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Chevy S10 - GMC S15 and Sonoma Care & Maintenance



  • They made them until spring of 2005 and are still available on dealer lots, I spotted one at a dealer here in Buffalo, loaded 2WHD, $24,000 list, buy it for $18,600. Start searching they're going, going ............................
  • I'm retired GM, and yes I'm sure, they closed the Linden,NJ plant this spring. I don't "think" this, I know it. Start by chasing dealers in your area they were closing them out this summer. But I just read your response again and you may very well be right as all I've seen were 2 wheel drive models and the one I follow. My daughter Smart bought a 2003 4 door at the end of the 2003 model year. I'm sorry if I mis-lead you. So you may be "stuck" with a Trail Blazer, but that's not all bad, they're discounting leftovers heavily.
  • Sorry im new to this forum and hopefully not too late!
    my 1993 blazer has antifreeze in the oil now at 115K, so I was looking for commonality of this problem when I saw your problem, Last year mine had a whine in the front axle when i was on the highway, At first I thought it was the rice burner next to me, there is a device which engages the front differential to the passenger axle which when using 4 wheel mode, is controlled by a vacuum switch in the transfer case, mine was bad and it was partially engaging the axle when I was in 2 wheel mode, the switch cost me $19 at AutoBarn
  • Hi, I have a 93 s10. It was running like the battery was low. I put in a new battery and it will still not start. When I try to turn it over all I hear is clicks.
    Not sure what to do. Anyone have any advice?
  • rmc3rmc3 Posts: 1
    You need to put a fuel gauge on the fuel line. The w model requires around 50 psi, the throttle body engine requires around 11 psi. Last time I did mine the auto parts gal gave me the wrong one.
  • kevlorkevlor Posts: 5
    I have this problem with my front axle partially engaging, what I wanted to know if yours worked fine when sitting still shifting in and out of 4wd but when your driving up hill it tries to engage? as soon as I hear it I hit the 4wd button, it quits making noise and ill put it back in 2wd and its fine for awhile. Does this sound like the same thing Thanks kevlor
  • bob101bob101 Posts: 1
    I have a similar problem, whining that approaches a roar, max at 35mph, but is almost gone by 65 mph. It continues to whine when the engine is at low rpm, and the whining is not related to engine rpm. Jacking up either side of the vehicle and allowing both the front and rear tires on one side to rotate does not result in any sound for either side. Breaks are good, tires are good, front wheel bearings are good. Any suggestions?
  • kamoskamos Posts: 1
    this will probably be long but here it goes, I am new to this forum I do know cars and stuff but this problem has me spent. I have a 1993 S10 Tahoe Blazer, I bought it about 3 yrs ago and it sat for 2 1/2 . I got a great deal on it and it was in good shape in side and out. Last July I decided to get it taged and on the road, it had a bad battier and ran as if the the emrg. brake was a little, just a little sluggish. Also the fuse for the ING/GAUG was blown. I put a new battier and fuse in and the problem went away. Ran great for 3-4 months, then the ING/GAUG fuse blew (it blows every time a new one is put in and the ING is turned to prestart position) and it started ran sluggish again. and before long the battier was dead. I thought it was the Alternator and replaced it, But fuse was still blowing and it was not charging the battier, I pulled off the battier cable while it was running and it died. Thinking I got a bad ALT I had it tested and it is good, I think it may be a short but can't think of where it might be. I have never seen a short with the fuse out cause these to happen. Any help out there would be greatly appreciated.
  • I have a 94 S10 Blazer and the idle air control valve was stuck and not turning. After cleaning it up I was successfull in turning it, but don't know how much the pintle should be sticking out. Does any one know what the length setting should be on the IAC Valve and the proper method for replacing it or testing it?
  • Good luck, I had that same problem then the transmission went out, put a new one in and now, the egr valve, we replaced once again, have replaced or cleaned around 20 times since we have had the car, well it stuck open and let oil get in my crankshaft and so now I am looking for a new motor. The motor in them, the side mounted spark plugs, are extremely hard to find and "expensive"....if you know of anywhere I can get one, please forward to me...
  • Cranks, wont start...gets spark and puts once in a while.

    changed fuel filter, fuel pump, throttle position sensor, sending unit and fuel pump relay, checked release valve at engine (pump is pumping fuel) much pressure? I dont know, but it is enough to squirt out when i push in the nozzle valve.

    Is there a fuse for the injection assembly I can check before digging any further...also dont have alot of confidence in the sending unit (aftermarket)

  • I just bought a 2000 Chevy S-10 and it didnt come with an owner's manual does anyone know how to set the clock in it because its off and i want to fix it
  • Was doing routine spark plug change then engine would not start.Thought it was fuel filter it wasnt that.Then i changed the starter, it wants to turn over but wont fully engage.Give ay information what so ever if you can THANKS
  • I'm assuming your truck has the same radio as mine does. Press and hold the hour button [Hr] until it starts to move. Do the same for the minutes.
  • Two Questions, first question when i start my blazer i can hear it idle up and down like crazy, but when i drive it and get on it for about 15 seconds, the remaining drive is ok, it's just when i start it up. the second question is the little orange stick that displays when i am in Drive/Reverse/Overdive etc. is stuck in Park, but i can move the gear shift to the Drive position and it works just fine, but the orange lever shift is stuck, need help before i open everything up. mileage is 168,000, 1991 Chevy S-10 Blazer 4.3L, fuel injected.

  • My 97 Blazer suddenly the turn signals do not work, however the 4 way flashers do.....does anyone have a solution for this problem?? I'm having a difficult time even finding the flasher!! This is a HUGE pain!! Thanks for any help you can give. G
  • If its the one with cd player should be a hour and min. button in the bottom right hand corner
  • The fuel pressiure for the '93 4.3L CPI fuel injection unit is very important. These units require the higher end of the 62-64PSI to open the poppet valves. If you drop below 62PSI it probably won't start.

    Check that first.
  • For the PRNDL indicator, you have to remove the small panel under the steering wheel(2 screws) and you will look for a small cable with a clip on the end. This cable(usually made of nylon) could be broken, or it's become 'unclipped' from the housing.
    One end of it is connected to the PRNDL indicator in the dash. The other end of this cable just clips to the right side of the gear select housing drum which is on the steering shaft, just behind the wheel. The housing drum moves with the gear select lever and pulls the cable, which in turn moves the indicator on the dash.

    If you find it and it's not broken, just clip it back onto the right side of the housing, roughly in the 3 to 4 O'Clock position.

    You can adjust it by moving it's position on the housing until all your gears are indicated properly on the dash when you move the shift lever.
  • Check your map sensor! I had a simular problem when driving it would act like it was going to stall and never stall it ended up being my map sensor, you can have them plug in and the code should come up if its the map sensor! Hope that helps!
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