, i just ordered cover for zr5. did your truck have bed rails? if so,did you have to modify?
  • I have a 93 S10 4x4 with a mild V8. This is a working truck/daily driver. It has the stock suspension and I have an offer to buy a 95 ZR2 rear axle. A front sway bar (35mm) and rear leaf springs off a 2003 S10 4x4 ZR5(?) crew cab for a good price. I know the ZR2 will extend 2 inches beyond each wheel well and I'll have to change the axle ratio to match my front drive. But other than that will these parts bolt up? Thanx.
  • go to there click on s10 you will find alot of ideas. roger
  • I have a 98 4.3 & i want to install a autometer 5" tach
    on the dash. where do I get the inward pulse to the tach.
    some one told me that the wire is by the coil. then another
    person told me no that would burn my tach up----he said it is on the ECM. I just need a real anwser I dont want to burn up a $150 tach or the ECM .........HELP!!!
  • I have a 1986 2.5 S-10 fuel injected. It's blown, and I can't find one anywhere in a junkyard. Does anyone know any motors that would be interchangable?.....Please help this motor problems holding up the whole trucks completion.
  • Hi, 1993 S10 2.8 Ext Cab. Recently purchased. The driver and passenger seats fold forward without having to operate the levers. They sit upright when someone is sitting in them but do not lock securely into position. Is this a design flaw or has something been disengaged?
    Any help would be appreciated.
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