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VW Touareg SUV



  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    I don't know if it's because of emission requirements - how can other diesel engines such as that in the big Dodge Ramcharger meet them? Maybe it's because the higher-tech VW diesel is not designed to run on our low quality diesel, which would make it run rough or possibly do it harm? Hope this dirty fuel situation gets resolved, as this sounds like the engine of choice. That torque rating is unbelievable, plus the mpg and lower fuel cost per gallon to boot....
  • Joel-- I was just thinking that myself. Yeah, now that I think about it, I suppose that article I posted above could just be covering-up the real reason why the V10 TDI will be delayed coming to N.A. and that would be our lousy diesel ...or at least you and Rick have me convinced at this point.

  • Here's the excerpt from that article I posted earlier in the week sounds legitimate but like I say, Joel and Rick have made some good points about our "diesel quality." The following quoted excerpt is just one of several I've read on the subject:

    Look for Volkswagen to bring its stump-pulling V-10 turbo-diesel to the U.S. inside the new Touareg SUV – but not until the second quarter of 2004, according to Matthias Kroll, the sport-ute project’s director. The Touareg/V-10 package is receiving early raves from the media, but Kroll cautions VW doesn’t want to bring that diesel powerplant in immediately. Instead, the German automaker believes it needs a “really clean” diesel system that will use new trap technology to filter out particulates in order to meet increasingly stringent emissions standards. VW’s current diesels cannot be sold in California, and could be pushed out of the U.S. entirely by mid-decade without the new pollution hardware, which Kroll hints is now in the active testing stage. When the V-10 is added to the U.S. Touareg powertrain list, Volkswagen also intends to bring to the U.S. updated versions of its four-, six- and possibly its five-cylinder diesels, which would be used in the Jetta, Golf and Passat models. Currently, diesels command little demand in the States, but a growing number of industry officials believe they could see a sharp rise in demand, especially if Mideast issues force up fuel prices. In Europe, where gasoline often tops $5 a gallon, diesels currently have about a 40-percent share of the market. —Paul Eisenstein"

  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    in our currently available #2 is significantly higher than is necessary...And that has an effect, I believe, on emissions when it crosses the Platinum lined catalytic converter that is standard in our TDI least the 1.9L.

    Additionally, Truck emission standards are, of course, different than those for passenger cars...
  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    I hope the rest of this paragraph is more accurate than the statement that "VW's current diesels cannot be sold in California"; that is patently false information...In addition, North East emission standards are the same as California's.
  • "...In addition, North East emission standards are the same as California's."

    That's what I thought.

    So, in all probability, we really can't rely on anything that author states?

  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    one thing that is accurate is the *demand* aspect
    of Diesel, and that is true primarily because of
    perception vs. reality.

    A vast number of people believe that all diesel engines spew clouds of black smoke, they smell, they are loud, and that Diesel#2 fuel is hard to find.

    Diesel #2 is available everywhere, and the common ground of the other complaints is secondary to driving behind buses, big trucks, and MBZ 300SDs...;)
  • but I know that many modern trucks and especially the buses that municipalities are now purchasing, are now equipped with particulate traps --as mentioned in the above quoted excerpt-- and their emissions are now quite clean ...almost to the point where I no longer mind driving behind a city bus ...well, almost. *lol*

    So maybe there's hope.

  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    Hope they get it figured out and import the V10 TDI as soon as possible. I would be interested in either the V8 or the diesel...

    Changing subjects a little, what do you guys think of the Touareg's looks? From the pictures I think it's one of the best-looking SUV's I've seen, even nicer than the BMW and Volvo, IMO. The feature content looks great too, especially the air suspension which I've really come to appreciate in my allroad - great for towing as it stays level no matter the rear-end load.

    I'm also wondering how it will track and drive, compared to the X5 for example. I really don't want to go back to a truck-like (typical SUV) ride. The handling + go factor is what interests me - if they're both really good I plan to take a real good look at this vehicle, but I'm in no rush as our '98.5 A4 (which the Touareg would conceivable replace) still drives and looks great.
  • Joel-- I agree, from the pics I've seen so far, the Touareg is definitely one of the best looking SUVs around. However, I have always loved the styling and the sculptured details of the X5 ...I really think it has nice lines.

    For me, where the Touareg really shines is its instrument cluster. It's definitely the best I've seen on any vehicle, IMO. The interior in general, from the pics I've seen, also looks much nicer than the X5's.

    And in my case, it's the tranny that will make the decision for me. If it's offered with a 6-speed manual, I'll buy one for sure. If not, I guess I'll try to pick up an allroad if they're not discontinued before the Touareg is actually available.

    As for the handling, I'd have to suspect that it won't be as good as your allroad because of its higher center of gravity but it should outperform the X5 ...I'd have to imagine.

    The acceleration and torque of that V10 TDI sounds amazing fact, everything about that engine sounds amazing. Let's see how long it is before we get it here; if we ever get it here. I know it won't be available with a manual tranny but if I were ever considering towing a trailer, I'd definitely would consider it.

  • affyaffy Posts: 19
    Does anybody have the new price for the Touraeg?
    From the picture I've seen the interior is extremely good looking, I hope VW would offer a 7 seaters SUV along the road. However, if its priced exactly the same as X5 or ML I would definitely not go for a VW. Luxury brand have much better service facility, people just treat you better. A lot of my friends is making fun of the new phaeton, cause if VW have Audi and Bentley why need another luxury brand?
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    Well the obvious reason is that luxury cars are more profitable, and luxury and "near luxury" is where the industry's greatest growth potential is. Long-term, with Germany's high cost structure, it's doubtful that their makes can compete for the lower end of the market (even Japan is having a harder time competing with South Korea). I think it will be very difficult for VW to change most people's perception of their cars, however. Not only will this take time but it will take a very serious committment to improve their dealer network and overall vehicle quality. If they don't do these two things this move upmarket will fail miserably, IMO.

