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Chevy S10 - GMC S15 and Sonoma Care & Maintenance

e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
has 4.3 and it died. Found no fuel going to engine. Replace pump and now has pressure at the fuel rail but won't run. Squirting fuel into intake will allow it to run. Any experience in this area appreciated. Thank You.


  • On a trip my a/c stops getting cold after about 1 hour on the road running at 65 mph;I think it freezes up.I tried both reg. and max a/c positions to no avail.Works fine around town.Any suggestions?
  • rjbrucerjbruce Posts: 2
    It sounds to me the problem with your Blazer may be the Fuel Injector. I believe the 93 model is still a TBI so it should have one fuel injector. I would pull a spark plug and make sure there is gas on it. If there isn't gas I would guess the injector is bad. If there is gas it could still be the injector if it isn't using enough fuel. It could also be you're not getting spark. If you pull a plug, put the wire on, and ground it to the frame (don't touch the plug, it's best to use pliers (with insulated handles on the wire) you should see spark.

    For the S-10, all I can say is to confirm the element is freezing, you can run till it doesn't blow cold, run the heater for a few minutes (man it's hot in here), then flip the air back on and see if it blows cold again. If it does, I'd contact the dealer about it, they may not be able to do anything, but I'd try since it should still be under warranty (assuming you haven't ran over the miles on the warranty).
  • My truck was great for the first three years then its been a constant battle. I was wondering if anyone's truck stalls when its hot. It happens mostly after I have stopped at a light, then try to acclerate, and then the motor stalls. It only happens when its hot outside and the engine tempurature is above normal. Any suggestions would be great

  • I have a 98 S-10 extra cab with the four-cylinder motor, manual transmission and approximately 90k miles. My truck has been completely reliable up until a few weeks ago. The motor would noticeably miss and then seemingly smooth out and run fine. It got progressively worse; primarily when I would began accelerating after stopping at a stoplight. It misses, but accelerates slowly, and once up to speed it runs fine. I had the dealer check it out and they replaced the plug wires and spark plugs. The problem continued however the dealer said it was fine. I brought it to an independent shop and they replaced the fuel filter and inspected and cleaned the injectors. Still the problem persists. Both shops claim that there is not a problem and everything is fine. Any advice would be appreciated; I am at my wits end. Thanks.
  • I have a '94 S-10, 4 cylinder, manual, 95,500 miles that has an overheating problem. I have changed out the thermostat twice, the fan clutch plate and the valve gasket seals, and have no air conditioning. It only occurs when the outside temps are humid and above 85 or so. It occurs on the freeway and town streets and only cools down after running the heater on high, but continues if I turn off the heater. Has anyone else had this problem that can make some suggestions, as the garages/ dealerships cannot seem to figure out what's wrong with it.
  • I have a 96 S-10, 4 cyl, manual, 62,000 miles that had an overheating problem as well. It finally overheated quite a bit, so I took it to the shop only to find out that either the head gasket needs replaced or I have a cracked head. Might want your mechanic to check and see if any steam is coming out of your tailpipe. Do you have to constantly top off your coolant levels??
  • My 98 S-10 blazer is start hard in the mornings and after sitting for more than 30 min. When it is running it runs fine. I have replaced the plugs, had the throttle body ckecked, and had the electrical system ckecked. So far I have found nothing. Any ideas welcome.
  • The coolant levels are good - that's one thing I've learned to check constantly with this problem. I haven't noticed any steam but I will mention it when I take it in (again) next week. If it's a cracked head, you'll be seeing it on the side of the road. Thanks for the suggestion.
  • I am shopping for another S-10 used. My last had a 2.8 engine V-6 - EXTREMELY reliable. Almost 200,000 with NO engine repairs. That's no longer available. I'm having a hard time finding a 4.3; almost all seem to have the 2.2 4 cyl. Any experiences with these engines? I have heard the 2.2 is underpowered. Is it durable?
  • Just got a 99 S10 LS Extended cab.

    Both mirrors, parts of the grill area and the door handles have started to fade from their original black color to a chalky gray'ish/white color. Any suggestions as to what I can apply to them to bring back the dark black color.. or am I resigned to buying all new parts?
  • What type of problems happen on 97 4cyl 5sp with 800000 miles on it.
    is the four cyl a good engin
  • dammitdammit Posts: 1
    i basically need to know where three loose vacum lines connect to............ 1 is located near the tail shaft & the 2 are located like right behind the shifters.....<<<modulater vacum is connected............ this is for a 83 chevy.,s10 blazer & the vehicle was converted to a 350 v8 motor.................. thanx
  • btp1btp1 Posts: 3
    i used a dry scouring pad to clean the black on my plastic grill and metak wipers, then sprayed them with a black primer. i'm not sure about your mirrors though. black primer is actually dark grey and comes in a spray can.
  • zonkzonk Posts: 208
    Has anyone anything to say about the 02 or 03 Blazer? I know that 03 is its last year, but my wife continues to want one to replace our lease-expiring JGC. We had a 97 Blazer for 3 years before the Jeep, and it was a very good vehicle for us. I am trying to get her to look at the 03 Trailblazer, but don't know if I can change her mind. Thanks!
  • The 3rd door on my 2000 S10 doesn't close completely causing the door to rattle a little and the wind noise to be louder than normal. Does anyone know if their is a way to adjust the latch? Has anyone else had this problem?
  • zonkzonk Posts: 208
    How sure are you of this? My wife loved her 1997 Blazer, and wants a new 03. I have been trying to accomodate her as well as ler her see/drive the Trailblazer. I wish dealers would tell the truth. I have been told by two of them that this is the last year for the Blazer and that there were no 4 door models because Chevy was trying to get folks who wanted that model to go up to the Trailblazer.
  • I have a 2000 S10 4.3 with 48k. Nice pickup. While the original consumption estimate is 17/22 MPG, I have been trying to get more miles out of every tank. I replaced the air filter with a K&N high flow air filter. That upped my mileage a bit. I also added a bed cover. Now I get a little over 24 MPG. Does anyone have some advice for running the engine more efficient and getting some extra mileage? Maybe adding to the life of the engine too?
  • orwoodyorwoody Posts: 269
    I am thinking about picking up a new 2002 Ext cab 4WD S-10/Sonoma pu that my dealer has marked way down. It has the ZR2 package and seems like a nice little truck. My only concern is that the Consumer reports and a few others rate the quality and reliability lower than similar models from other mfrs. I would like to hear about any issues and problems owners have had on the last few model years.

  • Zonk:

    03 Blazer 4 doors have been virtually unavailable to dealers so far this year. Go rent a car and ask if they have a Blazer and you will find where they all have been going. Check with your dealer in late January of 2003. He should change his tune. The dealers told you what they knew at the time. Things change...

  • I read the article regarding "purchase of an extended warranty" and found the website to the national "complaint" safety organization (NHTSA).

    I was concerned that about 1/3 or the 100 plus complaints lodged against the Chevy S-10 for the 2001 model were in regards to hydrolic brake failure. Nearly another 1/3 were related to serious transmission problems.

    Dealerships were not viewed as taking these problems seriously.

    I am not seeing those types of complaints posted in this forum. The site was well worth the look especially if you are considering the value of an extended warranty.

    I do not know whether the number of complaints to the NHTSA are "normal" or unusual.

    Any ideas?
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