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Chevy S10 - GMC S15 and Sonoma Care & Maintenance



  • I have a 99 S-10 2.2, I will be at a traffic light and start to take off, and as soon as I push the gas it starts to (for the lack of a better word) SPUTTER! the service engine light comes on, it acts like it's not getting gas, it doesn't completely stall, this happened the other day and i was able to sputter to a parking lot. Here is the kicker! I can turn the car off a couple of times, and the service engine light goes off, and the truck will run fine for a while, and then do it again about a month later.
    I also will start it sometimes, drive off and the trany won't shift into 1st till about 3000 rpms and again I can turn the truck off and back on, and it will be fine till the next time. I have had to 5 different mechanics, and no one can find the problem, I am going to take to a GMC to see if they can figure it out, I have avoided dealerships because they charge so much, but i do trust these guys. If anyone has an idea of what is going on please let me know, The mechanics I have taken it to have hooked up to a computer and it not register anything, this is mindboggling to me and about to give me a heart attack since it's my only vehicle, and my lifline to my son.
  • I had a similar problem with my 93 (digital dash too). I replaced the vacuum switch down on the transfer case wiht one from Oreilly's (one of those HELP products). It has three tubes sticking out of it, pretty cheap too. Yours may be OK though if you hear a clunking (that's the transfer case shifting in). I was an idiot and hooked them up wrong. I finally found someone explaining the layout of the three tubes on I can't remember exactly, but here's what I can tell you. One is a VENT, one is vacuum source, and one runs all the way up under the battery (it runs an actuator). My idiotness hooked the vent up to vaccuum by mistake. My Blazer ran horribly and seemed to be making oil... Actually it was sucking tranny fluid into the engine from the vent! Please don't do that. :) It sounds like you probably have a bad vaccuum line b/w the switch on the transfer case and the actuator under the battery. A cheap vaccuum pump/guage from Harbor freight may also prove useful in troubleshooting the dreaded vacuum problems. Hope that helps.
  • Chevy has a failure with the catalyctic convertor in the exhaust system.I had mine checked.There is some thing about the inside of the exhaust going to convertor coming apart.This is not a recall but,a up to 120000 mile extended warranty because of the problem.The dealer has to check this free.You will only be out your time.I also have 98 s10 standard shift 4 cylinder.
  • hey man, i have a 92 S10 Extended cab 4.3L and actually had that same problem, it eventually got to the point where it would squeak and grind no matter what, so i took a look at the brake pads and noticed the outside pad on the left side was worn down really low.
  • on a 1992 S10 Extended Cab 4.3L V6, my speedometer went out a while back. i've tried replacing the speed sensor on the side on the tranny but hat didn't do anyhitng but take my money out of my pocket, if anybody knows what i shoudl do, please let me know so i don't get pulled over again :confuse:
  • I have a '93 S-10 Blazer with CPI fuel injection that will crank but not run. I tried putting gas into the cylinders and it ran for about 10 seconds then died. How do I test the CPI octopus cable and fuel pump to determine which one is bad? Help :sick:
  • Just a quick update on my situation with the '92 S10 Blazer. It is now confirmed that
    the motor threw a rod through the engine block. Its unfortunate for several reasons. Though I am down to one vehicle it is more distressing to know the old ride has ridden off into the sunset. But it sure was a good automobile for some 225k miles.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    I still have my 2.8L engine (1992) 5-speed and it runs like a champ with low miles (128,000). I don't plan on getting rid of it because it's too practicle even though it is beginning to be an eye sore with rust threw in a few places. Besides it really has no resale value at this point. I do still achieve 25 + mpg on highway drives while traveling however.

    I have heard the 2.2L engine is pretty good from people I have talked with. When I bought mine I really wanted the Iron Duke engine (2.5L), but my Tahoe S10 package was a great price with the 2.8L. The 2.5L has got to be one of the best four cylinder engines for longevity ever made.
  • Hello,
    I own a 95 Chevy S-10 with the 2.2 liter (hamster in a cage) engine. It has 160,000 miles. Recently, it started running rough and loosing power. Occasionally, the truck would run very rough and stall out. Finally it stalled out and would not start again. After about a day, I went out to see if it would start again. I did but only ran for about 30 seconds. Then it died and would not start again. I have no idea what the problem is. I replaced the MAP sensor and the ignition system (coils, wires, ignition module and crank sensor). It still does the same thing-Runs for 30 seconds, sputters out and will not start again. Any idea what the problem is? It is getting fuel and almost seems to stall out because it is flooded. Any help would be appricated.
  • hey Rollinlow I have a 93 blazer that was the same! Your best thing to do is go on e-bay and look there ,they have a kit you can buy and repair it yourself for cheap or bid on a speedometer cluster . I had two go on me with the same vehicle,and tried both ways and found the best way to go was to buy the cluster. Write it in as an 88 to a 93 and you will see what is available. This takes care of the speedo problem.I had police stop me for the same reason and just by luck I talked myself out of a ticket, but he told me not to get caught riding it because the fine will cost more then the repair. PS. make sure you check or ask about the miles or Km's on the cluster to make sure they are not more than your own!! :)
  • Your best bet is to try a light sanding with 1200 grit sand paper and then spray a couple coats of clear coat which you can find at any auto supply store or auto paint store.
  • it's the fuel pump or fuel filter or both. Replace fuel filter first its cheap and easy
  • replace fuel filter
  • Like you I have replaced just about everything. I have a 93 s10 blazer with engine code w and I can start it up drive it away with alot of power, then 5 min down the road it will loose power, so I would turn off the engine and start it again and its back to normal for another 5 min. It runs like it is missing on one of its cilinders sometimes. I have replaced the fuel pump,fuel pressure regulator, the whole fuel injector system(to buy in canada at a dealership which is the only place to buy it, costs $800 plus), Distributor shaft,distributor cap,rotor button,temperature sensor,silinoid,wires,plugs,fuel filter,fuses,computer,I have had it at four different garages and had it put on an analasis machine,put on its timing and in this time had no check engine light or any other light on and the garages cannot find the problem.
    Should I go on? It's been a royal pain in the behind! If you find out any answers please let me know and I will do the same.thanks
  • you actually have a 350 with two cylinders cut off, if you size it up to a 350.
  • try taking the battery cable off for a few seconds and then put it back on this will reset your computer!
  • Thanks robiscool 11. Appreciate your suggestion of the code 81/WA8774, will follow up on that. I have also checked out the site you recommended. I was hoping someone had an S-10 with the code still on it.

  • I have had it with this stupid EGR valve on my 1993 s-10 Blazer 4.3L. The first time I had it cleaned it cost me $75.00. I learned the hard way that it was a waste of time and money. I have cleaned it 10 times in the past few years and it keeps getting clogged. There must be an underlying cause to this. It must be running rich but what would cause this? I have replaced the O2 sensor. MAP sensor maybe? The exhaust smells very rich. Gas millage is normal 18-22 highway. Any ideas? I like the screened gasket that I have seen on other posts and I will probably get one but that still does not solve the cause.
  • I have been told several times that s-10's eat ball joints. Design flaw I guess. I had mine (93 s-10 blazer 4x4) replaced about 6 years ago and I think they are gone again. I have about an inch of play in the steering. I don't do much off road stuff anymore so that must be why they have lasted so long. I was told that if you so much as bump a curb they will start to go bad. I believe it.
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