    I DO think the Touareg (specs, looks and on paper) looks to be a very well-executed vehicle. I'm interested, and when I go to take a closer look I'll be much more interested in observed quality of the materials, how it drives and dealer service committment than how I perceive the VW brand based on its reputation.
  • For those interested, a few new pics posted over at VWVortex:

    Base V6 model with greatly reduced chrome trim on front grill and no chrome around the windows and lower side panels:

    click here

    V10 TDI with Extreme Package which includes additional skid plates and outside mounted spare:

    click here for pic 1

    click here for pic 2

    Jeff-- No prices announced for N.A. yet. Probably will be announced in the second quarter of 2003 from what I'm hearing. If you were implying that your hope is that its pricing will be under the X5 and ML, I seriously doubt it. Rumor is that the base V6 will start somewhere around 35k but I'd have to believe once desireable options are added that it will be quite a bit over the 45k mark. V10 TDI could be hovering in the 55-60k range which suggests that the 4.2 will be somewhere in the range of 50k.


  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    Looks like it would restrict visability out the rear - is this going to be an option? If so, where would the spare be stored without it? Otherwise nice pics - I like the clean lines and overall shape.
  • hiflyerhiflyer Posts: 78
    Word has it that the spare will typically be a space-saver type that would come with a can of air. In models with air suspension, it is also rumored that an attachment would be available to fill the tire from that source.(???)

    I agree that the outside mounted spare would seemingly cut down on rear visibility. It would also appear to undermine the versatility of the rear window since the window is designed to open independently (if one so chooses) from the rest of the tailgate hatch.

    Overall though, the Touareg is quite impressive.
  • Richard-- I agree... it would cut down on the convenience factor of having rear hatch window open independently. I appears that it'll work similarly to many SUVs which have their spare mounted on the outside where the mounting bracket will swing out so that the rear window can be opened independent of the whole hatch. It's a hassle to go through that extra step but if the mounting bracket is designed well, it shouldn't be too bad.

    Speaking of the bracket: isn't that one of the most nicest looking designs around??! hinges showing and a very integrated look.

    Joel-- yes, Richard is correct. It is an option and also is a component of the "Extreme Package" which is an off-road package of sorts. The standard spare will be a space-saver located under the cargo area accessible from the inside ...from what I've read.

  • hiflyerhiflyer Posts: 78
    22- The mounting bracket does seem well designed and would appear to easily swing out of the way if one wanted to momentarily pop open the rear window.

    The versatility I was thinking of is the occasional item (e.g. ladder) that, if needed, could protrude out the rear window opening. Granted, maybe not the safest thing to do and it is unknown whether the window could securely stay up for such purposes but, it is something many have done at one time or another. Just a thought.
  • flyer-- ah yeah, I see what you mean. I misinterpreted what you meant by versatility for I never imagined carrying things that may protrude out the back. I guess I've always carried ladders, etc. on the roof rack of my vehicles.

    I understand the Touareg will have some type of a sophisticated cross-bar system on the roof but it isn't apparent from the pictures we've seen. I saw it in one article and now I can't remember which one it was. I'll hunt around for it and post it if or when I find it.

  • thor8thor8 Posts: 303
    I will chime in my opinion, they are making a point for the 4runner as being some 400lbs ligther and better off roader because of that fact.

    Now give me a break!!!! Whenewer is convenient, off roading is a big factor, hypocresy, througth the years I have started some off roading topics and they all die for lack of interest as well as others. I am a hard core off roader and when I talk about the subject people starts to yarn, so bunks to all that off roading crap.

    Lets talk about something that really concerns people or a more usefull option and that is towing, at close to 8,000lbs of towing capacity conbined with that V10 diesel the Touareg will really shine, and that extra weigth will really be usefull.
  • Joel-- Regarding your post of October 16 where you asked about the Touareg's handling compared to the X5, read this quote contained in an article from 4Car:

    "The Touareg feels as alert and agile as a BMW X5 despite massively superior off-road ability, which augurs well for the architecturally similar Porsche Cayenne. This came home to us on a series of fast bends in which the hefty VW gripped hard, could be placed precisely with well-weighted steering, held on to its line and gave a good impression of quite a sporty car - which is exactly what Volkswagen, to our initial scepticism, claims. Seldom has a 4x4 felt more stable, inspired such confidence and hidden its bulk so well. This applies to both the V10 and the V6, but the diesel car is much the more amusing with its mass-defying torque. Both are disarmingly effortless off-road."

    To view the entire, extremely comprehensive, 4Car review and rating of the Touareg, click on the following link. It's a 5 page article that not only contains an extensive review but also provides a pictorial listing of features where you lay your cursor on a number and it gives a corresponding feature, many of which weve not heard about so far. Be sure to view all five pages.

    Click here for page 1 of 5 of the 4Car article.

    And here's the info on the roof rack contained in the article from GermanCarFans:

    "For transporting athletic equipment, rooftop luggage or other loads on the roof, C-rails made of aluminium profiles for fastening a roof-carrier system developed especially for the Touareg are standard equipment. The two crossbars of this aerodynamically optimised system can, if not required, be disassembled or pushed together and to the back of the vehicle, where they form a visually harmonic unit with the roofline."

    click here for picture #1

    click here for picture #2


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